In support of President’s Question Time in Malawi Parliament

Last time Malawi parliament has been awake was in 1994 when Bakili Muluzi was put on question time in the August House. Eversince then Malawi parliament has been as dormant as a barren married woman.

President Mutharika welcomed by Speaker Richard Msowoya at parliament

No-one can be blamed but the house itself because on the drafting of the country’s declaration of democracy that replaced the declaration of Independence sections were established that the August House has the power to grill the head of government and head of state to the house and give answers to questions of national concern. This is a procedure and it was supposed to be a tradition in multiparty dispensation that a president must have a session interval equivalent to 90 minutes answering to questions.

Unfortunately Muluzi was democratic only for one year and thereafter he followed the footsteps of his predecessor.

This usually happens when a president lose track with the current system. Bakili Muluzi lost track towards multiparty democracy as he started looting and promoting corrupt malpractices. Bingu Wa Mutharika was never a democrat circumstances drove him to being closer to a good president this is why he behaved well only one term out of fear from the ship he jumped out. When he regain control the consequences are still being felt now and we are going to keep feeling them unless citizens of Malawi think twice towards remaking Malawi.

[There are times in life when the system has been contaminated and everyone is intoxicated you pick anyone from the street to reclaim sanity, Americans have just done it by picking an outsider to outdo the bad system in Donald Trump] Its not that Donald Trump is a saviour but sometimes a street common man or woman can do great things outside the box and restore order. Malawi is in desperate need of this.

After Muluzi no president has ever been in the August House to answer questions. The worst part is that parliament has the obligation outside government to answer from their various constituents. Even though our citizens may look ignorant and stupid as per education standard it does not mean that they do not hear worst stories about cash gate, Bingu money gate, maize gate, tevetagate, Chaponda gate and the stinking corruption that has devastated our national economy and empoverished them.

23 years of democracy is far too long to think citizens can still be naive to understand politics and governance of their country.

President Peter Mutharika is therefore asked to be democratic and break the chain to answer questions indiscriminately from all legislators in disregard to their political affiliations.

The country particularly villagers are living in fear and panicked by exaggerated stories emanating from hearsays that comes from the mouths of politicians whose agenda is their party flag.

Peter Mutharika’s answers to questions in parliament will indicate vibrancy of democracy and an assurance to accountability. Citizens are scared the country may go to an end because of corruption, they are afraid war may break up because of cash gate and political crisis facing our country where many believe Peter Mutharika is not his own man and that he is manhandled by George Chaponda and the clique of thieves not to discharge his presidential duties prudently.

All these rumours can be buried only if Peter Mutharika is grilled to answer questions in the house of parliament. It is not a request or is it a favour Peter Mutharika must answer questions and he must be questioned.

Below are citizenry questions that we believe our August House may not skip to ask the president for fear of reprisal or which legislators may feel not in conformity with standing orders. But if I am to educate Iegislators on the questions to the president. The following could and must be hit questions:-

1. Mr. President eversince you came into power it’s almost three years, what is it that you have done as a symbol of development?

2. Mr. President you showed your anger over Joyce Banda on cash gate and you promised to get to the end of it now many have you apprehended?

3. Mr. President there is controversial understanding about your ascension to the throne some contemplating rigging some saying you are a minority leader what is your opinion as far as 50+1% voting system is concerned?

4. Mr. President from the look of things you are a president who rarely acts on rumours with corruption cases that involve your right hand man George Chaponda what action have you taken to clear his name if he is innocent and why are you failing to fire him if he is guilty?

5.Mr. President the international community as well as the society of Malawi deplore rampant corruption in your government and every one including yourself admit to have presided over a stinking corrupt government what is that you are doing to clean this mess or root out this vice?

6. Mr. President your brother late Bingu Wa Mutharika is alleged to have looted over MK92 billion what action did you take to recover the money and why are you quite about this issue?

7. Mr. President you didn’t declare your assets as a requirement what kept you silent knowing that you are trying to put mechanism of transparency in your government?

8. Mr. President there is tug of war in Malawi about who are thieves and who are not within political parties; to stop this what are you doing to clarify the issue so that citizens must know who are thieves and who are not (the cash gate involving PP and DPP)?

9. Mr. President you launched Reform in the government and tax payers money has been spent can you inform the house of the fruits the country is reaping from it?

10. Mr. President whether you like it or not but this country is slipping down the slope in economy, politics and social standing what do you think is a problem and what plans of action do you have to stop our nation from being a failed state?

Mr.President your wife is involved in many activities most of which is beautifying Malawi is there any beauty that Malawi has become or is another way of earning a salary as your sister in law Calista Mutharika received during your brother’s reign?

11. Mr. President it is obvious you are aware the country take you as a failing president in the history of politics in Malawi can you explain to this August House why public opinion is like this and what are you doing to change the situation?

12. Mr. President Malawi has abundant water resources why are our towns and cities always dry?

13. Mr. President most of the reliable sources of energy in the world is hydro generated power where kilotons of water is abundant, our country enjoy this water with one sixth of land mass covered with it why is the country in darkness with massive blackouts?

14. Mr. President our country from 1980 has been faced with famine and droughts where food deficits have been recorded year in year out, what mechanism do you have that can stop this hunger slavery in Malawi?

15. Mr. President ever since independence indigenous Malawians have not tasted the fruits of freedom as far as economic gains are concerned, our economy has been Asian led by Indians what mechanism have you got to empower indigenous citizens to tap on in the economy am talking about partnering with locals?

Mr. President you are a best friend of China witnessed by facilities like the stadium and many projects do not lie these are goodwill gestures there is something in return are you selling this country to China in secret?

16. Mr. President years back mineral resources were the kingpin to wealth that has changed now, water has become a highest demand in the world what plans do you have as far as water harvesting and export is concerned?

I can see the opposite bench members closing their eyes with a sound of snoring from the background. If you were still attentive and awake I could give more questions but since there is snoring let me stop here. Mr. President all the 193 members of this house and over 17 million citizens are anxious to hear your response, question by question. If you love your country answer these questions regardless of who posed them. It can be member of parliament Bon Kalindo, Peter Chakwantha, Kamlepo Kalua, Jessie Kabwila, Harry Mkandawire or the Utopian himself outside the window but you need to answer these questions honestly.

The future of Malawi begins the moment we take each and every issue seriously. And this is the moment of seriousness.

  • Saunders Jumah the Utopian
    Distinguishing sense from nonsense is the beginning of intelligence.

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Make Mphwiyo
Make Mphwiyo
7 years ago

OKHWA WIRTHA your grey matter leaves a lot to be desired. If wen’t blame the current regime so who can take the responsibility? the DPP and Mutharika knew that Malawi is in economic turmoil and they promised to turn things around, hence the blame. vuto lomangoyankhula zinthu zoloweza zoti ena anayankhulapo kale. try to reason when commenting on great articles like this one.

stupid DPP cadet!!!

7 years ago

Mukamuona atakwiyapo apa kuchinjiliza mafuso otsatilawo. Ndikudziwa bwino APM. Akangowathila mphepo ma MP onse kenako zii!!! Ndi system yake yokhala ziii osalakhulapo pa zinthu zina zovuta mdziko muno. A Malawi ndiye zitsiru posakha anthu ngati amenewa potengela mitundu. After all, kaya ndiwe mu Chewa, mu Lomwe, mu Yao, mu Tumbuka, mu Sena, mu Senga, mu Nyachusa, mu Lambya, mu Ngoni, mu Tonga, mu Swahili, mu Phoka, Mu Nyanja, mu Mang’anja, etc, tonse tikuvutikila limodzi.

7 years ago

Me too am snoring stupid questions from a stupid and a frustrated ignorant soul.Malawi has never been rich my friend &that is a fact but we just want to squeeze ourselves out of this inherited poverty now.Our misery can not be blamed on the current regime only by the way this govt has been there for 3yrs.Blame your irresponsible Malawian type of democracy which promote laziness .I Dont think if he goes to parliament and answer your purported grievances Malawi Will get out of her unending poverty NO, Dont be obsessed with the name Peter &DPP, if you have nothing… Read more »

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