Same-sex liaisons still llegal in Malawi – Minister

Malawi has asked for $388 888 (about K180 million) from The Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV and Aids to support activities such as testing, counselling and treatment, condoms and prevention of risky behaviour for same-sex in the country despite homosexuality being against the law.

Minister of Health Kalilani: homosexuality remains illegal

Minister of Health Kalilani: homosexuality remains illegal

Trapence: Double standards by government

Trapence: Double standards by government

Lesbian kissing

Lesbian kissing

And Minister of Health Jean Kalilani has said those engaging in homosexuality will still be committing a crime and will be arrested to face the law.

Kalilani said there are no plans by Malawi government to change homosexuality laws, saying it will remain criminal.

“There will be no change in laws on homosexuality,” said Kalilani as quoted in the press.

“It is still a crime to anyone engaging in the practice.”

Under the Malawian penal code, a relic of British colonial rule, homosexual acts are punishable by up to 14 years in jail with hard labour. Gay and lesbian organisations have long complained that the law and widespread homophobia makes access to HIV treatment and prevention services difficult.

“It is difficult to offer HIV and Aids services to homosexuals when there are sodomy laws on the other hand. The same government is criminalising same sex relationships and the same government wants money to help them. This does not make any sense,” pointed out Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence.

Trapence said Malawi “cannot continue excluding [homosexuals] identified as a key driver to new HIV/Aids infections.”

Malawi’s government moved to suspend laws against homosexuality in 2012 when it issued a moratorium where it ordered police not to arrest people for same-sex acts until the anti-gay laws are reviewed by parliament.

But that review has stalled.

Traditionalists and religious leaders in Malawi strongly oppose moves to legalise same-sex acts, arguing that homosexuality is alien to Malawi’s cultural and religious values.

But Human Rights Watch points out that arresting people for consensual same-sex conduct violates international human rights standards and constitutional guarantees of equality in many countries.

A seven-site MSM (Men having Sex with Men) HIV prevalence, social behavioural and population size estimation study released at the end of 2014 estimates show that MSM make up about 1.84 percent of the overall male population aged 20 to 39 years in Malawi or about 38 734 individuals.

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Uli Odala Chifukwa Wamvako.

Gift Trapence that is satanism. And any one in that is a satanist.
Be careful! Ndi ndalama kodi? Ndi kufuna kudzika kodi? Kapena kufuna kukhala ndi sapoti kapena kupeza anthu oti akupatse thandizo la ndalama?
Ndalama ndi zake uyo/awo w/aikapo nkhope yake/zao not your’s. Let the money for anthu a ndale. Money shouldent make you loose what Jesus Christ gave you on Cross as He said kwatha, and now wapulumutsidwa.
Why are losting yourself?!


Government has the duty to seek humanitarian aid for its citizenry from whosoever is kindly willing to give; be it homosexual or straight and with or without strings attached.So what you hypocrite devils!
And just like Atheism(refusal to believe in the One true supreme God ie Monotheism-whose personal name is Yahweh/Jehovah/Jah/El or Namalenga),homosexuality too is a choice with some arrogant madness in it.Nobody…and I’m saying NOBODY is born homosexual but rather possessed by an evil spirit of the opposite sex in nature which uses these sodomites!


You Trapence and et al you wrote Global Funding to suspend funding to NAC and yet your fellow mathanyulas are asking funding from the very Fund you advised to suspend aid! You should request World Vision a Christian organization tat was given responsibility to manage HIV/AIDS. See if they will support the mathanyulas on a separate silly request like this one!


Or mwana wako akathawa mnyumba mkukapedza matenda uko umamupititsabe kuchipatala sindiye kuti ikumutuma ayi


Nyasi kuno ayi. Kukandana sakandana amuna okha 2 kapena azimayi okha2. Plug imalowa pa socket basi zinakonzedwa choncho. Trapence satana akhale cousin wake.

Keen Observer
I don’t see anything wrong with what the government’s move here. These things which people who are possessed with evil spirits are campaigning for like the so called Trapence is still alien to Malawi no matter how people can try to make it right. But on the other hand government is like a parent even those who are engaging themselves in evil activities when they contract the virus goverent has to look after them. The good example is the prisoners, they’re in prison for their wrong deeds, though not all, but when they fall I’ll they must be accorded treatment… Read more »
George Lihoma.

Oooh you mean Mitchel Strumpf from German,the Music doctor famous of Choral Workshops in the early 1980’s at Chancellor College.Koditu azungu atati ayambilenso ukapolo uja panopa,titha kumagulitsana tokhatokha bola ukatamuke man.Hahahahaha.


Its a trap set to catch homos when they seeks medical help on HIBv and AIDS

Patrick Majoni

Sindikumvetsa!Mukuti Trapence ali ndi nkazi?Nkazi wakeyo ngati ali serious andichite link ndimutenge ine chifukwa aTrap wa ndiye chabwino palibe.Anzawo akumenyera ufulu wa anthu pamene iwowa ali busy kumenyera ufulu wa zitsiru.

Patrick Majoni

Kodi a Trapese,ndi okwatira?Ndikuona ngati satanism yawafika pa thako.Aliyense ogonana ndi man/woman nzake ndi wa misala.Ngati udzudzu umadziwa kugonana waukaza ndi waumuna kulibwanji munthu.Is it because of poverty or what?Are u sure u want spoil human race in Malawi?Ngakhaletu satana mutumikilayo amadziwa kuti kuli Mulungu.It is loss of common sense munthu kumalowetsa shaft kotulukira manyi.Tsono mukamapanga uchizete wanuwo,opangidwayo amamvanso kukoma?Iwe Trapese kodi bambo ako akadakwatira tonde mzawo ukadabadwa chitsiru iwe.Nonse mukuchita nchitidwe umenewu ofunika mukhale ndi malo anuanu tione ngati pakutha pa zaka 10 kuzakhale anthu.International standards–international standarsds wachani apa.

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