Prophet Bushiri leads thousands to Christ in US city of Dallas

Fresh from Sydney, Australia, where he held a successful three-day crusade, South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri, founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG),  flew to city of Dallas, Texas, USA, where, on Tuesday night,  he led thousands to Christ.

Prophet Bushiri: We need to be an example of God’s riches and glory

Prophet Bushiri expressed gratitude to the gathering for making the establishment and support of ECG branches in America possible.

The prophetic dinner event, during which he narrated on power, prosperity and impartation, coincided with the America’s Independence Day.

Bushiri hosted a grand Prophetic Dinner where he preached, prophesised, held deliveries and also hosted a holy communion.

The aura of his presence in the city stirred frenzy from thousands that flocked to the dinner to have a share of their encounter with one of the worlds’ renowned preachers.

The dinner—held at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas—brought thousands not just from State of Texas, but also from cities of the States such Houston, Maryland, Atlanta and New York.

In his opening statement, the man of God began by saying the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said the event was not just a dinner.

“You didn’t come all this way to look good and eat but you came here to receive impartation for prosperity and go home a changed person with renewed faith and knowledge of the God we serve and your identity as a child of God,” he said.

“Our ministry in America is only beginning and I speak as a prophet when I say that seven months from now, this ministry will never be the same again. God is about to multiple ECG America in a great way. Mark my words, we will have a great testimony in seven months from now,” he said.

Bishop Allen, who has been preaching the gospel in the city for over 10 years and also an attendee of the diner, could not hide his shock at the level of patronage and admiration that Prophet Bushiri got from the city.

“It is unprecedented and it is miraculous. I haven’t seen a preacher, in recent times, with such kind appeal. You can only see God doing his works,” he said.

During the dinner, the Prophet, in his anointing stature, gave prophecies, preached, held deliveries and, to cap it all, hosted a holy communion to help lead congregants have a renewal with Christ.

Thousands gave their life to Christ.

Apart from that, the Prophet also held business meetings with congregants where he challenged them not just to sit idle and expect miracles.

He taught them on how to do business, engage in investments and how to improve their Christian lives through doing business using Christian principles.

“It’s time for Christians to rule in business and contribute to the kingdom of God as kingdom financiers. I have travelled the world over and have seen that Christians are the poorest religious group.

“This must come to an end. We need to be an example of God’s riches and glory. We serve a God who lacks nothing therefore, it is an error for you to be lacking in life. It is an error to be living in poverty.”

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Alice Luhanga

God bless our father, Shepherd Bushiri.. Olira only proudly Malawian because of you papa. You have raised our flag high internationally with the word of God. The Antichrist are jeolousy people.. Envy. Continue praying for them. We love you papa..power! Iyeee

Alice Luhanga

The Antichrist will alz oppose because their eyes are blind though they can see. Major1 and us, his followers are unstoppable. Even if there were 3 people, the Bible says where 2 or more people gather He is there. Enanu nsanje mpaka muzafa nayo.. The Spirit of Jealous, envy, we command it Jesus name. Power Major1. Am only proudly Malawian because of you…you have raised our flag higj.. May God continue to bless you until you become a trillionnaires


You can question 1 plus 1 but not question 2 because is the answer, you can question major1 prophecy but you can not question the result because it shall come to pass


You have represented God very well prophet since I knew you
You are the best thing that has ever happen to us south African
May you continue shocking the whole world my father
And may God guid you always


go to hell


It wasn’t thousands…but few hundreds..I was there..

David Reuben

I was there too. And I am still in Dallas. There were over one thousand people who had dinner with Major 1. Many more could not enter the hall due to shortage of space. And yes, it was powerful. The God of Major 1 did wonders!

Praise Isakubuka

My father my father Major 1 is our Elijah of today! God is still speaking. Amen

Praise Isakubuka

Major 1 is a unique preacher whom God has given us to learn from him. He us our Moses, Elijah, etc
God is still speaming today!

if only this preacher/prophet was given only one chance to rule MALAWI the country and livelihoods of people can change like nobodys business THESE MIA GURUS WILL TAKE US NOWHERE I HAVE WORKED WITH THESE PEOPLE WITHIN AND OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY YOU CANT TRUST THEM !!

I do understand All your doing all around the world my major 1 I please seek your help please please I need financial assistance I praise the lord Almighty to give you power and strength am from Namibia in rundu town in a down village I really need your help CIA lord

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