Phyzix drops new gospel hip-hop single

He is lively, creative, energetic and relevant in the game. Certainly, he knows how to keep his audience entertained and on their feet but this time he is a different mission with his music. He is out to fish people not for worldly entertainment but to turn them to their maker – God.



He is back.

Malawi’s music Afro hip-hop music prodigy Phyzix (real name Noel Chikoleka) has finally come out of his cocoon and dropped his new single, a gospel after turning to God and became a born again Christian, with a cheekily teasing “Chitsanzo” on Wednesday night.

The husky-voiced urban Hip-hop lyricist and rapper Phyzix, the Cholapitsa hit-maker on Wednesday afternoon announced on social media, Facebook and Twitter, the single would be released in just a matter of hours.

“New music alert! A new single is dropping today – #Chitsanzo. ‘Gamba wa Suit’ is back, but this time call me ‘Gamba wa Yesu’ with my latest single featuring MUMA award winner Danny Kalima aka Sirius. Hope you guys will like it,” he posted on Facebook.

The ‘Zangoyamba Mwachibwana’ rapper who is singing about his spiritual journey in the song later followed up the announcement with a tweet saying, “Urban Gospel Hip-hop single coming today! “Chitsanzo!”

“Iwe ndi uti? Gamba wopemphera, C’mon! Yeah! Phyzix. Ngati ndaborna winawake aborna! Ngati ndasintha, winawake asintha! Ngati ndamudziwa Yesu, amudziwa Yesu. Amandiwerenga mafanawa / Mayuthiwa! Ndikhale ndikhale chitsanzo cha Mafanawa, cha Mayuthiwa…” sings Phyzix in part with Kalima spicing the song with his silky-soft voice that is doing nothing but soothing the listeners’ pregnant hearts and at the same time massaging their souls.

The track is the single single off Phyzix’s highly-anticipated upcoming gospel album, “Gamba wa Yesu,” following his last secular album “Gamba wa Suit.”

Phyzix who is marketer by profession but one of the popular rappers in Malawi music echelons because of his ghetto approach to his music, a few months ago announced to his fans and the music world that he has received Jesus Christ as his personal saviour but did not say anything about his future in music as regards his new status thereby leaving his fans and music lovers in a quagmire.

But now the good news is he is back but it seems with a mission to turn the youth to God if the message in his latest single, Chitsanzo is to go by.

In the song the Cholapitsa star makes it clear in the song which has been produced by his day one music protégé, Daredevils and BFB that he will from now onwards be the example for the youth to follow but is cautious and warns that he is not as clean as a slate emphasizing that he will only be an example for them to follow so he can lead them to Jesus Christ, the son of God the almighty.

The Born again Music whiz kid appears to have changed only the message in his music but he has maintained his style, flamboyance and music and he is crediting it all to God for helping him turn his life around.

Since becoming a born again, Phyzix has tried so hard to live his old ways as a secular music artist but dedicated his time to God.

The cover art the song is very suggestive of Phyzix’s statement of intent as it features the young children sweetly holding and looking at a placard emblazoned with the words ‘Chitsanzo.’ Pure genius!

In an interview, Phyzix who is getting engaged next month, on December 6th 2015, to his sweetheart and soul-mate, and fellow musician and Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) TV personality Ruth Kulaisi, says gave his life to God and will use his music to preach the gospel of the youth.

“My spiritual journey has been a rollercoaster since I turned to God. I am enjoying my new life. I am happy. However, I will continue with my music but this time I will use it to help my fellow youth and young adults to turn to God. I don’t claim to holy, I am will only be spreading the good news about the kingdom of God through my music,” he said.

He added: “I haven’t changed anything on my music apart from the message. I will play the same kind of music because most young people can relate to it, what is important is not the genre of music rather it is the message in it that matters. I am happy I turned to God.”

Asked on how he feels about his forthcoming engagement to his fiancée Ruth, Phyzix said he is looking forward to the big day.

“This is one of the greatest days in my life. I am looking forward to getting engaged to my best friend and soul mate. She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I thank God for her,” he said.

Listen to Phyzix’s new Afro hip-hop Gospel single here:

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Che Chidwazike

Welcome to Christian life man PHYZIX……..but sizoti tizikuonani kubwandilo green ali kumanja… Komaso Jessy alikuti????? mudativuta naye mkazi ameneyi muli pa MZUNI,,,komaso eeeeeeeh tisaname Jessy wakuthandizanitu inu bambo until mwapeza vep….anyway big up for GOSPEL SONG


Madolo alipo kale pano..2015 kumamvera phyzo??? achina classick (Home grown Africa) These lads r just new kids on the block but with outstanding lyrical explosives osati nkhalambaziyi. nthawi ya ana iyi mbiri munapanga kale basi.


lets hope the Gamba is in it for real otherwise the rest of these secular rappers turned christian timakumana nao ku chez and Pa stereo


Where is Jesse ?Jesse ndidakuwuza kuti ukhale okondedwa wanga tili pa Mzuni pano akusiya.Napepe Jesse pano ndidapedza.Welcm Physix but tell the daredevils to turn to God.Just imagine if you remove the first Ds on their name what does it mean?


chabwino poti mwati zauzimu. koma nyimbo yakeyi ndiyetu phokoso lokhalokha. Osangopanga speech bwanji? Olo hip hop komabe. Kumangoti ndikhale ndikhale ndikhale monse mwayambira. Palibe zanyimbo apa


after running away from the pressure of the new school rappers….truth to be told many rappers who were popular when i was young…i mean around 2006 to 2010..are struggling to reclaim there fame today…(except young k)

its hard to beat the today’s guys..i mean classik , street fame ,viceroy, no sleep gang to mention afew,….at least may be he will survive in the gospel hip pop category….after all we have the same old guys still rulling it…like david, kbg, suffix….


mphamvu ya mulungu ikuyendadi zowona




Kapena awa uzimu ulimo .Siza Toko kitimba akumangochita chimwemwe ndi mkaazi wamwini wosakhala zaka zake .maiyo ngakhale ndi Chumba zaka 53


this man talented, and educated, a good marketer

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