Speaking the truth to expose lies: Philosophy of utopianism

Do not let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship tribe or region when a person or government has clearly gone wrong. Avoiding to touch issues head on or refraining from principled arguments because he is our tribe, comrade or close friend is totally against the trueness of Utopia.

Civil Society Organizations demonstrate in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Black must be black and white must be white, donkeys will never be horses and this is a fact this is the exact theory of the Utopian.

Clapping hands and ululating on a funeral is against African culture, Malawians therefore must stop clapping hands and ululating for a government that has brought deaths and destruction of human race with albinism, must stop tolerating a government that has instituted a system of corruption and promoted its practise, must deny to be ruled by few corrupt individuals whose tribe is hatched to look superior and the rest inferior. We must deny to be left to die in hunger and be economically segregated when they steal and amass national economy into their own pockets. Must deny to be led by the thieves who are instilling a culture of theft by public servant when our country is left to die.

The Utopianism is once again directing its social capital in making sure that the country we all call home must be redeemed and rescued from the hands of sycophants whose vision is myopic to a  better tomorrow of a girl child, boy child and the aged.

Utopianism is submitting to you the people of Malawi that  it is the solemn duty and responsibility of all citizens patriotic and commoners to partake in the national discourse relating to the leadership and direction of the country.

So many learned and intellectuals are silent because they are scared to speak to avoid tarnishing the reputation of education they all went through seeing their fellow professor failing to run a small country with the width of 50 kms in other areas.

What they do is keep everything on their chest and look the other side when the country is being plundered.

In 1994 when the uneducated won elections there were hundred plus newspapers castigating Bakili Muluzi but Malawians could complain and protest; the uneducated gave them an ear and most issues were solved under the jury and justice seemed to be seen taking its course.

Though national radio station instituted a mockery program mocking the former president “Makiolobasi” but the pain faced was far much better than the pain we are experiencing under the man of professorial title.

Worse still there are a number of people in this very country majority of whom are benefiting from corrupt malpractices where they are stealing mercilessly without remorse. These are the people that does not see anything wrong with the social economic and governance architecture of Malawi.

They go around the country on airwaves and on social media pleading with us to see hope where there is despondency, progress where there is stagnation and transparency where there is opaqueness and corruption. If DPP and Peter Mutharika were software engineers and Malawians computers they could program us all to parrot that “everything is well in Malawi”.

We are aware, all that support DPP and Peter Mutharika are either thieves or running dogs of the ruling crooks.

All opposition parties and neutral people in the likes of the Utopian and so many others like the comedian Michael Usi are and have been pinpointing the zigzagging of the government.

They promise to fight corruption but they arrest only members of the opposition leaving their own die-hard thieves untouchable. The likes of George Chaponda, Makondi, Kossam the list is endless including the entire cabinet and the president himself.

We cannot stop from problematising Peter Mutharika’s empty rhetoric of crying against corruption yet he shield and defend corruption and corrupt friends.

I challenge all citizens of Malawi to reject and stop Peter Mutharika and his rotten DPP from changing our active society into a grave yard of a “Dead Society”. We must agree that our intellectuals have put the world and observers in an awkward and difficult position of differentiating between buying a loaf of bread, bonya and buying the mind of ruling elites.

If I may ask; if both bonya or bread and intellectuals can be purchased is there any difference between the two?

Law Society of Malawi must be careful with their insinuations of changing the constitution to its true intelligence from getting into state house because of lack of a university degree. How many intellectuals are opposing and criticising the rot of DPP and Peter Mutharika in Malawi? How many commoners are fearlessly voicing out against evils of the government? Do not make state house a dormant institution. Qualification into state house is  citizenship nothing else period.

Let it be said that we are justified in agonising that an acknowledged vice president of the party (DPP) George Chaponda second in command to Peter Mutharika is involved in scandalous corruption cases with evidence of hoarding cash in the house (billions lost).

We are justified in bemoaning the corruption of MK577 billion involving six serving ministers. Indeed we are justified in excruciating about Bingu Wa Mutharika and Peter Mutharika who are alleged to have siphoned MK92 billion of public money. We are justified in contemplating the economic impacts of having a village of advisors on top of 20 plus ministers.

Our critics do not see this instead they call us critics of government.

Utopianism deny to be taken for granted by thieves, reject the culture of silence when those in leadership lose direction.
Utopianism demand active citizenship of being watch dogs of our nation and resources.

Hence all are appealed to stand up and save Malawi. Some have dual citizenship after stealing they will flee to America, you and me have nowhere to go apart from mother Malawi. Get up stand up! This is your only right.

  • Saunders Jumah the Utopian
    No leader is a leader because of qualifications but because of his/ her her to heart and passion.

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5 years ago

The truth is always hurt. Never surrender comrade forward march

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