Rwandans in Malawi externalise K12m to help their country against Coronavirus

While many Malawian business communities were helping their people, including those being hosted from other countries, with funds to effectively tackle the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, a select group of Rwandan immigrants in Malawi mobilized themselves to assist their compatriots.

Ephrem, vice-president of Rwandans in Malawi

Their action has raised eyebrows that the Rwandan immigrants have preferred to help their compatriots back home while forsaking their host nation’s own needs since over K12 million has externalised and drained the Malawi forex basket.

Information sourced from within and outside the country validate that  the Rwandans have been pilling up pressure on refugees living in Malawi, who are doing small scale businesses to donate towards the course.

It is reported that from March 2020, a group led by Gentille Giramata and Sad Karegeya were going door to door of other businessmen as well as small scale refugee businesspersons to collect funds to send to Rwanda for the fight against pandemic.

While it is commendable that business communities responded positively to the current challenges of this global pandemic, this group chose to put immense pressures on their own refugees who fled Rwanda and who mostly live in fear of what the current Rwandan regime has done to their families and can still do.

Though some businesspersons were eager to fund these efforts, many were put under severe pressure and the refugees themselves were threatened to contribute.

A Rwandan newspaper reports on May 9 that Rwandan Diaspora vice-president Ephrem Ngizwenayo did the fundraising in order to gain favors from the Rwandan government.

“While in Rwanda people have been at home for about 43 days to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, work has continued in Malawi,” says a report published in Rwanda’s IGIHE newspaper on May 9.

Rwandans living in Malawi donated 12 million Frw to help those affected by Coronavirus

“This has prompted Rwandans living in the southern African country to raise funds to help those affected by the epidemic in Rwanda, where some have been exploited by others who have been affected by Coronavirus.”

In the report, Ngizwenayo Ephrem, the second vice-president of economy in the Diaspora of Malawi, told IGIHE that they were looking for opportunities to help their Rwandan counterparts after realizing that some of their jobs were in a state of disrepair.

“After realizing that our Rwandan counterparts had been at home for days because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we sat down as people out here in Malawi, first meeting as members of the Committee, learning something to do to help our colleagues,” he told IGIHE.

“We have encouraged all Rwandans in Malawi to raise funds to help our homeless, unemployed counterparts, and we know that many of them were fed up with going to work, not eating.”

After collecting the donations, IGIHE reports that the funds were channeled to the Rwandan Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia to disburse to Kigali.

There are close to 1,000 Rwandans living in Malawi, including children, who are already helping each other, caring for the needy, says the report.

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Kwenga mwazembo
Kwenga mwazembo
1 year ago

Msanje izatipha amalawife, sindikuziwa kuti article IMEI cholingachanu kwenikweni mukufuna chani. Kuipa basi anthu akuthandizani bwinobwino no vuto sanafandaule inu mukufuna chani kwenikweni .nkhalidwe limeneli likutiononga . Chonde lembani nkhani zomangilila anthu osati zousila kwiyo anthu aulesi ndi msanje kuti achitili chipongwe ma ruwandans

Malawi belong to the citizens

No problem with that ,can malawians do the same towards our brothers and sisters in Malawi.That was great for Rwandans.

1 year ago

Malawians have a death wish. We’ve behaved carelessly and do not deserve to be helped. On the other hand Rwanda is behaving accordingly and deserve it. Bravo Rwandan community. Even the bible doesn’t support foolishness

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