Striking employees to face salary freeze, Education Minister Fabiano tells Malawi Parliament

Government says it intends to change the law during the next sitting of parliament so that striking employees should not get paid their salaries the period they are on sit in.

Fabiano: No salary fpr those on strike

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano said this in parliament in response to concerns over the prolonged closure of Chancellor College, the constituent college of the University of Malawi.

“This is indeed unfortunate. We intend to change the Employment Act and Labour Relations Act so that when employees withdraw labour, they should not be paid,” said the minister.

He said the strikes prolong because the striking employees get paid whether they work or not and so not care how long the strike can take.

“This is working well in other countries. That is the only way to stop prolonged strikes,” he said.

Students at Chancellor College have not reported for classes for close to six months now after lecturers withdrew labour to force the government for equal work, equal pay with the University of Malawi salary structures. They say their colleagues at College of Medicine get higher salaries than other colleges.

The spate of strikes has hit Mzuzu University and Malawi University of Science and Technology.

Fabiano said the government has assured the striking employees that the salaries would be harmonised, saying workers in other constituent colleges have returned to work after the assurances, only the Chancellor College workers are stubborn.

MP Nyalonje said students in Malawi public schools spend much time outside campus than in campus because of strikes.

He said Malawi’s reputation abroad has been severely so much damaged because of this that Malawians with University of Malawi degrees find it difficult to get jobs.

Other members of parliament also expressed concern over the prolonged strikes saying this also affect foreign students who pay higher fees than their Malawians counterparts, saying most of them have now withdrawn to study in universities outside the country where there is discipline.

The state has last week obtained a court injunction stopping Judiciary workers for going on strike.

President Peter Mutharika said on Labour Day that employees should always give a chance to negotiations and strikes should be the last resort.

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30 thoughts on “Striking employees to face salary freeze, Education Minister Fabiano tells Malawi Parliament”

  1. Student says:

    Kwathu nkulira…poti ndife ana.

  2. eddie says:

    i strongly support what the minister has proposed. Bambo onyanyala kugula ndiwo saenereka kudya! KUMALAWI KUNO EVERYTHING NDI STRIKE, DEMO, AND SIT IN! ngati akunyanyala malipiro why kulandira malipiro ochepawo akalowa osanyanyalanso bwanji! this is rediculous! amend the law please we are supporting you. WHY CHANCO ALWAYS????????? WICKED POLITICIANS USE IT

  3. Mwakipiki says:

    Well Mr. Fabiano, you have teachers in Nsanje not paid their April salary hence they are striking. So you are here telling us that you want a law that will withdraw pay to striking staff instead of ensuring that those teachers are paid. By the way, are you not the same who said that government doesn’t want to intervene in a matter where it employed a body (university council) to manage? So, is this now decision of the council? The only solution is to get you fired! You have failed!

  4. NGWAZI says:



  5. Jonnathan says:

    China chimenecho

  6. ade says:


  7. LL says:

    Just give them what they want. they are not stubbon bt you. si aphunzitsi a kupulaimaletu awa

  8. samuel says:

    I thot if ther striking fo thr job wch meanz thyr wekin,,,,thy wnt u 2 hea them,,,,nzakutchito kwao osat kunyumba kwao,,,so dnt sy kut sumumalipila,,,nde umbuli nkuzikonda kumeneko,,,iwe umakhala masiku angat muoffic ndipo angat kunyanja kumapanga zako?bt ur gettin paid fu salary,,,and bonusez,,,nw ur giving ur views like ths,,,osayamba kuzipanga zimen3zo kwamabwananu bwanji,,,so r u tellin us tht ppl thy dnt hav rights nw?Mr munaphunzila bt mulibe nzeru ,,,,strike is conserning ntchito zawo wch meanz thr wekn,,,,,itz nt personal,,,,,,so thnk twice

  9. Kabiniko says:

    Fabiano is an idiot worse than a dog…..just look at his face it display evil.

  10. Fabiano says:

    That change in the law will likely be challenged on constitutionality. Doing this would essentially be depriving workers of the right to strike. While it may look good because of the chanco issue now very soon it will be exposed as bad law coz other employers will also use it meaning Malawian employees will not be able to strike effectively.

  11. chokwenya says:

    Fabiano ,sorry,if aged please tell others who are capable to help you,is this you are saying logic?should we civil servant just accept your views?mind you don’t mix your dirty politics with civil service,to conclude you are brainless,ignorant

  12. Kholo lorira says:

    NoNoNo. Chatonda Mvula’s comments are just sentiments of a disguntled person who just wants to reap off our taxes without working. When did Fabiano become useless as you allege?. I thought he is the same Fabiano who was once Principal of CHANCO and letter VC of UNIMA and now? you call him what?. You are not going to get my taxes because also as Public Servants in our Sectors, we are satisfied and contented aa of now with the little the Govt is offering. We also have the Maaters and the PhDs but we are not as troublesome aa you are. Leave the University alone, go for what u think are greener pastures if you can get them other eqully educated peoplefrom within and without will come to teach our children.The Kabwilas left but life continues. I think we are tired of your senseless strikes. Ana athu akuvutika chifukwa cha anthu ngati iwe. A bunch of selfish and unpatriotic money hungry and thirsty idiots. Last time my son took 5yrs instead of 4. whats that?. We are aware that you enjoy these stand offs so that you have time for your private assignments. Next time you come to present your so called stake holder consultations we will rebuke you.For the President, are u really sure that a person of your carible can have audacity to demean Professor Muthalika?. Who does not know that he has been a distinguished Scholar for may years in the USA not in ZA and now because you want to steal our taxes then you decide to demean the President?. Leave the President and the Hon Minister alone. Instead of support your fellow academician, alas! you call him names. Shame on you. Just leave the university.

  13. Jk khanje says:

    I support de lecturers.salaries in malawi r vry u knw wat thy gt per month u ll be disappnted.only politcians r enjy their salaries + cashgates nt civl servnts. Go on lectrers.mind u minstr is a politician crux.

  14. Mmalawi okwiya says:

    I agree. They should not be paid. Those that feel money is not enough at our Public Universities let them go where money is than just cashgating our taxes. Just spending time kuchita maganyu mma NGOs basi instead of being busy working.

  15. chatonda Mvula says:

    Who will change the Labour Law Fabiano is talking about? Has he forgotten that MPs go on strike too? Does he think MPs can support such a useless law? Day dreaming I guess. Fabiano and his boss Peter should have made an effort to bring key people on a round table and assure them that the lecturers should return to work and that they will receive arrears in July when the new budget passes, that is all.
    To them, it does not occur to think how best they can resolve the conflict.
    But Dr Chakwera told all these and you do not want to listen. Sorry. You are the ones who are making this country poor and cause havoc among students and their universities because of poor leadership from the Minister to the President. Accidental president and Minister at their best. You want to wait until Chakwera wins and resolve all your problems, are you sure guys? Silly leaders wait until things get worst to wake up and act. Be careful guys. Your friends will get marks for solving simple problems like these. Chakwera boma. basitu.

  16. George Banda says:

    You will only appreciate Fabiano’s logic if you have a child at Chancellor College like me. I do not wish those lectures well.



  18. chiboda bonzo says:

    mukuwaphwanyira ufulu, makamaka the under privileged students… amayenela kt amalize mwachangu azikaona zina osat ma closure,,,, OPEN CHANCO NOW….

  19. Queen says:

    I don’t agree with this useless minister, because the first thing is to see why have lecturers gone on strike. You mean you can solve the root cause of this strike by not paying their salaries? Dull, incapable administrator —————-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaah!!!!!

  20. Manyi says:

    True. Chanco yawonjeza. Why should the employees be paid when they are not working? Isn’t that another cashgate?

    The union that sends employees to strike should be the one responsible for the salary of the demonstrators. period.

  21. Banda says:

    Totally agree -the lecturer continue getting money despite our children not learning. If they ere not paid, they would not be staging strikes.

  22. Andrew says:

    ‘You can take a horse to the well but you can not force it to drink’. What if the teachers go to school and decide not to teach or pretend to teach? It is a paradox and amicable ways should be defined on how to resolve problems.
    You are just burying the problems

  23. I second Minister Dr Fabiano for a perfect solution Malawi would have done this long time ago… i agree and what he is saying is the actual truth of the matter,how do employees go on strike and still get paid, monthly for no labour?…. eg,in South Africa, its no work, no pay, you go on maternity leave for 3-4 months, its unpaid leave, you go on strike, its unpaid leave,hence, government is rich. I am very saddend that a poor country such as Malawi, still pays employees for no labour… what a pathetic joke.if these Chancellor College Lectures do not report to work, why should they still get paid, how on earth does a University close for almost 4-6 months, just because employees want an increment in their salaries, and how do you expect Malawian students to stay home while teachers are on stirke… nowander we are a poor pathetic nation,. we need people like Dr Fabiano in our nation who can make Malawi better.
    Go to the U.K its no work, no pay, Go to the USA its all the same no work no pay!
    Let those Chanco lecturers return back to work, and teach our children and stop acting like 5 year olds demanding for money, that they will use just to show off, travel to places, matter of fact, spend the money of concubines!!!!

  24. muuni says:

    when a person like fabiano gets out of the system(retires), they care less of those in the system.

  25. This is a useless and clueless gafment. You remember during the academic freedom saga? We had another useless minister of education by then and now he is president of tis unfortunate country. So do not be surprised this is so synonymous with dpp administration where the country is always under remote control. No transiformative leadership at all. Zamanyazi.

  26. KARONGA says:

    This only shows how primitive the minister is in finding solutions to burning issues. Does freezing salaries solve the problems in question? Do you consider the grievances that the employees are facing leading to the strikes? Useless minister indeed!

  27. Phiri says:

    Does it require to change the law in order to withhold pay during strikes? Does the law stipulate that employees shall get paid while on strike. We thought it is automatic that striking workers should get paid from their Unions? We understand the lecturers are busy doing consultancies? It’s only that there is no war in Malawi but if it were at war, these lecturers are same as soldiers who take advantage of the instability and go about looting and raping helpless girls and women. We thought there was an Arbitrator or Conciliator? Why are the decisions through arbitration or conciliation not being respected? The delay is not only affecting current students but also students who are to join first year and other programs in future. Do these lecturers have a human heart, when they only think of their salaries without considering the plight of the students? Are they Christians? Do they go to Church? Are their consciences clear?

  28. mchemberezandonda says:

    this is the most useless minister malawi has ever had, wait until u leave that ministerial ofc thats wen u will know wat force pipo to go on a strike. i thot wen president is appointing ministers he appoint according to qualification the person has, but this has shown that he just appoint any man as long as they say ‘YES BWANA’. u r useless Fabiano, changing labour laws is not a one day thing and students has to wait until u change the law for them to enjoy their education. nonsese u empty headed minister

  29. Wang says:

    Fabiano is one of the useless ministers. He is not saying the truth. None of the constituent colleges of UNIMA have returned to work, but they haven’t joined their Chancellor College colleagues in the strike. Which assurances is he talking about? It’s a matter of time, the whole UNIMA will close down soon.

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    you have no solution. our children will wait until you change your labor act. this is not helpful

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