Is South Africa part of the family or not, why Afrophobia?

Intrigued and devastated by video footage on the Afrophobia that citizens of South Africa inflict on fellow Africans so many unanswered questions arises.

The writting on the placard is clear: Xenophobia is the new apartheid

Is South Africa part of the African family or not? Does the South African government condone afrophobia? Why is the government with vast resources fail to stop the brutal attacks on fellow continental citizens. Are white South Africans an influencer of this barbarism or there is a third force involved? What does AU do to stop Africans from being brutally attacked and killed in South Africa. Why is the ruling party ANC failing to contain and stop this deadly practise on its people? Is Afrophobia sanctioned and tolerated in South Africa? What do affected countries do against this nonsensical killings of its people? Does AU, SADC and ECOWAS infusing any human sense into Jacob Zuma’s head and mind?

Xenophobia which our organization refuse to recognise as it does not involve all foreigners most of who are non Africans. We choose to call this inhuman malpractice Afrophobia because these attacks involves Africans against Africans.

Recently in Rwanda former South African president Thabo Mbeki at a forum emphasised the need for self assessment if Africa is ever going to move forward and prosper.

This brings us back to the basics where we ask ourselves questions, is Africa on the right path if we do not self assess. Is it true that South Africans are killing other continental nationals because they are taking their jobs? The people who are taking South African jobs are they only Malawians, Zambians, Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Ethiopians and Somalians? ANC the oldest party in the continent has failed the continent.

Nelson Mandelas marriage with white occupiers has proved to be a failure. This brings us to realize that true heroes are never recognized. Clarence Makwetu the fallen hero is believed now that ” Donkeys can never be horses and so are horses”. The reconciliation that Nelson Mandela initiated was a cowardice of Africans towards white people, today South Africans instead of fighting for resources in the hands of white people they are killing fellow blacks who too are toiling for their bellies.

The education system of Africa is stupid and nuisance because it taught Africans to go to school and get a good job and remain an employ till death or retire at 60.

Yet the occupiers and colonizers philosophy is do anything you can whether to kill or attack but own a business or become an investor.

Today at the helm of economic crisis Africans are killing each other for employment. What stupid leaders and stupid governments we have had in Africa?

This stupidity and myopic leadership has reduced Africans to slaves where they fight wrong people in pursuit of survival.

Africa must fight white people they are the enemies and cause of our suffering in the continent not Zimbabweans, Malawians, Nigerians, Ethiopians or Somalians.

White people introduced draconian education system over black Africans by creating an apartheidic economic quadrant where four groups were created. They created “E and S” on the left which means Employees and Self employed and forced Africans to study and practice. Today Africa is addicted to employment, even though you may have multiple degrees you are intoxicated to be an employee or run self practise.

The whites then created “B and I” to the right which means Business owner and Investor and gave to themselves. In doing this they perpetually wanted to continue grilling Africans into slavery.

The E and S concept pushes Africans to believe and remain servants and workers with no say about the economy of the world.

While the whites by giving themselves B and I they wanted to remain superior and rule the world because they are investors and business owners.

Which literally mean money work for them while Africans work for money.

I challenge African Union, SADC, EAC, ECOWAS and Maghreb; I also challenge African governments and leaders that you are failures to accept this system on Africa and Africans.

Why should Africans be workers on their own gold, oil, diamonds, uranium, copper, zinc, iron, coal and allow foreigners who have bad history of colonization and occupation become Business owners of such resources in Africa?

Today when black South Africans go on a rampage killing fellow African blacks South African government and some leaders condone this barbarism?

There is nowhere in a country where system of government is in place with military and police can tolerate this barbarism to take place twice or more if the government has no hand in it.

South Africa was supposed to be the mother of Pan Africanism after Muammar Gaddaffi because the entire government of ANC made it possible to fight apartheid because of Africa.

Today ANC is openly showing its dogmatic attitude that they are useless human beings who does not know the word “Thank you Africa”.

These people you call your friends today were butchering you and killed most of you including Steve Biko, if it was not for Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and the rest of Africa could Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki be rulers of South Africa?

This barbarism must stop and it must stop now and henceforth. We are showing our ultimate inferiority by condoning this holocaust in our midst.

South Africa has more Asian, European and American migrants that have also found haven of employment in the country why target fellow black African neighbours?

Africa must know we are disgracing ourselves. The untimely butchering of fellow African citizens is not going to create no single job for you South Africans,  it will add more misery because the enemy you call a friend today will tighten his belt at your expense and South Africa will never be a better place in the whole world.

You better quickly come to your senses South Africa before the whole World turn against you. By killing fellow Africans you are inviting anger of God and Demon at the sametime. “Change your attitude as tomorrow is known to no one.”

Time has come when leaders of Africa must start speaking and telling each other the truth. Jacob Zuma must be told by looking into his eyes that by tolerating this afrophobia he has failed Africa.

Africa must know by worshiping our colonizers, occupiers and enslavers we succumb to first degree stupidity. By hating and killing fellow blacks in favour of whites we disgrace God’s creation.

Let us accept we are black and we will remain like that till eternity. Let us love ourselves this is where our strength hides.

Our organization therefore urge all African governments to abolish the laws of illegal immigrants and start issuing indefinite entry visas to all Africans in Africa. No government has the right to restrict the movement of citizens of Africa from one place to another but God.

If governments want to change rules they must change African economy for Africa has vast resources than any other place in the universe.

Afrophobia must stop now in South Africa else AU must deploy peace keepers into the country to save African citizens. If this fails governments whose citizens are attacked must send their police to protect their citizens in the country.

It’s long when Africans remained subjects of unwanted deaths, this must not be tolerated in the 21st century.

  • Saunders Jumah the Utopian
    FORUM FOR THE FUTURE OF AFRICA [FFFA] the past we inherited the future we all make.
    Africa’s own think tank.

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5 years ago

“It’s only in South Africa that an illitrate villager thinks a qualified medical doctor from another African country is the reason for his unemployment” – Robert Mugabe

Bingu Patriot
Bingu Patriot
5 years ago

The best way to punish these people is to boycott anything with a south African label on it. So don’t fly SAA, don’t bank at Stanbic, don’t seek medical attention in SA Private Hospitals, don’t shop at shoprite, don’t subscribe to DSTV – there are other alternative ways of watching TV including youtube channels.

Let them sell their DSTV to European countries and Asia.

Our country should ban travelling to south Africa, after that’s the second wasteful source of our forex after cashgate.

5 years ago

So it’s all the ‘White Mans’ fault. You Sir (and that’s questionable), are a RACIST BIGOT.

Henri Le Riche
5 years ago

Maybe the problem lies with you, and not other people. White people? Which white people? In South Africa? In US? in Europe? Those whites don’t care of the whites that are murdered in South Africa by blacks. You are that ignorant to think it’s just blacks killing blacks. There are only 6% of whites in South Africa and they are murdered by blacks day in and day out. Children not spared. More so than people murdered from Zimbabwe, Nigeria or anywhere else. Article not worth more of my time. I will let Pastor Manning answer the rest of your diatribe.… Read more »

5 years ago

Mr Jumah, you have my sincere sympathy. I can only guess how frustrating it must be to be filled with a seething mass of vague, unfocused, half-formed – but strongly-held – ideas, and to be utterly unable to express them in a manner that displays even the most rudimentary coherence and cohesion. Your purpose in throwing your disconnected word-rocks at your readers would appear to be to stun them into insensitivity to your diatribe against a great global hero: Nelson Mandela. What kind of person would want to diminish our love and respect for the memory of a world-renowned son… Read more »

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