PP’s North Malawi governor rebuffs DPP: Wa Jeffery lies to President Mutharika

Peoples Party  (PP) regional governor for the north Maquenda Chunga has rebuffed assertions by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that he had joined the ruling party as claimed by the DPP secretary general Gridezer Jeffrey.

Chunga: I remain PP provincial chairman for northern region

Chunga was paraded along with other Peoples Party officials on Friday during a political rally President Peter Mutharika held in

“I was just surprised that the DPP secretary general  mentioned my name. I did indeed stand up and went to meet the president because it would have been embarrassing not to go there, not to meet the President when your name has been mentioned,” said the Mzimba south MP.

He emphasized that he remains Peoples Party legislator and Peoples Party regional governor for the north, saying he is not DPP.

“Actually, when my name was mentioned, I was hesitant to go and meet him but I could see that the Head of State was waiting to shake my hand so I thought if I failed to go, I would embarrass him,” said Chunga.

The DPP secretary general Grazider Jefrey confirmed Chunga was not DPP “yet” but had pledged to work with the party in parliament.

“It is true, what he is saying is correct but he has pledged to work with us in parliament,” said Wa Jefrey.

He had told the rally that Chunga and the others would get DPP regalia at a rally to be organized later.

Chunga said he had committed himself to work with the DPP in parliament, saying as a member of parliament, he would always work
with the government of the day.

According to him, he attended the rally because he thought it was not political rally and was in his district.
“My presence there was to witness the official launch of water project and not to join DPP. On top that, I have never meet or discussed anything with the DPP secretary general concern this,” he disclosed.
Chunga said he tried to face Jeffrey wa Jeffrey  after the rally but to no avail.
On what step he will take against the DPP secretary general, Chunga said “I am here to the media to let the President and the entire DPP family that their secretary general lied and that they must discipline her otherwise she will keep deceiving them as all is well while not.”
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Arnold Cheghama

my plea to youth, let us follow politics with prudence. let us make sure that in every step we make in politics, we breath in development to our poor Malawi. Remember, the time we spend on political gatherings, will always be regretted in the near future if we spend just to please these politicians


Desperate to have people to defect

I love Malawi

Tangovomelani baba.if you guys didn’t agree on something I know you did,DPP siikadakupasani chimpando munakhaliracho.mwalowa DPP basi ndipo ife anthu anu sitikudandaula bcoz we can now see the future,osati kumangokakamila zinthu zaziiii like pp.mukazikakamila oluza ndiinu nzanu abiti akudyerera komwe anathawirako.that’s my million dollar advice but to you I’ve given for freeeer


Hon. Chunga who are u trying to fool? There’s no sense in what u are saying.


Why did you go there? IDIOT…….if you are not interested in DPP. You’re worse than a DOG


This MP seems to contradict himself,his facts are not adding up. How can he say he will be supporting Dpp government and yet at the same time saying he is not joining Dpp. He seems to be in dilema, he has decision making problens. I doubt if people will trust him again.

northern region forum

KKKK I dont see why they are still keeping her as their secretary general

chaponda mchimanga

Ndiye a Chunga timve ziti??? Mwalowa dpp kapena ayi. What do you mean by saying you’ll be working with dpp in parliament, nanga kulowa dpp kupose apo??? Kapena ndalama yokugulirani simunakhutire nayo mufuna awonjezere???? Za mkhutu.

chilungamo chimawawa

you see why we say politician are the ones who destroy the future of this country. you see how greedy this man is. just at his utterances, it shows all he wants is to feed his stomach through bribes from DPP!!!!!!!!

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