Rights defenders angered by  ‘kill the gays’ penalty proposed by Malawi Muslim Association

Fresh remarks from the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika s calling for gay people to be condemned to death have strongly attracted anger and condemnation both from local and international human rights defenders .

Mwachande : It is wrong to propose to start killing people for sinful lifestyle

Sheik Dinala Chabulika: calls for gay people to be condemned to death

Sheikh Chabulika was quoted in an article published by one of the fortnight published newspaper ‘Mkwaso’ dated 1st-14th September 2017.

In the article, Chabulika stated that homosexuality is not only against the Islamic teachings and religion but also an abomination and therefore emphasized that those practising it be executed.

He further emphasized that as the Muslim Community, they will never change their stand on the matter that  homosexuals need to be handed death penalty as a way of making sure that the issue is curbed

Chabulika  was also responding to the call by Malawi government through the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on the need to conduct a survey to sort views of Malawians on Homosexuality practice which is under the LGBTI (Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Intersex) blacket.

The Sheikh said the Inquiry is ‘unnecessary’.

In response to Chabulika’s calls, Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected with HIV and Aids (MANERELA) Human Rights Activist Allie Mwachande described the sentiments as a ‘big shame’.

“This is a very big shame! If they say homosexuals be killed is he [Chabulika] himself ready to kill? Because if he is ready then he tell us when and where he will do that” said sounding angry Mwachande when he called Nyasa Times.

He added: “As a human rights campaigner, I meet different people and I know some of the Muslims who are within the LGBTI Community. Some are even from Mangochi where him and I all come from…will he be happy to see his brothers and sister killed?”.

Mwachande further reminded Sheikh Chabulika as a man of Allah to always preach love inorder to serve the souls of the so called ‘worst sinners’.

“As a Sheikh, he should always preach about love without looking at the sexual orientation, tribe, colour, cultural beliefs etc. Jesus and Mohammed both preached about love and the Bible and Quaran still tells us to love one another” explained Mwachande.

The activist further warned the Sheikh that his remarks can cause breach of peace and bring trouble within the society.

“What he has said can bring alot of trouble amongst people and can lead to more victimization towards different minority groups. As servants of God, can they be happy to see people fighting and shedding blood? Let us love one another and let God be the best judge” he said.

He also observed that the HIV prevalence rate within the LGBTI Community is high hence the need to accept the members as a control measure so that they be able to access medical health services.

“I always say and remind Malawians that human rights activists are not there to push for legalization of same sex marriages no! We just need to accept that this is happening as evidenced by the HIV prevalence rate within the LGBTI Community and not that we are entirely tolerating their practices.

“So my humble request to Sheikh Chabulika and the entire faith community is to preach love and desist from making statements and take actions that can lead to extream stigma and discrimination,” concluded Mwachande.

Several Human Rights Organisations including Centre for Development of People (CEDEP), Human Rights Watch (HRW), Alliance for Rights and Aids in Southern Africa (ARASA) among others are against the Inquiry on homosexuality in Malawi.

ARASA Director Michaela Clayton says: “The survey would only result in making life harder for the LGBTI Community”.

On the other hand, CEDEP Executive Director Gift Trapence threatened to drag MHRC to court if they progress to conduct the survey.

Death penalty exists in Malawi laws not practiced as no President in multi party democracy has asented to it.

If we go by the christianity religion, homosexuality is a seen punishable by death as written on Leviticus 20:13 just like other sins that include aldutery, contempt to the judge or Priests among others.

However, most African and Islamic countries regard homosexuality as the worst sin even though the Bible says ‘No sin is bigger than the other’ before the eyes of God.

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Keen Observer

A sin is a sin it can not be jus tidied in anyway. Remember the Real Major Prophet Elija killed false prophets so these other things, they invite a sword. The biggest problem is that things done by a minority brings curse to the entire nation so this unnatural deed must be condemned.

Jesus Is Lord
Correct. The Bible calls them dogs (Deuteronomy 23:18), brute beasts, beguilers of unstable souls (predators) (2 Peter 2:12-14), sons of Belial (=sons of Satan) (Judges 19), filthy (Jude), vile, reprobate (=beyond salvation), inconvenient, unnatural (Romans 1). Every personal example of a homo in the Bible is a murderer, rapist, violent and uses alcohol to assault victims (Genesis 19, Habakkuk 2:15, Judges 19). I think it is pretty clear what GOD thinks about them. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah as an EXAMPLE to us all, about how much He hates them. God sent a prophet to Nineveh to warn them to… Read more »

You have heard it all Mr Mwachande homosexuality has no part in Malawi and indeed it is a waste of time discussing about it because we dont need it, if there are people who practice homosexual in our communities we are warning them to stop this foreign behaviour. Its is against out cultures and our beliefs. If they continue advocating this malpractices they will put the lives of these so called minorities in danger.


Koma Ndalama imabweresa uchitsilu…. Homosexualities should but cut by the bud


Mwachande! Ngati walandila zochuluka za kumidima ulape chonde. How will u justify ur defence of sin before your maker? Or u dont believe there is the judgment day?
What message are u relaying across to ur brothers or sons if u have any?
Is ur father and mother still alive? Consult them on this, I believe they are still normal and sane with a good level of the fear of God.
A huge disgrace to mother Malawi


I can support Dinala Chabulika coz this is what the bible calls “sodomy”

Absolutely bad


Mwachande or Machende u know urself dont dont and dont ,just shut ur mouth abd eat v donor money,i support the Sheikh,anyone who f**ck the sewer line Must be killed and of u r one of them u will,that a good idea Chabulika these pipo r insane including this machende boi,kill,kill,kill,if they will not be killed then beeter allow them to throw themselves in river shire azipita kumene akapange izo akufuna

One God

Mwachande ngati munabadwa kuzera mwa bambo ayi pitilizani simukulakwisa koma ngati mwa mayi mukufunika mapephelo apaderadera chifukwa ndikuwona chiwonongeko mwayinu. Chonde ndalama sisakulekanisine ndi Mulungu

Alfred Minjo

Hey folks, Leviticus 20:13 says it all. What more is Mwachande and his beloved team wants???


Mr. Mwachande, u are one to be ashamed for enforcing devilish acts. Wat Mr chabulika said is wat the koran says and even the bible. Zoti kaya ma Muslims ena ndi ma gay zimenezo ukudziwa ndiwe koma according to teachings of Koran, no Muslim can be gay!
Satana wachabe chabe iwe eti!!!
Why are we now talking of 50 + 1 voting system?? Remember always majority rules!!
Uwawuze azungu anuwo akutengeni muzikapangira kwawo nyasizo coz u r minority and they can easily accommodate you

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