Rural dispensary closes after naughty clinician refuses to wake up

Katuli Dispensary in Mangochi has closed down after a fracas after some villages pelted the health facility with stones after the lone clincian refused to wake up at night and help a patient.

Senior Group Village Headman said some villagers had brought a very sick woman at night at the hospital.

“The watchman told the people that the lady medical assistant directed that the watchman should just be making a call instead of knocking at her house door whenever a patient came at night,” he said.

He said the people waited for hours, the lady medical assistant, Bridget Tsabola, never arrived to help the patient.

“This is not the first time she ignored a patient at night. She never wakes up at night whenever there is a serious case,” he said.

The people came irritated and started stoning the the dispensary.

The medical assistant and her family fled the area around 3 am.

The government is yet to make a decision on the matter.

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Was the very sick woman “chronically ill” or it was indeed an “emergency” acute illness? The clinician had to evaluate the situation. let the community learn how to access the medical services as first priority not as an alternative………hence bringing her at the middle of the night. ifenso timatopa!!!


Every person becomes tired, working day and night aaaaaaaa is she a machine??? she is not a problem, and calling her ‘naughty clinician, its an insolent to her you reporter, clear? Now all is needed is that gvt should send to this clinic more than 1 clinician so that they share shifts


iyeyo mumati achinditsa nthawi yanji?yalakwa basi!Boma lisamangeso Clinic imeneyo a2 owononga amenewo.

Christopher Paul Chilupa
Christopher Paul Chilupa

Extra Staff required to avoid such situations


only one person working day and night.,i feel thats government fault aliyese amatopa ,motivation mulibe boma she needs to rest its good for her health,i feel sorry for her and for villagers coz the ministry will never send another medical staff there aliyese adzikana kumeneko..recruit more adzipanga ma shift.

Mwino wa Masters

Useless pipo from Katuli, if Escom is doing loadshadding, munthu ndindani…..nayenso amatopa……mwamva achawa…

Kingsley Jika
Have read this story a number of times but can’t connect things yet. First, on the facts presented, ‘naughty’ sounds judgemental. Two, name of the lady is given but not of the so-called Senior VG Headman (& the title sounds new in my ears). Three, it says the people came irritated, giving impression they already had a cause. It also says they waited for hours. ‘Hours’ should mean two or more, so let’s say they arrived midnight & waited 2 to 3 hrs since the lady fled at 3 sharp. Did the watchman call her at all & she didn’t… Read more »

Anatopa nayenso. Yekha amwene.


let’s practice with patriotism,otherwise our clinics will not be helpful to the nation…..our health system already leaves a lot to be desired.

misozi banda

amatopa kaya, govt ikambilanaso zotani ngati sakulemba a cipatala nchito.
sanalakwe. these pipo work more than the phwiii mmipando ku paliament kumakambilana zodandaula kuti afuna aonjezeledwe malipipilo for just sitting and merrying parties parties eating and drinking and wasting food.ana athu ma graduates angokhala mmakomo tikusowa copanga nao. ma skool anamaliza koma sanlembedwebe zinchito. boma lilibe ndalama. koma zogulila ma fleet lolololo.mhuu
a govt kuteloko kupeza cocita. mukambinanaponji apa – matter of fact yi?????????????? mmandiseskesa

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