Setting Standards: Sukez unveils plans for new Malawi music label

If you are familiar with Malawi Music Videos. Then the name Sukez is not new to you. He is the bourgeoning video director who has already registered a number of great music video productions by his hand.

Sukez - professional job

Sukez – professional job

 Sukez talks tough on video production and quality control,

Sukez talks tough on video production and quality control,

Sukez now aims higher and talks tough on quality control and appeals to musicians to expand their production value and budget properly before shooting a music video.

The young producer made headlines when he wrote on his Facebook page that he will no longer accept low budget video production requests from musicians as he aims to creep into the international market with his talent.

In a follow up interview with Nyasa Times, Sukez explained that time is now for Malawi to export quality production to international markets.

“I know musicians might think that am being rude or I simply don’t want to promote the music industry following my decision to turn down all low budget video production proposals. Am sure one day they will thank me and appreciate this decision. All I want is to perfect every production that I put my hands on,” explained Sukez, real name Gift Sukali.

Sukez, a final year student at Polytechnic reckons that there is so much talent in Malawi but people involved, especially musicians simply don’t want to invest in quality.

“To say that there is no talent in Malawi, then it’s the same as saying that there is no single fish in Lake Malawi. The industry has phenomenal talent, but these talented individuals simply don’t want to spend in quality and excellence. No wonder, they are always going for cheap production and expect to hit the international market. Well, that truly happens in dreams and not in reality. These days, the world needs quality and not quantity,’ Explained Sukez the 23 year old director.

Sukez has produced a number of great music videos that enjoyed replays on the country’s top TV networks and some of his products include Mapale Band’s Udikire, Ranavene’s Mama, Flo Dee’s Veke Mphete, Kell Kay’s Ndilore Ndipite, Keim’s Paper Boy as well as Poly and Chanco Cyphers among others.

He is now largely accepted as one of the most promising video producers in the country, joing other mythical producers such as Chipiliro Khonje and Ron CZ.

As part of his quest to promote local talent, Sukez hinted that he is working towards establishing a music label that will hit the market soon and sign up serious artists to be exposed on the international level.

“Let me not say much on that one because am doing it with my longtime friend Kelvin Sulugwe who is currently in South Africa. We will unveil the label and the artists we have signed once he jets in the country. All I can confirm is that we have just gone mad with creativity and we want to dare Malawi talent, sending a strong message that we are ready to take it far,” explained Sukez.

Of late, Malawi Music Videos have taken a new twist and they can be appreciated internationally. Despite this push, most of the videos don’t get full features on Africa’s top Music TV Networks such as Channel O and MVT Base.

Malawi’s Award winning entertainment journalist Kimpho Loka believes the industry lacks competition and connections.

“There could be a number of factors, however I think the main reasons are competition and connections. Talking about competition, our industry is not competitive as compared to other counties such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. As a country we haven’t created demand for those networks to turn their attention to Malawian content. The industry is not competitive, we are not able to attract or say establish connections at an international level to help us get our videos to the networks,” explained Kimpho.

On the other hand, Tawonga Nkhonjera, an internationally recognized writer and film director simply questions if Malawi has started producing good videos.

“Networks and connections, do we have them? Have we started producing worthy videos, or are the few videos they are beaming good ones? A good music video is much more difficult to make. It’s a few minutes to tell a story, and our videos don’t tell stories, and if they do, they are badly told. Quality control matters,” explained Tawonga Nkhonjera otherwise known as Taddja.

Some of the videos from Malawi that had stint moments of air play on Channel O and MTV Base include Tay Grin’s Stand Up and 2by2, Theo Thomson’s Awake and Stutter, Canny One’s Zokoma and Janta’s Ndinapanga Dzina.​

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Pls We Wanna Watch Awesome Videos Indeed

Lackson mapala

That’s true bro


sukez ur doing great keep it up,the issue is not low charge but quality, guys let go for quality to compite on internation market


thats wat happens when pippo hv acquired second hand HD cameras from south africa…out of those works uh hv mentioned,there is no great work @all…..i hope the sukez dude and the writer of this article had a lunch somewea

kay c chifundo kamphulusa

Comment you are doing awesome work keep it up bro

kay c chifundo kamphulusa

You are doing awesome work keep it up bro!!!!

Cyclops F.R.E.S.B.A

Go go go Sukez 🙂

Ghetto Rep

Zilibwino afana keep it up

Imraan Sadick

This guy is missing the point
First and foremost he supposed to encourage our musicians to come up with our own “unique melody”
When I listen to Malawi music often I fail to categorise whether I am listening to Kwaito/Reggie or Rnb—from my perspective this is the vital part to be focused on
We should have a “genre” which gonna carry our national flag(at least it should have a specified name) then you can commence focusing on improving the quality of your so called videos
“Just thinking out loud”


If Malawi had just 20 peaople thinking like you young man…

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