Soldering on against all odds: A review of Prophet Bushiri’s ‘Motivation’ rap song

In the creative industry – especially in the arts – you will, at one point or another, be named an art-for-arts-sake kind of artist or a ‘committed’ one. With the former, the artist concentrates largely on the aesthetic value of whatever they are creating – the rhythm, the
meter, rhyming schemes etcetera.

Bushiri playing piano
Bushiri playing piano

Most of Shakespearean Sonnets achieve this school greatly. The latter on the other hand is where the artist is not really focused on the do’s and don’ts of literary elements but

rather on bringing home some message to their audience.

With this one, the artist provokes or stimulates thought aimed at changing their audiences for the better – how they should think, how they should behave. And, this is what multimillionaire Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian
Gathering (ECG) – uses in his single ‘Motivation’ to communicate, as he has pointed out, to millions of young men and women across the globe.

Style and approach

Of all music genres Prophet Bushiri cleverly chooses Rap for his song. This is a very calculative decision. In creative arts, creators give much thought on how they can push their thing out. How best they can get their target audience in the best way possible. And, for Prophet Bushiri to choose Rap instead of reggae or dancehall or Afro-pop is possibly for the very reason that the present young generation – which is the target group for his message – has some sort of immeasurable affinity for Rap and Hip Hop.

So, by using Rap it is very expected that even those that might not really be gospel Rap fans will still get a glimpse of the message in the song by their sheer interest in the genre used.


The persona in the song, perhaps with reference to his self, preaches of being focused on a mission without paying attention to distractions or ill-talk that the world might subject someone to. The persona mentions of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden in the very first verse, and warns that such occurrences (terrorism and the wars) are a sign that these are the “last days.”

Further, the seemingly spirited persona-cum-preacher, says people in this world need fire (perhaps the Holy Spirit) to go higher (to remain steadfast and strong for the devil who is a liar). Actually, the persona cites the books of Obadiah and Nehemiah for his audience’s reference.

Then he preaches of determination. Arguing that everything is possible for all those who believe. That for him, the persona, everything is on track. That he fears not. That no matter what the world says, he will preach the gospel and prophesy on mountain tops, streets – everywhere.

And, this determination is not without backing. The persona mentions of Jesus Christ – the Son of God – as someone who went through great pain by dying on the cross despite coming on earth for a good cause.

The persona does not stop there. He mentions of other preachers of the gospel that were persecuted: John the Baptist and St Paul and Peter and Stephen. If the  aforementioned great men of God were persecuted “what about a mere man like me?” he asks.

He resolves, therefore, that he will keep on with the preaching. No matter what. The persona fears not of anything. Even if he is rejected. He fears not. Even if it means dying for preaching of the gospel. He fears not.

He will prophesy!

Well, the persona does not end there. He prays for the forgiveness of those that persecute the preachers of the gospel, including. He prays to his God for the forgiveness of their sins. He prays that they should be washed clean, and perhaps that they should realize that it is a grave sin to despise the anointed ones.

Artist Commitment

For those that follow Prophet Bushiri closely, listening to the song makes them appreciate how assertive and determined he is. Prophet Bushiri has been talk in the media for all kind stuff – good, bad and ugly, and; mostly, ugly. He has been rejected. Stories have been
cooked against him. He has been called names – even when he has done the right thing.

But he has soldiered on. He is one of the wealthiest preachers in the world whose ministry keeps on attracting thousands of faithful each Sunday.

Bushiri is young. And, by dedicating the song to young men and women across the world, perhaps he wants – if at all they want to – borrow a leaf from his experience. That there will be ill-talk about you. That there will be rejection. That  there will be jealous. All these to stop one from achieving a vision.

But focus. But focus and remaining steadfast to what one believes in is the answer.

And, above all, Bushiri prays for those that wish him bad.

Forgiveness. Like he has done during a myriad media interviews, Bushiri preaches forgiveness in ‘Motivation.’ Young people must be motivated to master the art of forgiveness.


Here and there Prophet Bushiri is off-chord. His Rap and the instrumental do not go together. But being a first piece, perhaps it is fair enough to rate ‘Motivation’ is not that bad. Bushiri (or his manager) was very calculative as far as the other two artists featured in the song are concerned. The other two prove to be tried and tested artists, and greatly influence the novice Bushiri to dish out the motivating song.

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