Pastor Salanje eyes USA: ‘Don’t call me Satanist when I become rich’

The Malawi’s South African-based Pastor Hastings Salanje says he is planning to take his ministry to the United States of America (USA) where God has told him that he will get rich.

Salanje shot to fame in Malawi between 2003 and 2004 for his miraculous healings before he left for South Africa. He is also the pastor behind the popular song “Yenda iwe” mostly used during his healing sessions.

Speaking exclusively to Nyasa Times Pastor Salanje said he left for South Africa because the Holy Spirit told him to do so “not as people were speculated”.

“It all dates back to1996 when God told me that he wanted to use me. So in 1999 I moved from Ntcheu to Blantyre and it’s there that God spoke to me again to start the ministry. So in 2003, I started going around Malawi evangelizing and everything was being beamed on TVM, now MBC TV. After I did three meetings in Zomba, Lilongwe and Blantyre God spoke to me again to go to Mzuzu.

Pastor Salanje

“While I was there on Sunday morning in my hotel room, I saw a vision of an airport with a big aircraft running and it took off, as it was going through the clouds I saw tall buildings and a voice spoke to me that ‘now am taking you to cities’ so when I came back to Blantyre I prayed and fasted for God to reveal to me what he really wanted from me so he then told me that I must prepare to leave Malawi and follow him.

“ I told Malawians through the media about this but they chose to insult me instead of listening to what I was saying,” explained Pastor Salanje.

The pastor went on to say that while in South Africa God started showing him various visions depicting riches.

“When I came here (RSA) God started showing me visions of owning things like big companies, aircrafts, churches and other things and sometimes He told me that He would give them to me Himself. Sometimes I could see Jesus live, holding me on my shoulders telling me that he did all the miracles in Malawi while He was in heaven but that now He would be coming down Himself to do them.

“He told me that I would see Him myself but others would not be able to. Here I have been seeing Angels many times even in my car when I am driving. So in 2009 God started to show me how I can invest and make billions of money.

“For three days and nights the Holy Spirit could come just to teach me how to invest. God has given me wisdom and secrets that no one has yet acquired in the area I am to invest, I will be the first to produce that knowledge and I will make billions of money out of it. I am sure to be the greatest preacher and the Bill Gates of Africa,” he said.

According to Salanje, his vision to go to USA came last year and it was a big surprise to him.

“It was last year in April that God told me that I must prepare to move to New York, USA. I was a bit confused because I never expected that so I went into prayers for three days. On the third day, I saw a vision of kids in a hall in USA holding a US flag and waving it.

“At the same time I could see myself holding the same flag and doing what they were doing. I also saw something in a womb of a woman and beside it there was a USA flag and the Lord said that He saw me holding same flag in my mother’s womb, when I went to school and even when I preached in Malawi I was holding same flag. Then He told me that I shouldn’t be confused but rather get ready to go there.

“When I started researching, I found out that if I can invest in USA, I can make more money than in RSA. What I can make in USA, in RSA is just 3% of that. Because in a year in USA I can get not less than $2billion while in South Africa I can’t make more than R400 a year. While in USA, I will be able to invest in Canada, Australia, Europe and RSA. In terms of gospel, I can reach out to a lot of people in USA than in RSA. I only need R500 to achieve all these,” said the pastor.

“So you see if I had disobeyed God and stayed in Malawi I would have missed all these and suffer in Malawi like many people. I dint run away from Malawi because I wronged no one there and I have visited the country several times since I came here. It’s just that most Malawians have got small minds. They are easily satisfied with small glory.

“As for me, I will simply do what God wants me to do and be where he wants me to be. To those who love me I need you prayers because this is not just for me but for the people of God. To those who hate me I say you can’t stop heaven but heaven can stop you. I have told you all these secrets so that when it happens tomorrow you will not call me Satanist. I can tell you now it’s getting nearer. I believe God was training me for this,” he added.

He also said that his plans are to help build Malawi financially.

“My plans for Malawi are to build my country both spiritually and financially. I want to create jobs, build churches and houses for poor people in Malawi and I believe God will make me achieve this,” concluded the Pastor.

Hastings Salanje was born on 28 August 1972 and is married to Jennet Salanje and has six children together, five boys and a girl. He became born again in 1991 and received calling in 1996.

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