Rev Nyondo faults DPP on quota system

The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has faulted the DDP led government for failing to adhere to its promise to abolish the controversial  education quota system, saying it is denying ‘deserving’ students a place in the country’s public universities.

This development follows the announcement by Ministry of Education on Friday last week that it will maintain the system in the 2014/2015 academic year upon releasing names of 1,909 successful students selected to start various programmes at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) and the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANA).

Rev Nyondo: Abolish quota system

Rev Nyondo: Abolish quota system

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times Tuesday, General Secretary for the Synod, Reverend Dr Levi Nyondo, said the Synod is eagerly waiting for the day when the system will be completely abolished, because the issue was in the party’s manifesto.

“The current government clearly in the Name of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit stipulated in its manifesto before the May 20 Tripartite elections that it will abolish the system once elected into power. So the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia is still eagerly waiting for the day to come,”   Nyondo said.

In his remarks, Deputy Minister of Education Science and Technology Vincent Ghambi, said the only way to deal with the quota system is by building more universities in the country.

He assured the Synod that government will take the matter into consideration, adding that it will build more universities to provide a conducive environment for each and every student who qualifies to go to university to have access to tertiary education.

“The quota system has been a long standing issue. As government we are doing everything possible to put it to a halt, but the only best way to do it is by constructing more universities of which the DPP government has started doing that already.

“There is quota system because the country does not have enough universities. If we introduce more universities it means the intake of students into the universities will increase, and quota system surely will be the issue of the past,” said Ghambi.

Quota system, which selects students into the country’s public universities based on merit, was first used during the one party era, but was abolished during Bakili Muluzi’s regime before being reinstated by the late former president, Bingu Wa Mutharika.

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Simwati aku north akagwere uko ndipo amvetsa? Wait so that you may feel the smell of guns, amwrne let us feel another Boko Haram

Mc Chigubu

I think all Northeners can go to any nearest hell, we have 4 regions in Malawi why is it that only the north makes stupid noise on Quota System? To hell with northeners!

Kanyama Chima

I do not understand why only people from the north cry over Qs. there should be something more than meets the eye. Eeesh


chamba et?kota shud go to hell

Hakuna matata

Kodi busayo waleka kusogolera nkhosa? m’Blantyre mulibe anthu a pa central ndi north? Kota ya chan? Mumafuna ma university muzikhala a tumbuka okha…mulira nkuyamba


Mulira simunati


There was Joyce Banda there..she continued the comes APM and DPP..koma nkhani ikhale kota kota kota kota..kukhoza 15 ndye kuti akutenga ku UNIMA??..i come 4m Dowa ndinakhoza 14 in 2009..anandisiya..ndye kuti anandisiya coz of kota??..koma anakakhala wina wa ku mpoto..kota kota kota kota…rubbish

If this quota system was declared illegal By courts, then why are we not suing the govt for abuse of human rights? You people who have been affected should actually now start suing the govt and they will pay you millions again for depriving you the right to education. This will be another wasting of our money by the govt on a system which they know is illegal. pay avoidable quota. You north lawyers should now start the suing on behalf of one or two quota victims, then all victims will be compensated. These lomwes think they are clever, they… Read more »

The son of my neibour has been selected to CHANCO with 24 points. He is from Phalombe but his father is refusing to pay for him, says the boy has his uncles (amalume, eni mbumba) who should pay for him. Koma amalume ake ali pa umphawi woopsa. Ndalama yomwe anapedza atalima fodya ku Mpoto inatha pogula chimanga. Mnyamatayu akumvetsa chisoni. Bambo ake akuti ali ndi zidzukulu zawo(ana a achemwali awo)zoti adzilipilire fees. Maganizo ake ndioti mwina asungitse malo adzapite chaka cha mawa akapedza ndalama akakalima fodya ku Mzimba ndi amalume ake. Bambo ake ndi a business ya kaunjika,mpunga ndi nsomba.

dopababi shopa

You will cry till 2024! DPP woyeeee! quota yomweyo kuti wawawa! No more domination in education by the same region. Equitable education is paramount. Balilani inu mtundu odzikonda. Nthawi yanu yinatha. Ndale ndi bodza. Timafuna M’boma.

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