Simbi’s Khato Holdings to transform Lilongwe skyline with 14-storey office complex

Conglomerate construction and engineering giant, Khato Holdings, says it plans to construct a modern office and shop complex at City Centre in Lilongwe which upon completion the structure will tower the rest as Malawi’s tallest building.

The design: The building will be radiant like this

Group Executive Chairman, Simbi Phiri, told Nyasa Times  at his Midrand offices in Johannesburg that Malawi needs modern infrastructure to inject life into its economy.

“We will construct a twin tower architectural wonder at City Centre opposite Reserve Bank of Malawi.

“Besides its outstanding beauty, the structure will also provide more job opportunities either during construction and when businesses will occupy space in the building,” said Simbi of the close to K18 billion project.

Work is expected to commence as soon as all regulatory procedures with Lilongwe City Council and other government agencies are put in place.

The company’s engineering subsidiaries, Khato Civils and South Zambezi, have a track record of constructing modern infrastructure in South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Malawi.

In a related development, the business magnate has also intensified plans to establish a cigarrete and cigar making factory at his expansive Mchinji farm.

Phiri says the country’s tobacco industry continues to face challenges because of its vicious cycle of treating the leaf as a raw material all the time.

“We will establish a cigarette manufacturing company as a way of creating more local jobs, expanding government’s tax base and growing the country’s economy at the same time.”

He adds, “We are also targeting the up-market customer base with cigars and for this we will bring experts from Cuba to help in quality assurance of the product.”

Simbi Phiri has become a major Malawian investor and philanthropist over the years helping the economy in Health, Agriculture, Social Affairs and Construction sectors among others.

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15 thoughts on “Simbi’s Khato Holdings to transform Lilongwe skyline with 14-storey office complex”

  1. chakaka says:

    Tiyeni nazo

  2. He needs 14 heavy duty generators – otherwise if he relies on ESCOM power, it will be a death trap

  3. Sandram says:

    Well done Mr. Simbi,
    I am a Malawian and what you pointed out in other article does make a very good clear that black people always demotivate where there is a need to motivate.
    What I marked most about you is, you care most about Malawi and its citizens.
    If Malawi to have-in this building then we are out of shame for the following reasons; job creations (which will reduce Malawi citizens flocking into other countries and been treated like animals regarding to work conditions and wages in there), beautiful city in terms of a very good standard of the building that will attract some business people to invest in our country too.
    Then you spoke of opening a cigarette company, it matters less will be in your home area but the most important success of you sir for that is the job creation to Malawians and that will be right in our country which many business people are failing to create such investments. Malawi needs kindhearted business people like you. All your achievements of creating more jobs in our country is a 95 percent of motivating the youths to be well educated for e.g in engineering and so forth.
    May Good keep on giving you more ideas in achieving your goals and more success.

  4. joel moffat says:

    keep it up mr simbi don’t give up.what u have done it is very initial for this great nation,bcoz u have created job opportunities, attract foreign investors uplift our economy as well as beautifying malawi

  5. j life says:

    Yes we need pple like simbi phiri who can invest in his home country not like andale kuba basi koma ndalama zakeso satukuka nazo ikangotha term yawo asawukaso, thus why amati uzadya thukuta lako, koma lanzako umasawuka nalo. Keep it up simbi

  6. mmuyyt says:

    Lero timva za cigarette manufacturing company, mawa timva za skyline building, oSimbi tahyambani kugwi hitoyo. Osatha mau nthuni inu!.

  7. Yahya Jammeh says:

    The architectural looks of the building speaks volume of the class of Western Architecture, osati za China tikuonazi that can collapse within 5 years. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.. Even in Dubai they contract people who studied Western Architect – which is why it is outstanding in the whole Arab world.

  8. Mjiwanji says:

    While constructionof a cigarret manufacturing plant is plausible, I would like the Investor to look at another option considering
    that we have already anothe investor in the name of Nyasa Cigarret plant.

    I would ask Khato or any other capable investor to consider investintg in construction of a morden Bus terminals in BT and LL.
    The bus terminals we have at present are not befitting our two cities. Morden Bus Terninals like Park Station in Jouberg atleast can face lift our cities.

  9. mjiba says:

    This guy is rich, I mean f…n rich. He has had numerous government contracts in Southern Africa. He is well connected with the Politicians in South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho you name it all the countries where he runs his business. That is what I call acumen. He has on his lap the Lilongwe lake Malawi water supply project. No wonder Chakwera and Mutharika were jostling at one of the weddings in town of Simbi sons. I like Simbi alot except for what he did in Botswana . He demonstrates that to be a good businessman you also have to be a crook sometimes. Talk about Birds of the same feathers?????

  10. Nononsense says:

    Sindale izi ayi. Amalawi mpamene timaonongela zinthu. Nde mukufuna amuletse a boma kuti akupanga campaign yozaimila. why politicise evrything? Shame on you.

  11. isaac kaudzu says:

    tikongole malawi

  12. Chatsalira says:

    This is the way to go Mr Simbi Phiri. Good infrastructure will definitely attract other investors .
    Kudos all the way.

  13. Ephraim says:

    I like this boss!!!! osadzikundikira okha zabwino. allowing others to benefit from their wealth. Enanu tenganiko chitsanzo osangoti ali ndi ndalama kumangosunga munyumba basi. awa ndiye olemera zenizeni.

  14. ngini says:

    paja nae ati adzaimira u president 2019

  15. Nyachisi says:

    Amenewa ndiwo ochewa. Yapa Simbi penapa Khondowe. DPP ili mmadzi!!!!!

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