‘Strike a deal’ political solution to MCP infighting is the key

To those that follow politics and let alone get involved in politics, there is a common word or description that befits creating a solution to political problems. As many describe it, the word “Striking a deal” has helped political parties be at peace, government and opposition parties agreeing to get things done and as a strategy, deals have helped parties form alliances and fight elections together.  I have been following the problems that have engulfed opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for some time, and it’s slowly becoming the most boring political infighting in the history of Malawi Politics.  The problems in the party have been left to grow for so long to the point where now it is becoming a distraction to the party’s preparation for Next year’s General elections.

Chakwera with Msowoya and Mia at MCP ally

To some that don’t know, MCP has had problems with some of its national executive members who have been critical of the party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera for flouting party constitution and the direction he was taking the party to. Often dubbed by MCP supporters as “Nkholokolo” the group , which among others comprise of Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo , Vice President Richard Msowoya and Publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila have resorted into taking the party to court to fight their recent suspension from the party , which has led to the planned MCP Convention suspended indefinitely.

Many political commentators have described the situation as sad times for the party, as it has lost its power and is now being dictated by the outcomes of the courts. No political party would love to have its affairs dictated by the court judges, but as political parties are meant to respect the rulings of the courts MCP has no choice but to abide to the outcomes of the court.  It is easy to point out that the problems in the party were left to grow. This might not have been deliberate, but there was some thinking that through the passage of time, all these problems will just die out on their own. What the party underestimated was the legal experience of Gustav Kaliwo, who, has find solace in the courts to fight of what has become his personal battle.  Many theories have surfaces, with accusations that the rebels are being financed by the ruling DPP being the commonly used theory.

The fight has got to a point where none of the two sides is ready to buldge. However, a victim has started to surface and that is MCP itselfas a party. The party has failed to hold its convention which was scheduled for the first week of April  as the courts haven’t cleared them to do so until the court issues are resolved. Kaliwo has got nothing to lose- but will use his understanding of the law to delay MCP conventions thereby messing the parties campaign strategies. In a few days time MCP could have known their new leadership structure and prepare togointo campaignmode, but here they are, still fighting Court battles with no concrete date in place for the party convention. DPP on the other hand have just launched their “operation landlslide” campaign strategy and are quickly getting into the campaign gear.

Its time MCP has to do  things to get the house in order . The political landscape will change so much over the coming months and it would be good if the party was better organised.  We have former president Joyce Banda potentially coming back and with probability of standing for presidency again. We have the UDF due to have its convention, and then we have the unsettling issues of Vice president SaulosChilima . The point I am trying to make here is that , the so called MCP rebels , always  have wanted the convention to take place .

The party prepared to have the convention but then suspended them before that , which led them to take an injunction against the party. A convention offers no guarantees to anybody , every position is contested for . This is why I can argue that this was the perfect time  to invite the so called rebels back in the party . If Kaliwo  and company can be invited back in the party , then they will have a chance to defend their positions when the party will be electing its new executive.

As political history suggest- party politics are best dealt within the party rather than relying on courts. Compromise has been the solution to most political quabbles and deal making is what gets things done.   Let the MCP deal makers bring the so called rebels on the table , strike a deal and  let the convention take place . The party delegates will then have a final say as to who they want in the party executive .

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winston msowoya
I vividly remember that I had contributed my views on this topic some 5 days ago but,to my astonishment,it is nowhere to appear,this smells fishy.Once again,iam putting my second trial because Iam obliged to contribute to the issues affecting my mother land Malawi.First and formost,the President of crooked and tribalistically motivated MCP,has been bought by the Islamic notorious gang in the Middle East to entrench Malawi first into the Islamic sphere of influence and then,move forward to the South where Islam is a non-starter.It is painful and at the sametime,traitorous to our brothers and sisters of Southern Africa.It is unbelievable… Read more »

Mia is a Born Malawian. What are you talking about? U gong’goli basi. Came to Malawi? When did he come to malawi?


All Christians know that the right hand side is the most preferred side as Jesus is sitting on the right hand side of God the father. Mia is sitting on left hand side of Chakwera while Mdowoya is on right hand side. The most preferred and favourite running mate is therefore Msowoya.


Ntchakudandauliska kuti Chipani chikulu nge ni MCP chingatondeka ku mazga masuzgo ya mkati mchipani chao. Chigomezo mu MCP Chikumala padokopadoko ka pala wakutondeka ku mazga ma suzgo gha mchipani, wamukwaniska kumazga masuzgo gha muchalo cha Malawi?


a ma court simukutithandiza. they aresiding with mcp rebels. whay not allowing these people to go to a Convention and renuew their mandate?

You cannot dialogue with people that feel entitled to their positions.Holding a position in MCP is just a privelege,your surname does not count.You can never force someone to make you running mate.You can never stop anyone from joining or contesting for any post .Richard went to DPP and came back.If people can’t see the greater good for the party let them go.ADausi anali vice anapita ,a Daza anapita but the party is still there.How many meetings has Mr Kaliwo held here in the south?What has he done to strengthen the party ever since he became Secretary General?He stands no chance… Read more »

You have no point. The author is confused.

dee Kay

It seems the writer is contrasting himself. ‘Kaliwo…delay MCP convention thereby messing party campaign strategies’ Meaning that those who are taking the party to court have the aim to delay the convention, so how does he then conclude that ‘rebels…always have wanted the convention to take place’. How do you delay what you strongly desire to happen? Koma kungoti owatuma amwamadzi. Calista wakwapula


The writer knows how to contradict himself. DPP has started its operation landslide meaning that the party is ready and then he goes on to mention Chilima issue. Mabvutowa ali ponseponse baba. Massive trouble in DPP are brewing. Lets wait and see after they conduct a convention.

This is how weak minds think The policy of appeasement has never helped anyone. Passing through challenges does not mean failing. In fact this is purification. Whatever the case MCP can not stop campaigning just because of this issue. After all if conversion is not held Chakwera remains the president of MCP. If the courts reinstate the lebels MCP has the capacity to sideline them. The problem in Malawi to day is our legal system. This is not only prevalent in politics but also in public circles. Many Malawians are suffering because of delayed justice because they are poor. WHY… Read more »

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