Prophet Bushiri dominates Malawi newspapers: Promises to end electricity woes

South Africa-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri dominated the Malawi media headlines on Monday for a function he held on Saturday when he led Malawians in special prayers organised by a grouping of Malawians living in South Africa under the banner Malawi Forum held at the Prophet’s Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa in Rustenburg in South Africa.

Prophet Bushiri: I am not partisan but patriotic

Crowds that attended Bushiri prayers in Runstenburg for Malawi

Bushiri, who is founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Investments, reportedly flew  journalists from The Nation newspaper, Daily Times and Zodiak Broadcasting Service to South Africa for the function.

Both Nation and Daily Times on Monday covered the function and Zodiak also reported on its TV and radio.

“Bushiri pray for Malawi,” screamed the headline in The Nation newspaper reporting about  his message during the event when  Bushiri urged mindset change to achieve positive  transformation.

The paper said Bushiri, fondly addressed as  Major 1  or Papa by his followers, said time has come for Malawians to stand up and contribute to changing their country for the better.

“Times has come when we can stand up and say we can change our country. The only thing that could bring about the much- needed change is a mindset change, and no necessarily change in leadership or political parties,” he said.

“Let us think in terms of what we can do for our country as opposed ti what the President can do for our country. Look at the way our country is going, instead of evolving, it is becoming worse; and our children and grand children will be the ones to suffer.

“The revolution that is needed in our country is not a political ine. We need a thinking revolution,” he continued as quoted in the paper.

Under the headline “The Miracle Man” the Daily Times reported that  Bushiri dismissed suggestions that he harbours political ambitions.

“I am not standing for the presidency; Like I said before, I am greater an smatter than politics and I think Malawi deserved love and not politics,” he said.

“I am not partisan but patriotic. I love my country and it on this basis of the same love for my country that I am being persecuted for doing good.”

The both papers also reported that Bushiri offered to help bail out Malawi electricity woes and bring a lasting solution.

“Malawian problems will not be solved bu Europeans. I feel that Malawi needs solutions by Malawians, Given a chance to help the country, the electricity problem would disappear in no time. That projects does not require a lot of money,” said the billionaire preacher man.

“I already met Escom [Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi] officials and told them I could provide a solution, Had they let me implement it, the electricity  problem would be history,” he  bragged.

Meanwhile, at the function Bushiri donated 7 million rand fund to Malawi Forum movement  as a loan facility for those willing to strat business that will help creat job opportunities for Malawians in South Africa.


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I like your patriotism


Together with your family you will leave poverty life for ever if you think bad of Bushiri our papa and you will end up in gehena after your life end here you are a prostitute, humaniser thieves,drankered then you tolk bad of major 1 who are you you will run out of this country because time has come for papa to start help Malawi you will die .


The Spoken Words from the Man of God let the one who has EARS listen to the word of God ……. it’s all about MINDSET CHANGE not POLITICS shaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I like this Massage very much.

Mario pei

This Spiv called Bushiri over rates himself ,he now thinks he is much better than the president ,even better than the opposition leader..You are a shame to this profession of scamming hopeless people to part with their hard earned cash for a bottle of tap water .. If Bushiri can sort out electricity woes in 48hours what does he tell us about the President of Malawi.”The president is a cuckold or Pollock who cannot get us out of this mess”..It’s only Bushiri who is capable..


If bushiri is supplier of generators, then let escom come and disconnect at my house in advance. I don’t want to be connected with zinthu zina zonyansa.


Kapena azanthu a satanic inu mukumvapo China chake apo ….one akundinyasa olemba pamozi ndi uyo akunena

Positive Thoughts

Please Prophet Bushiri help us pray that there should be no oil drilling anywhere near lake Malawi especially up north because the dirt will collect and accumulate in the lake, posing a hazard to the entire lake.

Mario pei

End the electricity woes at your ministry first,you cannot even settle your bill in ZA.Iwenso usatitayitse nthawi don’t scratch your balls in public ..You are another pathological liar ,a professional scammer..kunyenge ndiye kosayamba


Wofuna kuphulika aphulike, Bushiri will not change.Papa we love u, continue helping your country men.Those who are paid to put you to shame will be shamed themselves. Ena akangomva Bushiri mtima umanyamuka kufuna kukomoka.They are paid to write nosense about you but Malawians are no longer sleepy, majority loves you. Kuzolowera kudya ndalama za magazi, shame on you.

Themba Phiri

GILE: You are very right. Prophet Bushiri is a great prophet but unfortunately a prophet is not honoured in his home country as per Jesus saying. Let us Malawians put aside politics and forge ahead to develop our country.

Kkkkk… koma iwe umati Hatton-we uli ndi vuto lalikuru ndi Chakwera pankhani ya English… APM stayed in the US for 40 years, but his english accent is as mine. I like Bushiri that he is business minded, not as a Prophet. Bushiri used to be a true man of God in 2008 in Mzuzu but now he is an opportunist looking for fame. Babies in Christ who are lazy to pray and lead the Word of God are the ones following him. Matured Christians can never be moved by demonic miracles. In fact, Chakwera is a Man of God even… Read more »
It is well

Mahera and all those refusing to receive the message as it was presented, you lack wisdom. May God help you

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