Stop misleading, Kapito raps Parliamentary inquiry on maizegate:  ‘Speculation should not outweigh evidence’  

Heated arguments ensued between Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) and the joint-committee of Parliament currently probing the procurement of maize from Zambia by the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) when committee members delved their questions on speculations.

Kapito: Don’t dwell on speculation

CAMA appeared before the committee on Monday following  his organisation’s report released last week that said that there was no shady dealing in the procurement of maize from Zambia but faulted Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda for interfering with procurement of maize locally currently being sold at K12,500.

During the meeting while CAMA’s Executive Director, John Kapito confirmed to have not dwelled much on the technicalities of the procurement processes involved, stood by his organization’s findings that state that no money was paid for any maize that was imported from Zambia and that less than 5,000 metric tons of maize has so far been delivered to Malawi.

The meeting however heated up when vice-chairperson of Public Accounts Committee, Kamlepo Kalua and other members started speculating on the possibility of Chaponda and other government officials being involved in fraud and that they interfered with the procurement of maize from Zambia.

Kapito and his team stood their ground and refused to accept that their study was narrow as it did not address some of the technical procurement issues, arguing “I cannot comment on speculation, and as far as our study findings are concerned, no money was paid to Zambia and we stood by that.”

Asked if he would think of possible colluding and corruption in the whole process of maize procurement from Zambia, Kapito insisted on refusing to assert to speculations but accepted the oversight of pointed out technicalities in the study.

“I would urge this committee to be proactive and not dwell much on speculation. I don’t want to think or made to think on something I don’t have evidence on. I would want to present to you facts with evidence and not speculations. If anybody has proof that money exchanged hands, let them disapprove our findings. It is the duty of this committee to ensure that Admarc is cushioned so that the poor is not overburdened with high prices,” he said.

On justifiability of current maize price of K12,500, Kapito questioned the role Parliamentary committees on agriculture and public accounts played to ensure that the maize bought by Admarc, which a commercial entity, was accessible and affordable to the poor Malawians.

“It known fact that the maize prices are high but what has the committee done to ensure that such huge duty of procuring maize is not only left in the hands of Admarc or executive branch of government? Parliament should be on forefront leading such procurements to ensure that poor Malawians are not punished,” added Kapito.

Chairperson of the joint-committee, Joseph Chidanti-Malunga hailed CAMA for availing itself before the committee and agreed on the different objective CAMA looked into its study than of those of the committee which boarder on possible fraud and corruption.

The committee also hailed CAMA on its findings on local maize purchases, saying it was detailed and provided insight as to how government officials including Chaponda interfered with the procurement process.

Local Maize Purchase

CAMA’s investigative study revealed that Chaponda lied to the nation that his ministry and him as a minister did not interfere or got involved in any procurement arrangements of maize in the country and yet the ministry was able to obtain a letter of no-objection from the Office of the Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) when it is not a procuring entity of maize for Admarc.

The investigation further revealed that ministry of agriculture, with Chaponda’s blessings, tried to influence Admarc to purchase maize from local suppliers at exorbitant prices without consideration of its impact on the consumers’ affordability to buy such maize.

According to documents which Nyasa Times has sourced, Chaponda and a team in his ministry obtained no-objection from ODPP and compiled a list of local maize suppliers whose quoted prices were exorbitantly high as compared to the current Admarc’s market selling price per kilogram.

It has been revealed that On October 22nd, 2016 the ministry of agriculture through Bright Kumwembe wrote Admarc to adopt the no-objection letter which actually was meant for Strategic Grain Reserve (SGR).

The letter had a long list of Malawian traders who had not gone through Admarc’s procurement process, and had different quantities and prices of maize that were generally above the K250 cap per kilogram authorized by Treasury.

Despite Chaponda’s influence on Admarc to adopt the list of the suppliers and the no-objection letter, the grain marketer rejected to be smeared in the mud of potential fraud and corruption.

And on October 28th, 2016 now suspended Admarc Chief Executive Officer, Foster Mulumbe wrote the ministry refusing to adopt the imposed letter of no-objection arguing it would be irregular to adopt such letter meant for SGR.

International Maize Purchase

According to CAMA’s investigation study, two Zambian suppliers namely Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Limited and Zambia Cooperative Federation Limited (ZCF) failed to supply Malawi with maize as stipulated in their contracts. ZCF only managed to supply less than 5,000 metric tons.

CAMA noted that Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Limited contract with Admarc was terminated and that there was no activity from both sides.

“Our investigation study revealed that no funds have been remitted so far to any of the two suppliers and that the ZCF request for payment has not been effected.  It has been observed that both ZCF and Kaloswe contracts need to be terminated as they both failed to meet the requirements of their contractual obligations.”

No Payment Made

The Cama report and letters which Nyasa Times has sourced from Reserve Bank, ZCF and Admarc, confirm that no money out of the US$34.5 million which the grain marketer was expected to pay for 100,000 metric ton of maize ZCF was expected to supply to Malawi has not been paid.

According to contractual agreement between Admarc and ZCF, payment was to be made for tranches of 10,000 metric tons upon presentation of Loading Order, Commercial Invoice and Goods Received Note. However ZCF has only managed to supply 1,530.508 metric ton of maize below the requirement.

The company is currently seeking payment of the supplied maize amounting to US$528,025.26 which the Reserve Bank of Malawi has refused to authorize considering that the supplied maize did not meet the required amount to trigger payment as stipulated in the contract.

Meanwhile, both commission of inquiry set by President Peter Mutharika and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) have started investigating the saga amid confirmed reports that Admarc’s Chief Executive Officer, Foster Mulumbe has been sent on forced leave until the matter is concluded.

Mulumbe and other government officials including Minister George Chaponda are accused of pocketing about K9 billion out of the deal.

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22 thoughts on “Stop misleading, Kapito raps Parliamentary inquiry on maizegate:  ‘Speculation should not outweigh evidence’  ”

  1. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    It’s unfortunate that many hate Chaponda mainly for political reasons. They fear 2019. Most of them very vocal as football fans. They made their presidential choice lose. Mind you, don’t think DPP can be weakened by these wild shootings. DPP voters never make a mistake. It doesn’t matter how you mudsling others. One time yiu were talking about hunger, then blackouts then Chaponda. You have definately nothing to show to people apart from being confrontational and reactional. Fortunately APM has learnt your trick. You wanted APM to be locking up your Chakwera on his swearings but alas, that cheap popularity he has been denied. DPP has lots and lots of things to show to the electorate. Come 2018 campaign period wina adzalira pyooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    1. Machiavelli says:

      You dunderheads, you vote without thinking, kumangoberekana ngati nkhumba apa, chinkana mulibe malo. poti mumavutika ndinu nomwe ndi umphawi

      1. semani says:

        Wina alira 2019 anthu a DDP samalongolola ndi anthu amapanga zawo mwakachetechete

  2. Peter says:

    Kamlepo is a hero, whether one likes it all not we are at this level of knowlwdge on this deal because of the likes of Kamlepo. All these anomalies we have discovered are due to the work of this commitee and the likes of Kamlepo , Dzonzi, Mwenifumbo and Chidanti……..Bravo Parliamentary commitee…….

  3. kadyaubwerere says:

    kamlepo kalua being chairing certain position in society its more less like appointing a dead person and we turn to wonder how could somebody who fails to organise himself and his family and for several occassion
    he has been failing to pay rent for a very cheap house can lead certain group of people.

  4. kadyaubwerere says:

    kamlepo kalua being chairing certain position in society its more less like appointing a dead person and we turn to wonder how could somebody who fails to organise himself and his family and for several occassion
    he has been failing to pay rent for a very cheap house lead certain group of people.

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Kapito you telling parliamentary committee not dwell on speculation because they asked if there is possibility corruption at the same time you are saying Dr. Chaponda interfered in buying local maize which is being sold at K12,500.00. What do you think motived Dr Chaponda to interfer in sourcing local maize.?

    And you are telling parliamentary committee to be involved in actual procurement of maize. Thus interference because there is already an office whch handles.

    Mr . Kapito and CAMA mwalowa jungle basi

  6. Gutete says:

    Kamlepo waoneka kuti whatever he says is hogwash!

  7. kadyaubwerere says:

    kamlepo kalua being chairing certain position in society its more less like appointing a dead person and we turn to wonder how could somebody who fails to organise himself and his family and for several occassion he has been failing to pay rent for a very cheap house lead certain group of people.

  8. Caswell Mtunda says:

    Yeah, let us applaud CAMA. They did a good job by clearing the speculation that money has exchanged hands n also pointing out that the ministry of agriculture can be faulted by buying local maize without the no objection approval. The CAMA findings couldn’t encompass everything as desired by some members of the committee, NO! Any research approach is guided by it’s questions, methodologies, tools n objectives, etc, which the team did! I, would say here, may be, some mps lack knowledge in how the research is done due to low levels of education. U could see how irrelevant their questions could come out n would wonder. Why? How? High level of education crucial to those who want to commission inquiries, otherwise, the conclussion could be misleading if speculations n perceptions would be key in this case.

  9. Zuze says:

    The whole inquiry came about because of speculation? Why is Kapito speculating that no money was stolen even before investigations are done? What is the standard rate of transport charges per ton, $130? You are saying the difference between $215 and $345 is movement cost between Zambia. Really? Kapito, you are a joke. Who told you that? Why that conclusion before investigations?

  10. mabusa says:

    Mr Kapito, why did you take the interest to inquire on the so called maizegate if you don’t work on speculations? Mr. do not just dwell on if money shared hands or not, start from the scratch and see if everything were in order. Your half baked report will raise more speculations and people will start to be suspicious with your findings.

  11. SMART says:


  12. JBC Atate says:

    If truth be told, Kapito impressed when he appeared before the joint-committee. It was obvious that the parliamentary joint-committee has a position and would just want to use the investigations to justify their position. Otherwise it’s completely uncalled for to start soliciting speculations from people in the name of investigations. Can somebody advise Kamplepo to behave soberly! Why does he always make us believe he is being intimidated??? Kamlepo just want to portray himself as somebody who is very important when in fact he just make empty noise.

  13. wapata says:

    Its time we need learned people in those positions all MPs must b degree holders. Malawians why d we leave critical arm of democracy mmanja mawa mbuli? Honestly APM lowerelani learned MPs are needed. In this case they wud ave critically analysed this n not waste government’s money n resources. Eeh Xool ndiyofunika

  14. Matando says:

    Have all along known Mr Kapito as a double standard opportunity seeker and am sure on this issue he is no exception. The point in case is not not about payment done or not, its not about only 500 metric tones or that much has been delivered because by the end of the day payment woould/will made any way, and it is at that point that money was/is likely to exchange hands. This would/will come due to unlawful procurement procedures which Chaponda and his team used in the process. These guys manipulated maize prices through the use third parties in Zambia so that they would/will get back the extra in return. That is why the maize price is pegged that high. Using normal prices at the time of buying, the prices at ADMARC would be lower. Read between lines, please. Kapito is wrong to say that speculations should not be used. Actually we use speculations to get to the truth. We start with speculations as a base. His CAMA also did the research based on same speculations. The major problem with MAlawi CSOs is lack of integrity when money speaks. It clearly shows when you are bribed to take a side. That is why some people don’t join your useless demonstrations when you pretend to be with Malaiwas and you Kapito is one who can sell your morals for money. And this is not your first time.

    1. tchingo says:

      hey dude…Kapito based his stand on findings…that’s why parliamentary committee needed to hear his side of findings. Kapito never wanted to go beyond arguing beyond his findings though the committee wanted him to. He was clever. Yes speculation might have triggered CAMA to do a research but at this meeting Kapito and company were beyond speulation level unlike the P.Committee which is still at that level. That’s what Kapito did not want to be tempted to do: to speculate when CAMA had their findings. And tht’a why he called for the committee to double CAMA’s findings with other peoples’ findings. Kapito might be a crook, sell-out and everything bad, but i think at this meeting he was his own man. So your argument is a fallacy if you speculate much as to his findings other than the facts laid on the ground.

  15. chikopa says:

    I saw it on Zodiak Live and Tchwee Mwana Tchwee! Anali mmadzi. Kapito
    ndi munthu wamkulu. Did not want to be entangled in web of wishful
    thinking. Zinali bwino.

  16. Caswell Mtunda says:

    The interaction between Cama n the parliamentary commitee been an interesting one. Loved the stand by Cama not to be influenced by speculation, or perception which I fault the parliamentary committee’s stand to being subjective in nature. It seems the committee is wanting their speculations n perceptions as true gospel which I feel might mislead the citizenry.

  17. abiti JB says:

    hahahahahah opposition brace the truth. VIVA DPPP 2074 WOOOOOOO

  18. koma abale inu eeh says:

    Of all the public advocates in Malawi, Kapito is the MAN. And in the broad sense of credibility, and reputation, he rises well above all, including this Committee. Especially their sub leader, Kalua.
    A Kapito: aphudzitseni emenewa (Apparently the Committee requires a course in ethics and ethos – allowances included.)

    1. john says:

      Remember that Kapito just into the inquiry due to the speculation that he heard. He should not be against the speculation, he also believes in it.

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