Prophet Bushiri puts K200mil for maize donations in Malawi: Major 1 celebrates birthday

February is a month of love to some, to other a month of Black History, but to the Enlightened Christian Gathering Family (ECG) church y, it is a month of celebrating the birth of ECG founder and leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as on Monday the billionaire church leader celebrated his birthday by announcing that he is sparing K200 million for relief maize distribution to his homeland Malawi from next week.

Prophet Bushiri: As part of celebrating my birthday, I will make more donations of relief maize to Malawi with a budget of K200 million

The South Africa-based Malawian, , also known as Major 1, said he want to resume relief support to people affected by hunger in Malawi as part of celebrating adding another year.

“I think I have one thing to give back to God for adding another year in my life, that is to help the poor more especially in my country,” Bushiri told Nyasa Times from Pretoria on Monday.

The billionaire Man of God who is also head of his Shepherd Bushiri Investments said: “I have worked hard in my business to help the needy people. I know their problems. I grew up in the villages of Malawi. I slept with hunger and I know how it feels.”

He added: “I am so much obligated to help without looking at what someone or some political party will say.”

Bushiri continued: “Malawi is not for politicians. It is for Malawians.”

Previously, Bushiri donated maize to hungry citizens across the country but he faced obstacles as ruling party operatives feared Major 1 is eying presidential seat in the 2019 elections and frustrated his efforts.

But Bushiri has maintained that he has no intentions of joining politics now or in the near future, saying a man of God with a prophetic anointing, he is very contented with that.

“And what am doing is not for politicians because politicians will only do this few days before voting. I am doing this for my country, my mother land and I am doing this for God,” he said.

About 3 million Malawians are facing food crisis.

Meanwhile, on his birthday, messages of goodwill to the Prophet started pouring from various corners of the globe and social media has been trending with his Major 1 day tributes.

From the US, through European capitals, to all corners of Asia—especially India where, just two weeks ago, he recently held a service jam-packed by tens of thousands—there appears a uniting voice of goodwill and ecstasy of wishing Prophet Bushiri, a happy birthday.

Africa, too, has not been spared from the frenzy—in fact, its leading. From Tanzania where a music video was produced just to celebrate Major 1’s birthday, through his home country Malawi to the heart of ECG in South Africa, the message has not been different.

It has all stopped at making at reminding the world of the birth of Prophet Bushiri—a man who has become the symbol of hope to millions in a world terrorised by different untold challenges.

However, the birthday celebration would not have been complete without involvement of Prophet Bushiri’s spiritual father Prophet Ubert Angel.

Tonight, the two men of God invades Pretoria ECG grounds with a message of hope, healing and breakthrough as, together, they touch the lives of tens and thousands, across all corners of the globe, gathered to celebrate the spiritual glory of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


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15 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri puts K200mil for maize donations in Malawi: Major 1 celebrates birthday”

  1. John Mandime says:

    Hellow Friends in Christ Jesus Name.

    My name is John Marang Mandime I am from Papua New Guinea a country above Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

    I need to email Directly to Prophet Major 1 Shepherd Bushiri. Could any kind person email me the Man of God’s email address please.
    I have difficulty finding the email address of the Prophet. I am convinced that he alone can deliver me from my struggle and strife

    John M. Mandime
    Papua New Guinea
    South Pacific

  2. rose says:

    Major One woyeee

  3. thom mbewe says:

    Let him assiat his fellow malawians

  4. isaac kaudzu says:

    happy birth day man of GOD!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mphiko says:

    The best gift he can give its rain to Malawians so that we can grow our own food than ‘relief’ food. Can you pray for rains in Malawi than donating something that has already been harvested? As man of God you know our God is of multiplication not division. When you donate food, you give somebody maximum amount and once they start eating that the amount is reduced at the rate of family members, i.e. its divided until number 1 remains. However, our God is of multiplication, as such praying for Rains will lead to people having more food from a single grain sawn in the ground. I know you have money, but money does not buy happiness. I will elevate you if you can go to Malawi and pray for rain and once I see the rain fall from the sky I will accept you to be the prophet from God, but if you are donating food that you don’t know where its coming from I doubt. Amen.

  6. Wiseone says:

    Why Malawians Hate Bushiri So Much??

  7. ine says:

    3 million people are facing food crisis and 2 million kwacha for maize, cant it be fair to give 2 million pipo 1 million each?

  8. steven says:

    If Malawi could have five good people like could develop…but our present leaders are busy with looting thereby forsaking their on people. May good God continue to bless you.

  9. How are we going to know that the donation is worthy MK200 Million. Its you who knows this. Someone has already written that you should not do things for publicity but that God should know and bless you. Why should write every event that goes with you. Just know that yours you have received here on earth and nothing for you in heaven.

  10. ulumba boy says:

    uzayambire kwanthu ku zomba ulumba

    1. zoonadi tilandire zimenezi akumudzi

  11. major pen says:

    Kodi iwe Bushiri uli ndi zaka zingati?
    Bible limatiphunzitsa kuti ukafuna kuthandiza zanja Lina lisaone, kapena usalalike chifukwa ukatero mphoto yako suiona koma upange zinthu zomwe udziwe iwe ndi atate ako mwanseli, Kapena Bible lasitha?
    Yesu anali kunena samabweza moto inu mukumadzilakhulira kuti Malawi siWandale koma chomwe Mungaziwe za Ziko za Mulungu muzisiyanitsa. Zikomo

  12. Chibalo says:

    We thank God for a Malawian like you Major 1.Long live Major, Long Live Great Man of Valor.

  13. Novirikana Likango says:

    Which Malawians are suffereing? Kumwera anthu chimanga achiyamba. MCP ikuti mdziko muno mulibe njala. DPP ikupereka chithandizo which is called Manja Lende ponseponse

  14. Owen Mkomanyama says:

    100% acceptable, bcoz so many Malawians are suffering, few are manage to buy a K12,500.00 bag of maize, whilest millions are unable to do so.

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