President Mutharika causes traffic chaos in Blantyre with ‘triumphant’ entry

Business was brought to a standstill for a couple of hours in the commercial city of Blantyre on Wednesday afternoon as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters accorded their leader and the country’s President Peter Mutharika an exultant parade in reminiscent of 2014 Tripartite Elections triumph.

President Mutharika:Received a warm welcome in Blantyre

The supporters who trekked from the party’s southern region office in Sunnyside, gathered at Clock Tower in Blantyre town where they waited for hours for their leader who unexpectedly was held up in Balaka district where he inspected a road construction enroute from Lilongwe.

Clad in party colours of blue and white, the supporters from within Blantyre and surrounding districts, brought traffic to a stop as they escorted Mutharika to Sanjika Palace with songs and touting chants.

DPP branded vehicles and on foot supporters carrying party banners joined the presidential motorcade, attracting attention of onlookers.

While at the gates of Sanjika Palace, the marveled Mutharika spoke to the delighted crowd, applauding them for their unwavering support.

Mutharika expressed his delight for the accorded warm welcome and highlighted some of the extensive development projects his government is undertaking while challenging critics to forget of their agenda of overthrowing him.

The Malawi leader  challenged that he will the rule country up to 2024 and that DPP will remain in government for decades.

Some of the development projects Mutharika highlighted includes road construction from Chirimba Township through Ndirande Township to Makhetha in Machinjiri Township, Chileka to Michiru road which has already been started, and a five star hotel to be constructed behind Keza building in Chichiri.

He also hinted on the construction of new stadium to replace the old Kamuzu stadium.  Mutharika said the new stadium would consist of a shopping complex and a huge parking lot.

Meanwhile, DPP is conducting political rallies across the country to consolidate its grassroots base in readiness for 2019 elections campaign.

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Malawians, wake up, kaya ndichidzi kaya ndiuchitsiru or mwina umbuli? Zoona kumamuchemekera zoba ngati ameneyo? Ku school anapitako koma ndiosazindikira. Nzachani zoti anthu azisokoneza business coz of him? Don’t treat Malawi as your tobacco farm. And u idiots singing and clapping, u will die poor and kumtundu kwanu konse ndinu otembeleledwa. Ndiye munapindulapo chani? Anyani inu


Anthu ena ndi zitsilu president wanuyo akupangapo chani? Magetsi akubvuta, ndalama zaboma akungoba anthu.. milandu ya akuba ndalamazo sukuoneka palibe akumangidwa … zinthu zikudula …madzi even akuchita kuvuta kusiya siya.. amalawi aku zunzika corruption nde naji…. whats so apecial with him… poti ndikadakhala FITI ine ndikadamulodza president wanuyo… stupid people mmalo mopanga mademostration kuti achoke….anve kuwawa angoba ndalama ali phee… Pano akuti chasowa adadzipha ……weakest president in Malawi.


This he-goat of a president sucks big time. What is there to show off? I am sorry to say this but this man is wasting a lot of time for us. Just estimate how much productivity was lost with such kind of behavior? Now he only dreams of rallies and whistle-stop tours and off course theft. Please slow down.

And those Malawians who don’t seem to have anything to do but to clad on party colours and dance, I say be smart, spend your time wisely. Do not worship failed leaders.

berson kaunga

some fox make comments that clearly show jealous APM they are.The petty peevish and pettulent comments will not take our country anywhere.malawi needs to grow and will only grow with sound leadership which malawian fox have found in APM period,hence trhumphant welcome.take it or leave it kaya zako izo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


I traveled all the way from Lilongwe just to show love to my president.

Right now I am ready to get down to business in the trenches. Voter mobilization is the mission right now. We will ensure that we get our supporters registered and further ensure they go to the pols on the D-Day. Enanu bapangani analyse.

DPP is a movement. We will meet at the polls.


Only demented people would call this a triumphant entry! Most of those singing and hand clapping are jobless. They are running on fumes not real gas. Mutharika does not give a hoop about you. You can take the crumbs which he is throwing around after he has looted the treasury. No wonder these corrupt people continue to steal right in front of us. Its because of hand clappers like those idiots singing and hand clapping for the most corrupt leader in Sub Saharan Africa. Malawians deserve the life they are living under, no electricity, no jobs fools!!

This is what happens when people have nothing to do. Would a sensible man/woman leave his/her farm, school, market, church, business, company, tools or employment to go on the street and wait for the president the whole day? No one. We need to educate and empower our citizenly. Mutharika and the rest in power know very well that if it weren’t for their education and empowered through either business or employment, they would be among those toiling in the sun singing praises instead of working to contribute to development of the nation. There are a lot productive arenas that peole… Read more »
Dickson Makhumba

This is one of the many reasons we tell people that DPP will NEVER get out of the government.
Those were real votes and not these social media fights and yet we don’t go on the voting day.
It was on this very same Nyasa Times when everyone condemned the Mighty DPP party that it will never bounce back and to the shock of every social media commentator, the voice of the common man spoke otherwise and here DPP governing the country.



The Cream

Alomwe vomelezani kuti inu udindo wa u pulesidenti kapena tinene kuti kulamulila dziko si kwanu ayi. inu kwanu ndi u nyakwawa thats your level.


Chisilu chili ndi mwini zisilu muli inu? Musiyeni APM alamule nthawi yake

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