Prayers, next Cabinets and service to Malawi; Letter from Sapitwa

It has pleased us to leave dziwe la nkhalamba, where we have camped for the past four weeks to attend national prayers organised by the Electoral Commission (EC) to pray for our dear motherland, peaceful, objective, free and fair elections. We hope this will be the best forum, despite their busy schedule all wannabe Excellences should attend.

We will not expect anything less from the 11 I love Malawi pretenders, not to converge and worship God to cleanse them their sins, from lusting for power, being part of killer Governments, promoting and confessing undying love for dictators who took money  from unborn children, Reverends calling Gods handwork mbatata, family oriented liars posing as democrats, disagreeing brothers seeking Presidency, fake Princes promising cities when they don’t even own a house in the constituency and of course Men of God who dumped his calling for Worldly Glory.

We hope the preacher will not be Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza of ‘chindele chakufikapo fame’ or any of the Livingstonia Synod politician’s masquerading  as Men of Collar. Neither should the fake prophets be accorded any platform to bring curse instead of blessing. I suggest the Church of Abraham, Apostolic Faith or Napusepuse sort of Church to lead the prayers.

Four front runners- Malawi 2014 presidential candidates: Joyce Banda, Lazarus Chakwera, Atupele Muluzi and Peter Mutharika
Four front runners- Malawi 2014 presidential candidates: Joyce Banda, Lazarus Chakwera, Atupele Muluzi and Peter Mutharika

Already someone is cursing our suggestions. But look around, a whole party has produced condoms, asking people to remember to vote their leader as they “erect” in their bedrooms, brothels, car parks or wherever they do it. I pray that was a sick joke.

You see, as a self-professed God fearing nation, calling for prayers is what the Holy Bible states in 2 Chronicles 7 verse 14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and
pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We should genuinely be seeking healing for the sins of our lying leaders. People who are promising helicopter ambulances, free fertilisers, no quota system, Universities everywhere or even calling
each other mbatata, when their true intention is to become a tenant of Sanjika Palace and steal.

Many of our candidates have no giving heart nor are they people that can associate with the poor. They have no servant heart which the Holy Books call us upon to be, many are behaving as if they are bosses already.

Look at their rallies, between the poor people who paint themselves for K200 young people, the women shaking their bony behinds for K100 and their fat pot bellies, designer attires and flashy cars, there is no love but lies upon lies.

Some faces look very uncomfortable to be next to the poor people, even employing hefty bodyguards to protect them from the smelly Malawians whose vote they are desperately seeking. It is very comical to see Men or Women of God being surrounded by bodyguards during rallies as if
there has been an incident where any candidate has ever been attacked in Malawi.

The issue of praying for Malawi earnestly reminds us of an incident in Parliament (1999-2004) when Sam Mpasu was a speaker. Mzuzu City MP Roger Nkhwazi in his madness (he was one of the finest lively MPs in Parliament) stood on a point of order before a prayer was said. He asked Mpasu not to recite the prayer as it was useless among politicians. He was ignored. After the prayer, Nkhwazi stood again two minutes into noisy degenerated house and charged, “You see that’s why I said it is a waste of time to pray with politicians, it has no effect on their lies.”
Indeed it will be a waste of time to pray, just as people wasted time to hear regurgitated promises of fertiliser subsidy, better health, and better education and as The Nation columnist and we at Sapitwa
duly noted, without saying how they will do it or where they will get the money.

We repeat if the past 50 years Malawi has not developed, despite the massive billions we have borrowed and repaid from our semi-slavery poverty intensive economy, blame it on Malawi Congress Party, the United Democratic Front and the Democratic Progressive Party. We will be attracting curse from heavens if we decide that our cries to remove these parties were a joke and that we made a mistake we love them more than God heard our prayers. We are sure, our next prayers will only lead to ulcers and we will cry out hearts out if we allow tribalism, nepotism and family run and inherited parties to return to power.

The same for leaders who will go to Wednesday prayers with dishonest hearts, knowing that what they churn out of their mouths are lies. The lies extend promising people new tobacco prices when everybody knows tobacco has failed, promising teachers higher salaries when they know our tax base is narrow and simply promising everything they have absolutely no idea where the finances will come from.

Today we see wannabe Excellences donating to Hospitals or Prisons from podiums without shame, when the conditions of these two places have always been the same. Today we see wannabe Honourable and Councillors fighting to clean streets or support a funeral because they want votes
and they will forget and curse the same people after elections. God does not like liars, and those that want to be leaders should go to him with clean hands. In law it is clearly stipulated that “he who
seeks equity should come with clean hands.”

We saw how people fought to carry the symbolic cross on Good Friday and only President Joyce Banda remembered to attend prayers on Sunday, we have seen suddenly how religious people who clapped hands when 20 Malawians were killed, or their families looted Malawi or openly hated
Gods creation and reduced it to “sweet potatoes” all try to pretend they believe suddenly in God.

President Joyce Banda can be criticised for many things, but one fact, giving, to the poor, has been her character from the heart. That’s the secret we believe here at Sapitwa has propelled her to success against all people that spend time scheming of revenge or how to steal when they assume power.

For a God fearing nation, referring to Proverbs 19 verse 17: One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, and He will repay him for his good deed. The good we have seen people doing now because of elections, we are sure does not count, it should come from the heart and not from a political platform.

It will be sad when we go to prayers on Wednesday that Malawi Congress Party shadow cabinet and officials already have been decided by followers of the Reverend Lazalo Chakwera like Kamata who is going around collecting alms from Asian businesses in Lilongwe, claiming he will be Minister of State in the President’s Office. The others include Jessie Kabwira (Information) Jean Sendeza (Women) Joseph Njobvuyalema (Local Government) Felix Jumbe (Agriculture) and Lobin Lowe (Youth).

We propose they miss the prayers, their hearts are set to positions and not helping Malawians. Actually is funny that they are demanding to be called Honourable before elections. We pray Man of God Reverend Dr. Lazalo Chakwera will stop these people from bringing curse where their voices and heart are for positions and not service to Malawians.

Already in DPP, the special one Ben Phiris designated Chief of Staff at State Residences. We have no qualms as he is as closer to the Professor as he has been always. But it is the character of filling
cabinets before elections that really destroy what we want to see beyond elections.

Vuwa Kaunda and Akweni Patricia Kaliati are fighting Nicholas Dausi as Minister of Information, Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba was overheard telling his colleagues that he will be Minister of Health and not Dr. Jean Kalirani, Soulosi Chilima, twice and not once has focused his attention on sirens and Area 12. He told his first press briefing in Lilongwe “as Professor will be heading to State House, I will going to
Area 12 because that’s where Vice Presidents stay.” The Njamba rally he repeated “We come with megaphones, next time we will come in sirens me in MG2.”

The Professor is well known for the love of helicopters. Others who went to shop for Ministerial clothes in South Africa in March include Henry Mussa (Transport) and Joseph Mwananvekha
(Finance). It sad such leaders are duly set for positions and not service to Malawi. For sure if Malawians expect change, these people who publicly or privately cannot wait to lay on Mercedes Benz or sign off contracts and claim commissions, these they represent what has been happening
for the last 48 years.

We feel sad when we see the poor being made to believe that they want to be in Government to make a difference, yet what is clear is that the want positions, power and influence for their own benefit.

So far is it only the Peoples Party and the United Democratic Front where we are yet to get shadow this or that. We believe, may be, despite massive doubts on UDF capacity and its team, they really want to serve Malawians.

The sad part is that electing such parties into power, where positions are already shared, means more of the same we have cried to the Lord for the past 48 years. The fat pot bellies will continue, while lies turn into promises, promises into empty promises and when we ask them they call as “ti ankhwezule, ma bulutu or that Bishops were drinking at Bwandilo when decisions were being made at State House.”

State House should reflect the God fearing mantra we invoke all the time, with Muslims asking for death penalty, banning pork, not the whisky parties that are a character of certain parties. The shadow Cabinets we have seen from MCP and DPP do not inspire any patriotism, change or hope for other “tribes” or people outside the region of the Party President. Uhuru Kenyatta in Kenya appointed technocrats and three politicians as Ministers.

President Joyce Banda started cleansing the political cabinets with appointments of Dr. Maxwell Mkwezalamba, Dr. James Munthali, Rachel Kachaje, Mary Clara Makungwa and Sheikh Fahad Assani. She gives us hope that after May 20, 2014, perhaps we will have professionals dominating in Cabinet than politicians.

Let the prayers not bring curse to our nation when coup plotters, murderers and people whose idea of seeking office are bound by blood ties and not anything to offer to Malawians. Let the spirit of love, be among their hearts and those that had greedy hearts, or kuzigulila malo agenda, withdraw from the race and contribute to a changed Malawi after May 20, 2014.

We will be in attendance at Comesa Hall on Wednesday, to pray hard that some of the people who go there with lying and greedy hearts should see the light and pray for deliverance before wasting our hard earned taxes to produce a long and needless ballot.

We leave you with Proverbs 12 verses 15 to 22:  Stupid people always think they are right. Wise people listen to advice. 16 When a fool is annoyed, he quickly lets it be known. Smart people will ignore an insult. 17 When you tell the truth, justice is done, but lies lead to injustice. 18 Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal. 19 A lie has a short life, but truth lives on forever. 20 Those who plan evil are in for a rude surprise, but those who work for good will find happiness. 21 Nothing bad happens to righteous people, but the wicked have nothing but trouble. 22 The Lord hates liars, but is pleased with those who keep their word.

We hope you will keep your hearts, words and deeds true and honest. Love Gods creation and not for sake of votes, of course allow the smelly stinky voters next to you, the whole President Joyce Banda can mix and sit with the poor, why not our assumed God send rulers, too smart for the poor man or woman in the village………the Lord hates liars, you are pretending!

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