President Mutharika joins thousands at Bingu memorial service

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday joined thousands guests at the memorial service of former president Bingu wa Mutharika, who was his blood brother.

Mutharika and first lady at the memorial of Bingu

But the President did not make a speech, the first time Mutharika had not spoken during the service since his brother passed away in 2012.

The Malawi leader  and the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika were present.

No reasons were given for his failure to speak at Ndata in Thyolo.

Bingu’s only son, Madalitso Mutharika, surprised many when he spoke for less than a minute.

In his deep American accent, in very low voice, Madalitso thanked President Mutharika and others for organising the memorial service.

He spoke on behalf of the children and grand children of the former president.

In his speech, Arch-Bishop Thomas Msusa welcomed Mutharika’s decision to deploy Malawi Defense Force soldiers in the country’s borders to stop illegal export of maize.

“We are expecting bumper yield this year but this should be no cause for illegal export of maize. We need maize here, our people need food all the time,” he said.

He said the maize export ban should not be lifted and Admarc should not sell off its maize abroad in whatever circumstances.

Others who spoke during the service, including a representative of the Mutharika family and the secretary general of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party described Bingu as a visionary leader who had transformed the country for the better during his eight year rule.

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21 thoughts on “President Mutharika joins thousands at Bingu memorial service”

  1. Kasia says:

    Anthu akumwalira kaamba mankhwala mulibe mzipatala,koma boma likuonongela ndrama chitanda chakale kale?ufiti umeneu!!

  2. Tione says:

    Anthu akufuna mlatho ku Rumphi uku & you waste so much money for remembering a dead thief! May God punish you for such useless memorials! Anafera zake uyu ndi Penumulungu! Mudzasowa chowilingula ndith!

  3. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Peter mantha sangalankhule pa mwambo wa maliro ndi mnyamata kaya iye uja si wangokwatila pompano Getrudeyu ndiye chibwanabwana chidakali chonse!!

  4. zuzo dekha says:

    THESE ARE TWO BUGGERS. anangoitanana kuti m’bale cokako ku US bwera kuno kuli mbuli tizazimete.usacedwe. pitalayu anali busy dzana lija za visa yake , ai ana anga awa, kaya anakawatenga pati pena a mu ZIM mu ana azakhali ake, samaoneka pa US standard mmene amaonekela kazisamalidwe kake. basi ife kukhulupilila. THESE ARE TOTAL DAYLUGHT THUGS.tikamazazindikila atapita.
    za Calisita posapatsidwa mwai olankhula, mwina angopangisa misa ku ndilande.kkkkk.
    ma gold digger awa step mother wa CHACHA . heeedeeee

  5. zuzo dekha says:

    why spending so much waste of money for the occassion? nde wauka???????????? why are we doing this. tose timaziwa olo tikapanga cikumbuso mmamizimu, there is lots of money we spend ,then come to this so called boss of ndata how much do we spend< fuel,maluwa ,zovala , ma allowance ku malilo ,zokumwa ,olandila alendo, oseca, lolololo ma allowance, ndithu kumwa mikodzo ya bwana otizuza. bwanji zimenezi azingodzipangila a kubanja than spending all this shit of money? ose a mmidzi anabwera ,pobwerera kukafikila pa njala. total brutal and nonsense.
    mapemphero basi is enough not all this SHOWBIZ

  6. massa wasowa Andrew. says:

    if u dont know anything just keep quite coz we ‘re not all stupid who read this nws…

  7. mbwiyache says:

    Kodi chief mourner, namalila wamkulu ndi ndani pamenepa? I have never understood why in all these memorials, the surviving spouse Madam Callista is marginalised. Mumamukumbukila pa nkhata poti pamenepo mu ma jama. You have DPP officials kuyankhula, and yet olo kufunsa oimila kwa Madam Callista or even the former first lady amene to speak and celebrate her husband’s life. Shame. Chikumbumtima mulibe.

  8. winston msowoya says:

    Prolific words DZAMBO.Why should the impoverished people waste their time and energy remembering a thug who stole billions of KWACHA from government coffers for his own interests,while the people are facing atrocious poverty,lack of drugs in the hospitals,shortage of power and water have become a norm the list is long.No Malawian with active brains,would cry for this demon who is now languishing in the sea of inferno.These two rogues came to Malawi to exploit and enrich themselves and members of their families.By the way,where did these thieves come from? We could have learnt a vivid lesson from Banda.As it is now,Peter does not demonstrate any sense of patriotism,he is in power to steal and destroy our country and enlarge his foreign Bank Accounts in the US,while back home,the national economy is steadly heading to final destruction.Until then,let Bingu rest in pieces and not in peace.

    1. Haward mulolo says:

      Get out mtumbuka

  9. CHIM says:

    Anapeza banja


  10. Kafuse says:

    Muzafera Kususa Kwanu Komweko Boma Simuzalinukha Agalu Inu

  11. chikokopiyo says:

    Malawians never appriciate anybody wen a person does good thing let’s learn to say thank u

  12. falliot says:

    we are suppose to respect our heroes such as Dr Bingu Was Muthalika… comes money goes, but one thing, we should not forget our late President just becoz we want to serve money…. how much have we lost by loosing Bingu…..we stand to be loosers up today……APM was grievous, hence he could not speak….a lot people could speak on behalf of the family….

  13. This Government lacks seriousness indeed. It deserves “Exit” really!!

  14. kk says:

    This is so pathetic that we are failing to realized our own poverty that was caused by this grinning wicked and evil people

  15. Tawona says:

    Why shud he speak? In fact, this is supposed to be a family matter. Why involve govt?

  16. A Gama says:

    Wastage of resources

  17. Eliot kazizwa says:

    mukuti mutharika sanayankhule ku mwambo kkkkkkkkk kalipo kalipo tiwunikepo

  18. Sign post says:

    Atolonkhani that was his right to choose either of the two that is ,to speak or not. What crime did the old man commit for opting not to speak? To me,the other speaker who said few words is wise. Be reminded that when words are many,sin is not absent,but he who holds his tongue is wise. Apparently,the default position for the wise person is to say no more than necessary.

  19. Dzambo says:

    One person died a few years ago and we have to spend millions every year to remember him! Seriously?Besides, he stole our money ‘enmass’ and we allow him to continue plundering our resources even while in the grave?

    1. Chimtumbewa says:

      When did Kamuzu, Chilembwe die.?? Dont be stupid

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