PP query Chakwera’s ‘misinformation’ on Cashgate

Peoples Party (PP) officials have dishonoured Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera for saying the Joyce Banda administration tolerated plunder of public resources when it was in government.

Chimpeni: PP did not sweep cashgate under the carpet unlike now when DPP are shielding thieves

PP spokesperson Noah Chimpeni said what Chakwera said in his new year’s message  was untrue  assertion and a deliberate provocation.

“We all know that soon after the cashgate, it was Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda who ordered the investigations, arrests of suspects and took the suspects to court. It is therefore unfair to blame her and her PP government,” Chimpeni said.

In his speech Chamwera made an assertion that PP looked the other  side when people were stealing government money.

But PP spokesman  dismissed the assertion as utterly, utterly fasle.

“I would like to put the record straight. While we agreed with most of what is contained in the speech, PP would like ti categorically debunk the misinformation that the [Joyce Banda aministration] watched without doing anything while government money was being fleeced.

“The truth of the matter is that immediately the lootig of government resources came to light, President Dr Joyce Banda instituted investigations. Culprits were brought to book; some are now serving jail terms; others are still answering cases in courts of law. Dr Joyce Banda repeatedly said that she would not shield anyone stealing government money. She  did not sweep the cashgate  under the carpet even though this came to light at a time when many would consider to be a bad time during elections,” said Chimpeni.

He said to date under the Peter Mutharika administration, “no one has been arrested for stealing government money; even though there is the K577 billion report of stealing which happened during DPP administration.”

Added Chimpeni: “ The only people answering cases of stealing government money are those that were arrested during PP administration.  That is  testimony enough that Dr Joyce Banda was committed to fighting corruption unlike the current administration which is claiming that there is no corruption happening under its watch.”

Chakwera is Leader of Opposition in parliament and his party, the Malawi Congress Party enjoys political alliance with Peoples Party.

There are indications the Malawi Congress Party will form an electoral alliance with PP  in 2019 to which Chakwera will be presidential candidate to topple President Peter Mutharika at the ballot box.

In his address, Chakwera said corruption was the worst in 2016 citing examples at Escom, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority and Roads Authority.

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Chakwera ndi mbava yooopsa – tifunseni ife a Assemblies of God omwe takhala naye kwa nthawi yaitali

Richard Mwale

We want a leader who can spot a problem and find solutions not just talking. Mr Chakwera is good at talking, forgetting that he is part of government. He shouldn’t fool Malawians he is also a failure himself. As another arm of government we expected him to be proactive in addressing issues affecting us. Clear signs of a failed leader. We should not heap all the blame on the leadership because running government involves a lot of stakeholders including Chakwera himself as a leader of opposition and Member of Parliament.


He will hide the truth when voted into government. Malawi’s lack critical thinking here. What this guy is staying is there is corruption but he has no clue on how to tackle corruption

misozi banda

kodi joisiyo angolankhulila mmambwa osabwera bwanji kwankuno adzathandize ncito yofukukla anaiambayo. nyumba yomuenera sinapezekebe pena tulipa lendi ya kwa ameleka? naweso cimpeni mutu ukuyenda??????????? conde osaopseza anthu. moti zonena cakwera zose nzabodza?

Cheyo the real northerner
Cheyo the real northerner
PP should not deny. Cashgate was done on their full view. Cashgate was spilled by A/Supt Chilinda (police) when he was at Lingadzi Police. In fact he arrested a maid who had stolen a huge sum of money from one of the cashgators. Soon after his arrest, he led Chilinde to Sitole who was a mere Accounts Assistant at Capital Hill. Now because Sitole had some connections with Lutepo and that Lutepo was an official in PP, he influenced the release of Sitole through Lawyer Wapona Kitha. But the news were a wash everywhere, and this made JB fail to… Read more »
Chrispine Salanje

On this one I disagree with Chakwera,Dr Joyce Banda arrested Lutepo,PP official,is this tolerating cash gate?

Joseph Msumba

We need a leader of Chakweras calibre who never hide the truth.What he said was very true,he started with MCP for his 30yrs in govt,then UDF and DPP with Bingu,PP and finally DPP.Malawian have been facing problems in all these govts.What are you saying Mr.Nowa ?You are my MP and I voted you,why shielding the truth?You do good kwidu kunu,why being against the truth?

Hazzwell Nyaude

Joseph Mzumba understand please,PP agrees with most of the contents in Chakwera speach except where Chakwera is saying,Joyce Banda tolerated cash gate,had it been she tolerated this public plunder,would she had arrested her own people the likes of Lutepo?learn to understand things

Chatayika Phiri
Yes he is right but looking broadly he just concurred with what APM said one day that the problems rocking malawi as a nation were not brought by DPP but right from MCP, UDF, DPP(2004-2012), PP so he said this time the incumbent DPP has come up with solutions eg water project on Mulanje mountain, Kammwamba electrical project, water project in Salima to supply lilongwe and surrounding areas. One thing he missed is that during best wishes speech you do not put a blame rather you put hope. For example if am wishing you best of luck in your exams… Read more »

MCP has lost my vote. If they don’t know who did what they wouldn’t be trusted with leadership. If it were not for beloved Dr JB, bwenzi cashgate anthu sakuyidziwa. Dr JB revealed the mess that started with Bingu and continued underground under her administration. When she discovered it through incidences surrounding Mpwiyo shooting she immediately instituted audit in her government and began arresting culprits. Ndiye wina aziti JB tolerated cashgate??? Chilungamo?? Stupid MCP!


Joyce Banda had no choice but to do something on cashgate because it came to light. It was pressure that made her do that otherwise mbuyomo stealing went on smoothly.

Jelbin mk

The good thing about pp is that it even arrested its own party officials and so called financiers such as Kasambara and Lutepo unlike today where the Chapondas are enjoying poor tax payer’s money going all the way to Brazil to seal a corrupt deal.

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