PAC throws its weight behind April 27 anti-govt protests

Government’s vocal and fierce critic, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has backed the April 27 protests against the government and says it will not only participate but sponsor the march, accusing the DPP-led administration of abusing powers through impunity.

PAC says it will provide demo placards

The chairman of the quasi-religious organization, Father Felix Chingota says the civil society sponsored peaceful march will send a clear message to the government to stop abuse of power, impunity and high level corruption.

“We are mobilizing our membership to join the protests. The DPP (ruling Democratic Progressive Party) has failed Malawians, we will therefore be better heard with the demos,” said Chingota.

He said the issues raised by the CSOs which have triggered the protests march have always been a concern to PAC.

“Members noted that the issues of failure to implement electoral reforms, rampant corruption, economic decline that is hindering transformation of livelihoods, lack of transparency and accountability on the issue of K4 billion and general lack of direction of our nation remain serious  causes of concern,” reads part of the statement signed by Rev Chingota and PAC spokesman Father Peter Mulomole.

The CSOs are organising the demonstrations to express displeasure over government’s handling of the K4 billion pay-out to members of Parliament (MPs), among other concerns.

An advertisement sponsored by the CSOs asking people to go out and protest, says Malawi has virtually collapsed, the economy is on its knees and the youth can no longer get jobs.

Chingota said PAC will provide reflectors and placards which were supposed to be used during the December 2017 electoral reforms demos.

The CSOs want to force Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa to resign from Cabinet for the “inconsistencies, illegality and a cloud of suspicions” that have characterised the infamous K4 billion pay-out that raises governance and accountability questions.

Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka, whose organisation is one of those in the forefront pushing for good governance and accountability, said his organisation and others will go ahead with the demonstrations as planned

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said he could not comment because the government was not participating in the demos.

The demonstrations are set to be held under the theme-For How Long Shall Malawians Continue To Be Taken for Granted? Loss of Public Trust in the Current Administration: Time to Reclaim Our Destiny.

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Thats great news from PAC, making the demonstration really. We cant wait to voice out our concerns to these bunch of granny thieves. Let them see RED. We cant standby and see our country continue to retrogress. The leadership of the country has failed us big time.


To hell with PAC.


PAC inasuluka – no sane person can listen to you people. By the way, CSOs are even more corrupt than government ministers and MPs. Just pick any of the CSO leaders – go and check their house/s, cars, bank accounts and compare that with the welfare of their beneficiaries. CSOs are crooks and thieves. Muayenda nokha.


PAC shut the fuck up. Churches have refused to ask their followers to join the demonstrations. Who are you to be calling on people. The failure of this country is not only because of leadership but backward mentality and stupid cultural beliefs.

mike Mulumbe

PAC mulomole and your colleagues am disappointed in you look at what you are sowing in the young minds what do you expect to reap at the end. what kind of members will you lead in your respective churches and mosques. perharps God is planning to reveal your evil minds to the world, see what has happened to your fellow clegy a suspected murderer shame on you.


Let me correct here that PAC is not catholic and as for the catholic father, the church issued its statement and people are free to discuss the issue openely. So i dont see any reason why we should combine the two


Foolish people. As religious organisations why are you failing to teach your members to desist from theft and corruption. Just take a look at cashgate you will discover that almost all the suspects are christians. Who then should govt employ since churches are churning out crooks and vampires.

Goodall Gondwe, Nankhumwa and almost all politicians are your members so who are you marching against? Agalu inu you still believe you are relevanf when in actual fact you ceasesd to matter.


PAC can not even talk about wamsembe wawo amene akumapha ma Albino.

Magufuli Fuli

Zikudabwitsa inu a Nyasa. Nkhani za Catholic father involved in albino killing mukumadzichotsa mwamsanga before many comments. Pamene nkhani zina zakalekale mukuzisiya osachotsa. Tinene kuti inunso mukutengapo mbali kapena? Munayenela kukhala neutral pa zimenezi osasonyeza kukondera ayi.

To think that the protests would stop DPP-led government from abusing its power with impunity, its rampant corruption and the economic decline; is nothing but a dream. DPP has no respect for its citizens or any of the local lobby groups. That’s just what DPP is……that’s its genetic code. PAC should know this by now, if its smart enough. CSOs should rather focus on civic and voter education, to ensure more people register to vote and do indeed vote come May 2019. There are about 10 million eligible voters out there, most of who are young and smart. In 2014… Read more »

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