Social rights activist Pemphero Mphande denies conning women seeking for perfect men to marry

Pemphero Mphande, the concerned citizen who came to prominence when he led the protest against the election of a statue for India’s iconic figure, Mahatma Gandhi along a street of Blantyre, has vehemently denied that he is involved in conning unsuspecting women seeking serious men for marriage.

Mphande, who manages an NGO citizen for Progressive Action and also contested and lost as a Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South in the 2019 tripartite elections — was mentioned by one Regina Nkhonjera on social media of his involvement of one case in which a woman was conned and robbed of K5 million.

The aggrieved Pemphero Mphande

Mphande calls this “character assassination of a good man who is doing good for the society”, adding that he is in the business of helping people and “if in doing so, they have been affected, they have a right to complain”.

“We have not received such a complaint from anyone, instead someone has posted it on another platform.”

Mphande suspect that Regina Nkhonjera is a man in disguise in a style described as ‘chigoba’ (people using fake names on social to character assassinate prominent public figures).

The post by this so called Regina, claims that Mphande connected a certain woman to a man upon her request as she seriously wanted to meet someone she could trust and eventually get married to.

Regina claims that the man that Mphande identified played a part of an endearing and charming individual whom the unsuspecting lady began to fall in love with.

The alleged conman impressed on the lady that he was an industrious businessman and took the trouble of driving her to Thondwe to impress her of a filling stations that he was building — only for her to discover it wasn’t his after he had swindled her of K5 million.

The post, that has widely circulated on several social media platforms from its Facebook origin, says the conman had enticed the lady to lend him the K5 million to be invested in other business ventures but as soon as she gave him, the man vanished.

The post is in Chichewa and in several parts grossly describes some sexual activities between the two ‘lovers’ — prompting Mphande to believe the so called Regina was not just forwarding the conned lady’s explanation but was someone else in disguise — ‘chigoba’.

Mphande says: “If you lose money to the tune of K5 million as the said post claims, you go to the police — you don’t write on Facebook. So obviously this is a lie. We have not been contacted by the police or the so called lady.

“I would like to sue this person and open a case against them. They have to learn a lesson. I am therefore asking you all if you know the person who posted that to help us in identifying this Regina Nkhonjera so that they can be arrested and produce evidence of their claims.

“If you have any information on how we can find this person, please contact us through +265 991 93 82 36.”

Mphande appeals to the general public to “refrain from this spirit of trying to ruin other people. It doesn’t build but destroy.”

In his comment to the post, journalist Howard Mlozi cautioned people when dealing with people on internet.

“The internet is full of scammers. Why would one be tempted with someone so easily like that? Let’s all familiarize ourselves with issues of cyber security and scammers.

“I don’t know whether it is promiscuity or poverty but most people are tempted by silly messages especially from white guys and ladies in their inboxes. They just respond to anything especially when they are complemented to be beautiful or told about free visas or money to Europe.

“Jack up my sisters and brothers — there are many tricksters out there,” Mlozi warned.

Justice Masangano advised that if one gets connected to someone else, it is their responsibility to seriously examine and asses that person to avoid such dire scenarios.

“It is not the responsibility of the connector to do so. Let’s take time in knowing someone for our betterment, otherwise don’t tarnish the image of someone because it did not work.

“People come here [on social media] and testify that they were connected to right candidates — so don’t ruin the chances of other people.

Nessie Bingala defended the so Regina, saying “much as this is character assassination, Regina was just doing her job as an admin [of her Facebook page] — posting anonymous person’s frustration on their behalf.

“She has an obligation not to disclose the anonymous just like yourself Pemphero Mphande you do not disclose your anonymous people. So I would suggest you do more digging and you will find this woman who you connected to the man.

“Then you can sue that woman. She is the one tarnishing your name not Regina.”

But Mphande differed, saying it’s the so called Regina who is character assassinating him and schooled Bingala that “spreading false information is a crime”.

“Every job has responsibilities. If I post that you were caught stealing and its false, you will sue me. I have to provide the evidence. That’s why even if someone sends me a story and puts people’s names in it, I edit them out because I can be sued.”

Loveness Geyageya greed with Mphande, saying this Regina is at fault and that despite being an admin of her Facebook page she was not suppose to forward a narration that was not supported with evidence.

“In this case she will be responsible for what ever consequences that will follow” if Mphande was to take legal action once Regina was identified since she was the one who posted for public consumption.

Samantha Kafumba also agreed and said she “sincerely hoped” the so called Regina was found and sued.

Kafumba took cognizance that Mphande Facebook page “has and still is saving lives, marriages and a whole lot of things all because Pemphero tries his best to be transparent and helpful”.

“Sometimes we are stressed out but we visit this page and get cheered up or taught important life lessons and also get to see different point of views in certain matters.

“Anthu owononga dzina la Pemphero Mphande akhomelela a lot of other people. Let’s help find this attention-seeking delinquent,” she said.

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Chief Gobs
Chief Gobs
2 years ago

The lady was an idiot to give a man such amount of cash. Kufuna zimveke bwanji? Ndalamayo sanaivutikile coz if she did sanakapanga zopusa zimenezo. Kodi anthu simupanga due diligence on people you want to be intimate with why? Have we become so desperate like this? Aaah Pemphero is not in the wrong

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