The political attack dog in DPP’s Wa Jeffrey

Any mention of Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Secretary General (SG) is guaranteed to provoke strong passions, for and against. The DPP leadership does not see anything wrong in what she says but Malawians do.

Jeffrey: ‘DPP secretary general poached from a political abyss’

Brian Banda and George Kasakula presenters of one of the most powerful TV programmes called the “Hot Current”  on Times TV have described the DPP’s Secretary General as a “loose Cannon”.

From the moment she was appointed DPP’s Secretary General, it always seemed mistaken considering the woman’s past record. She “wears corruption cases around her neck”.

Admittedly, Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey’s rise from bewildered obscurity to political popstardom took us all by surprise. Perhaps President Peter Mutharika was attempting to convince women activist’s, Emma Kaliya and company that he was championing women’s agenda. Alas! he settled on an attack dog role.

When Jeffrey wa Jeffrey said that no Northerner will become President in Malawi until Jesus Christ’s second coming, people thought that it was “banter”.

By the way, incase you don’t know Jeffry wa Jeffrey very well here is her background.

She hails from Nkhotakota. She gets away with everything.  Corruption cases in which she has been implicated have all died unnaturally. In 1994, she cheated government that she was a contractor and obtained tenders to build schools.  She never did but pocketed millions of tax payer’s monies.  Since then, she went into hibernation and just appeared recently.

At one rally where President Peter Mutharika was in attendance, she was the MC and the President was very pleased with her performance on the day hence appointing her SG of the party. Little did the President know that the woman he was inviting into the politburo was a loose cannon, a monster he will have to feed on a daily basis to avoid tragedies.

Now, back to our story; Jeffrey wa Jeffrey first clashed with Patricia Kaliati, then a cabinet minister. A corrupt person and a proven liar as she is, Jeffrey wa Jeffrey cheated the President that the minister demonstrated an unbecoming behaviour and Kaliati was fired.

Then a beast was born.

Mild-mannered Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey has now emerged in her true colours as a political dragon- because Frank Mwenifumbo exercised his democratic right and joined Aford and not DPP as she wanted, she found it fitting to turn her fangs on the entire region, spitting venom at all northerners and stating “no Northerner will become President of Malawi until the second coming of Jesus Christ”.  This rant was ventilated in Karonga, Mwenefumbo’s home district.

It would be worth reminding if DPP hierarchy has forgotten that the SG does not speak for Malawi. She is not a government employee yet she enjoys protection of body guards from the Malawi police force who are being paid by our taxes. She is not only abusing the system but goes to the extent of making our men in uniform carry DPP party cloth.

As if this is not enough, far from the “kindler gentler” politics the DPP preaches, SG is presiding over foul-mouthed rabble who make violent threats against critics-including her own party cohorts (the Kaliati issue as an example) she recently addressed a rally in Mulanje and told DPP cadets to stone Sadiki Mia a political heavyweight in the lower shire and Manganya (MichaelUsi) Country Director of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) .

Here is the reason why the SG made the order that Manganya and Mia should be stoned in Mulanje.

In her mediocre mind, Greselda thinks that Mulanje is a DPP stronghold and sharing of votes in the district can affect their numbers in the 2019 elections.


The anger felt by some Malawians towards Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey is understandable. She is playing a bad hand for the DPP. Hopefully the DPP leadership will realise this soon enough, before irreparable damage is done to the party and the nation.

Let us get one thing straight at the outset. Every day brings a new Jeffrey wa Jeffrey’s crisis. It’s time the DPP politburo had a grown -up conversation about how to fix this issue. To the list of The DPP’s Secretary General failings we can now add a thick skin.

Hostility from Jeffrey wa Jeffrey will not intimidate Malawians. In fact, it is hardening hearts against the DPP. If elections were to be held today, I don’t see any sane Northerner voting for the DPP all because of the “loud mouth” of one Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, the Secretary General of the ruling party.


I wish I could just laugh at the jaw-dropping incompetence of the ruling DPP’s Secretary General-this is a democratic Malawi.  I voted against the one-party rule because of people like Jeffrey wa Jeffrey who were insulting my faculties. Now, I say one thing. The days of simply mocking political dunderheads are over. Their malign stupidity must be mercilessly exposed.

Let’s hope Greselda Jeffrey wa Jeffrey comes to her senses. The status quo can’t continue.

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