Take a stand on gays: Muckraker on Malawi govt’s ‘reverse patriotism’

Jean Kalirani is an interesting woman. The other day she taught us a strange brand of patriotism when she said we should be looking the other way when people are stealing money from government because hollering against such acts will scare away investors and donors.

Lesbian kiss: Malawi still criminalises same-sex  lrelationships

Lesbian kiss: Malawi still criminalises same-sex lrelationships

Actually, Madam Minister, that is reverse patriotism.

She came back with her strange reasoning. She said although Malawi has asked for nearly US $400,000 from the Global Fund to check the spread of HIV/Aids among homosexuals, one will still be liable to serve the ‘scary’ 14 years in jail when one is ‘caught’ in a tryst with a partner of their sex.

Now, now, now, what are we saying? Will the nearly K200 million be used to bait people into coming out so that the Nyakawa Usiwa Usiwas of this world should have a field day locking them up for a life time? What stupid gay person will come out to access these intervention strategies while they know that they will not even use the condoms for a police van will be waiting outside the consulting room to haul them away to prison?

Or maybe, for she has taught us not to cry blue murder when Aids money is being abused, Kalirani wants her ministry to have idle money that can be abused into funding the launch of a trust and a cultural jamboree with nothing to do fighting Aids?

C’mon, good people, it is either we accept we have gays and lesbians in our midst or continue tantalising ourselves with our God-fearing tag and continue denying consenting adults the opportunity of loving whomsoever they want to love. We cannot eat our cake and still have it.

Those who manage the Fund will be out of their mind to give us money to intervene in a problem we say we do not have. If we are saying there are no homosexuals in Malawi why should we have Aids intervention programmes for a group we do not recognise exists?

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out of all sins in the bible why only homosexual is put upfront?


God forgive them and give them knowledge to understand the truth of your words,but my fellow Malawians as you are doing that we should also remember john 11:35,and you have to ask yourself that why jesus is crieng


Alekeni anthu a Mathanyula athanyulanane zinthu zoti amapangira kuchipinda inu zikukhudzani bwanji ufiti eti alekeni anthu akondane inu chukukhudzani nchiyani


theese are last days,let those that want to marry of the same sex do it,its not like they dont know the word of GOD they do..satana naye ndi anthu ake…ziwanda,asiyeni achita izo mitima yawo yafuna.pakubwera pa AMBUYE azayankha,we are not their keeper



medrian kaunda

In Malawis case, is there a connection between being god-fearing and being dim? It is about time to wake up and realise that prayers alone does not solve anything, but just lets everything to become worse and worse. DPP stresses the need for prayers to address all their mismanagements, but this is just to keep the people meek and passive.


We all know that HIV is contracted through blood contacts. We all know that this is common in unprotected sex whether man with man or man with woman or woman to woman.it the responsibility of every human being to go for testing to know your status and manage yourself.You will never be segregated because you don’t have to go there together with your partner. Why should there be a special treatment for the mathanyulas then?
Please give us a break on this silly story?

amakhosi mukulugenzi

Having carnal knowledge against the order of nature is an offence in the laws of malawi. And its a sin in the holy bible thus why pipo from sodom and Gommorah perished . Malawi will follow suit . Tizafa ndithu due to the love of money.

Abiti Sipoko

You are right Gomezg anthuwa angofuna azitibowa ndi za gayzi kodi abale ufulu wamankhwala ndi malangizo a edzi ndi a aliyense. Why do you want special attention just becoz kuMalawi kuno sanaloleze za gay?. Pls za gayzo ndi za abnormal ndipo sizoyeneranso kumazikambakamba zingopangani nchibisibisi mwamva!

Gifted Brain(GB)

Devil at its best step!Its k3 which made Iscariot to betray Jesus,now the same money will make some foolish Malawians to betray our country into the hands of devil.

Ohhh Malawians!!!! Where are we heading to??

Shame on poor Malawi!

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