Pastor Salanje speaks out on controversial issues

Recently, South African based Malawian Pastor, Hastings Salanje caused a stir in the social media due to his controversial postings on his Facebook page. A week before Malawians were getting ready to go to polls on 20th May, 2014, he released a prediction, claiming that God had showed him that former Malawi President Joyce Banda would form government after elections. The Man of God also drew mixed reactions when he posted on Facebook, asking his friends to join him in thanking God for the fortune God has given him. He claimed that God has miraculously given him 9 state of the art vehicles within a space of 4 months.

In this interview the Man of God explain these issues. Excerpts:

Salanje: 'Man of God'
Salanje: ‘Man of God’

Man of God, What do you do for a living for you to manage to buy 9 new cars within such a short period?

I have a company here called GBS SOLAR RSA, is on face book people can goggle it. And GOD has provided all these cars through the same Company. They are not only cars which GOD has provided but I just thought I should mention cars because it happened in such a short time.

One may be attempted to argue that you would use your fortune to help your fellow country men and women here in Malawi who are struggling to break the yoke of abject poverty. I talk of the orphans, the poor and even your fellow men of God who are struggling to make ends meet for the Glory of God. What is your take on this?

I am here because of that, I left the comfort I had in Malawi because I wanted God to use me to support my fellow pastors, the widows, orphans, and other people. And with what God has been showing me here; if I will remain faithful to him and remain clean before him, then it will not be pastors or orphans only, I will support even the yearly budget of my beloved country Malawi.
I will create companies that will give thousands of jobs to people not only in Malawi, but even here in South Africa and Africa as a whole. You see, to be a pastor is not just to open a Bible and wait for tithe to come but is to find God, and connect that God with people so that what is in GOD must come to people. So we all know that God is rich. It is my work to tap into that richness and give it to people. Being a pastor is more than just telling people to go to heaven, it is to look into people’s needs also. Time is coming that I will be able to raise over $100million just in a month. God has already showed me how to do this. So, osaona akati ndikugenda udabwepo pamepo.

And if I may say what I have done to other pastors, I have given over 18 good cars to pastors not in my Church but other Churches. Just last year, I gave out 2 cars AUDI A6 latest model to the work of GOD. So I am a product of giving.

And some people claim that you are Satanic and that you run away to South Africa for Safety as you were found with Private Parts of human beings in your refrigerator ready to sell claiming therefore that your Fortune is as a result of your Satanic Connections disguising in the name of the Almighty God. What is your take on this? Is it true?

Tell me who is not a Satanist, Jesus, T.B Joshua, Pastor Chris and even my fellow Malawian pastors have been called Satanists. So am happy when people call me that, it means am doing something great. What I mean here is that everybody who turns to do well, people call him a Satanist. So, is a song that people are singing everywhere when someone is doing well or doing great things that others cannot.

To talk about human parts, I don’t really find time to talk about that because I don’t know where people took it from. If it was like that, why is it that the police didn’t arrest me? This talk started in 2004 and I left Malawi in 2006. Why was I not arrested? These are the same things they speak about other pastors. Do you think the police can just be getting salaries for nothing?
So I don’t know about ziwalo za athu. People must check and judge me by what I am doing, not by the secrets they can create for themselves. It’s because am clean, they don’t find any fault in me and that is why they just create lies. Anyway, I don’t need their vote for me to become what God wants me to be, so I don’t care about what they can say, I care most about what God can say about me

Fine, so do you have plans to come back to Malawi anytime soon to continue with your ministry?

I will not come back to Malawi and be a pastor there, I will build Churches in Malawi but other pastors will do the pastoral work there not me. But I will be coming to do crusade, help poor people, etc. I have been coming to Malawi many times, 2010 I was there.

Wait a minute man of God, you said God has already showed you that you will be making $100 Million in a single month. How should people trust you that God has indeed revealed this to you? I am asking this because you recently claimed that God had showed you of the victory of President Joyce Banda on 20th May, 2014 but as we all know, she miserably lost the election. Is this just a confirmation of what people are saying that you are an agent of the Devil?

I don’t need people to trust me on what I am saying, because this is not about them; it is about me and God. I told people that God has asked me to leave the country (Malawi), it was in the news-papers everywhere, but when time came to leave, people said I have run away. Now you can see that my coming here has started producing results that if I did not obey God I could be in Chilomoni now and be eating bonya because of disobeying God. For a foreigner to be blessed in this country is a miracle because the system here favors the citizen. To those Malawians who are staying here can back me.

Some people have faulted you man of God claiming you are pompous and full of bravado (Wodzitukumula ndi Wamatama) for telling the whole world about your fortune (Cars). What is your take?

Yes, ndine odzitukumuladi, because am advertising the kingdom of God. I display what God gives me because is what I was called for, God works miracles through me, he gives me good things, So I display all these to people because it is not my own making. I was born poor; all you see with me is because of God nothing else. Imagine you are a wife of a rich man, and he buys you good things, then you choose to hide them, will he buy for you again? However, if you ask people near me, they will tell you that I am one of the humblest Pastors. So am not pompous in short.

Man of God, you didn’t fully respond on your inaccuracy regarding Joyce Banda’s defeat when you claimed she was heading for victory.

Let me say that it was a mistake for now, but let’s wait and see because if you can check, you will see that it was the most painful election since. Two weeks after election I saw another vision where by two angels stood on the entrance of the Parliament hall and were holding Swords, and at the back of the parliament hall, I saw Jesus, and then I heard one Angel saying we are going to kill anyone here who stole the election results. I didn’t want to say it but I have said it because you are asking me.

Remember am not prophesying but am just telling you what I have seen again. Also if you can see, all what men of GOD said in these elections did not come to pass. Also MEC admitted that elections were full of problems. Tell me when did you see in Malawi a president take oath or been sworn-in in court especially soon after announcing election results? Why the haste? God does not stop any one from stealing; also he protects the property of those people who are worth of his protection. So I have got no word for now than to say I was wrong.salanje 1

Your final remarks, Man of God?

I want to ask people to stand with me in prayers; GOD raises few individuals not for their own benefits only but for the benefits of others. To Abraham, GOD said through you shall many families be blessed. That’s what I see God wants to do with me in my generation, and I will reserve myself just for that. I will be happy when we start seeing God giving food, cloths, cars, houses, to thousands of families through me. So it’s not about me but GOD. Lastly I want to thank GOD for giving, and trusting me with this big task. Thanks, its pastor Salanje saying. May God bless you all.

One more thing, People must be careful of what they say about men of God, God has no time to play. I was looking at a story of one singer in Nigeria her name is Cafee, who has died in the USA. And she is the same sister who was in the news papers few months ago. She was talking bad of another pastor in Nigeria. So am warning people, I have seen it happening in my life.

Thanks man of God, this was by any standard, a no-holds barred interview and I appreciate for responding to my questions.
Thanks, I appreciate too.

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