Parallel investigations on Njauju murder -Malawi rights commission

State funded Malawi Human Rights Commission has threatened to institute a parallel investigation into the death of a senior Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) officer Issa Njauju.

Dzonzi:  Speedy investigations on Njauju

Dzonzi: Speedy investigations on Njauju

The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) chairperson Justin Dzonzi said this on Wednesday in Lilongwe ahead of human rights day on Thursday.

Dzonzi wondered why the state is taking time to investigate the death of Njaunju and bring the killers to book despite promises by President Peter Mutharika and top government officials.

“We are monitoring the situation very closely with interest although we are giving the government the benefit of doubt,” he said.

Njaunju was killed six months ago and only one person has since been arrested prompting civil society organisations to threaten peaceful protests in Mangochi because of the slow pace at which the police are handling the matter.

Dzonzi, however, could not say how long his organisation is giving the state the matter before MHRC starts its own investigations to probe the police why they are failing to act with speed to investigate the matter.

“If it takes longer, we will institute our own investigations but we don’t want to interfere with the police investigations now, we are giving them a time limit,” said Dzomzi without disclosing the time limit.

He said failure by the state borders on rights violations.

Dzonzi further said Malawi is doing well on political rights which include freedom of press and expression and freedom of assembly as people can now make peaceful protests to make their cases heard to the government.

He however said Malawi is not doing well in economic freedoms partly because Malawi is a poor country.

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next time we will hear that the suspect has died in prison malawi


ishaa Allah!! patalike pafupike wina azagwidwa.


Dpp government is very bad,this are Mafias of killing and bad target ,I dislike these party,Njauju died because of his work for sure!but one day God will punish those killers.


The government knows very well about Njaunju,s death,Peter mutharika,s plan.


Nasibeko* Kelvins is the onlyguy who has tell the world the exact truth about the matter. A mere person may not have a chance to mess the place called #PRESIDENTIAL VILLA. . Njauju was killed by Big body not somebody.


Nyasa please check the piuucture above is not for Late Njaunju rather Late Lumbani Namba. Please check your editorial before publishing.

Prince Edward rsa

Is presidential villas malo achisawawa? To have access to that place you need permission,how come asivillian manage dig and barry adead body inside presidential villa amalawi ndinu agalukwambiri x17000000.

bullets in my blood

This is too bad for the family and the entire nation as Malawi,anyway God Will judge accordingly one day


I weep for my country. it is no longer a safe place to live in if you are doing fine. pipo look at you analyse you monitor your movements track you and later on gun you down. our men in uniform seem to trace only bonyaz and leave behind big fish. where is the chanthunya case where is chasowa case where is so and so case. files miss at courts if you are connected.

George Kamanga
If it was another one to investigate Njaunj’s death I would be expecting the truth but Dzonzi you are a big liar and fool. The same people you are dancing to their tune and they are feeding you with their dirty cash then yet you utter such mocking words to the dead spirit and his dear deceased family. It is good to remain quiet and enjoy the rotten cash APM and his dogs are feeding you to feel at home and send your young ones to best schools. It is sad Malawians to find ways hoy to steal cash in… Read more »

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