Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango suspended: CCAP Livingstonia Synod says he is ‘rebellious’

The Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP has deposed Rev. Chimwemwe Chikukula Mhango from being minister in CCAP and at Kanengo Congregation in Lilongwe.

Rev Chimweme Mhango: Suspended

Rev Chimweme Mhango: Suspended

The decision was arrived at during an extra-ordinary Synod Executive meeting in Mzuzu on Monday attended also by a few retired and other church ministers.

General Secretary for the Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP Rev Levi Nyondo confirmed the development in an interview with Nyasa Times.

“Yes he has been suspended which means he is no longer a reverend and cannot administer the holy sacraments but he remains a Christian,. Rev Mhango has been suspended because he is rebellious. He was not following rules and regulations of the Synod,” he said”

Nyondo said the decision was effective on Monday 20th April 2015.”

The Synod cited insubordination and that he as minister was behind the protests to his transfer.

Kanengo Congregation in Lilongwe has been protesting the transfer of Rev. Mhango initially to Ekwendeni and upon protest, he was further transferred to a congregation in Euthini Mzimba.

Confirming the development, Rev Mhango said he has accepted the Synod’s decision and will abide by its regulations.

“I have accepted the Synod’s decision with sadness. I know there are a lot of constitutional mistakes. What I know is that I am still a minister of the Word of God,” he told Nyasa Times.

According to the Synod regulations, a church minister who has been designated to a congregation can be recalled by the Synod if he has been appointed to serve a special need, goes for further studies or has made a mistake.

Having served for 21 years as an ordained minister, Mhango lamented that things were not expected to reach this stage of being deposed.

When the issue broke out last year, he said he had asked for sabbatical leave to finish studies (even the wife) but the Synod refused but expected him to move to the new parish.

“I am waiting to see what the Spirit of God is speaking to my heart. Otherwise I know there is tension at the congregation in Lilongwe.” He said.

A member of the church a Mr. Kalua said they feel cheated by the Synod as it has failed to abide by its own rules as Mhango’s term at Kanengo was to end April 2016.

Last year in September, the Synod issued a transfer notice to Mhango to move to Ekwendeni Mission but his congregation protested by obtaining the court injunction.

Mhango said he will seek God’s guidance through prayers first before making any decision on the matter.

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Its unfortunate that an organisation like Livingstonia Church which is supposed to be exemplary is behaving like that. Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango is one of the dedicated ministers in the synod but all along it seems nobody apprciates his contributions. I still remember at one time Rev Mhango was at Chiwabvi congegation, just the same way he was posted away to embangweni for no good reasons. The politburo in the synod although they behave like educated savages, they need to know thta Chimwemwe Mhango needs to be given the opportunity to know the reasons why they wanted to transfer him and… Read more »
alick angoni

its said that this is happening when we need to stand firm in the Lord against all odds….the churches preache love and peace…..where’s the love now….satan has divided the church….God’s intervention is needed….

Msoleen phiri

There is life after dead,Let God be God.


This is the crusade carried by Levi Satanist Njombole Nyondo against visionary and progressive young minister. Nyondo is the most corrupt minister who was embarrassed at Mzimba Synod when he wanted his 56 year wife to be a minister against the Synod maximum entry age of 38 years. No Synod office acted on this. Mhango is a victim of progress and initiative. Do not worry out this God will bring something great.


Ufumu ogawanika pa okha sukhala.

Kulolerana kokha ndi komwe kukadathandiza pa nkhaniyi.
Mhango akanalolera zofuna za likulu zinthu zikanatha bwino.
Likulu likanalora kuti Mhango amalize nthawi yake yokhala ku Lilongwe sizikanafika poterepa.

Vuto lokhala ndi headquarters pansi pompano ndilimenelo sinanga wamkulu wa headquarters ndi munthuso.

Bodza-Mbewe Thokozan

It’s sad to note that. Rev. Mhango, believe in Christ and things will be. A lot of things will be revealed and God is on your side.


His transfer was supposed to be 2016 not now! Why now???? Makopala na jerous!! What a shame! The root of evil at work! Stop such nonses imwe watumbuka wakujitemwa imwe!


I think Chimwemwe has suffered and endured a lot the past 21 years in CCAP! He has obliged to a number of jelous-inspired transfers. The henchmen at Livingstonia Synod know nothing but politics. I strongly believe someone(s) is jelous and money and greed is at the center of this firing. I for one stand with you Rev. Mhango. Your life and service has been a shining light to all. God has a way for you. Take your time.


dada mhango chonde pitani ku euthine osapanga makani munayambilanji.


Dyera Mhango Wasiya ubusa wayamba ndalama,za fedralism iwalani atumbuka mwaonekera poyera muzilimbana mu territory ya eni zangoyamba musanati mbusa obwerayo adzalimbe.

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