Timau: Joyce Banda: Malawi’s colour dream or nighmare?

“The constitution is the ultimate custodian of social will and its making should be accorded due diligence”, Mwai kibaki, President of Kenya

We take it that all what President Joyce Banda is doing is within the constitution. However, our dream is not coming henceforth and all we are seeing is a nightmare.

In a bid to making herself popular, President Joyce Banda has politically surrounded herself with the same people who encircled her predecessor Bingu Wamtharika. Technically, she has fished out all the unsuccessful people who failed to produce results during Bakili Muluzi or Bingu wa Mutharika’s eras and shoved them into her government hence our country is stagnant

When he took over office, President Mwai Kibaki delinked himself from all corrupt people of the Moi administration and brought in new people with new ideas, is it not what Bingu did?

President Banda with her Kenyan counterpart Mwai Kibaki
President Banda with her Kenyan counterpart Mwai Kibaki

To be honest with ourselves, Malawi needs a leader whose style is that of a competent technocrat, as opposed to the populist buffoonery, or strongperson dictatorship. Joyce Banda is trying to establish a personality cult that should win her elections at the expense of our country.These praise singers she is adjoining herself with will soon make her have her portrait on every unit of our currency and will soon have streets, places and institutions named after her. Wait for the next five years and you will see. They have already sanctioned praise songs composed in her honour. She is already dominating and leading all news bulletins with reports of her presidential activities on MBC TV. Is this not what we were afraid of when we complained of engaging recycled people?

The two years

Instead of politicking, President Joyce Banda could have convinced Malawians with her economic reforms. She could have left politics aside and used technocrats to reform Malawi. She could have used the first two years to revive and turning round the Malawi economy after years of economic mis-management during the Bingu years, a feat that we know was going to largely be attained in the face of great challenges.

To our dismay, the President has chosen to indulge herself into too much politics were she is making daily blunders hence enriching the opposition with arsenal with which to fire at her come 2014. Is it not Bakili Muluzi who time and again reiterated that “Wandu sadya ndale”. (People do not eat politics). So, where are your values JB?

Dreams and Nightmare

“Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others it is not an opportunity to satisfy our greed”, Mwai Kibaki

With the above thinking, Mwai Kibaki has made Kenya a much more democratic and freer place in his era than it was during the Kenyatta and Moi eras. And yet we are still dreaming of the same in Malawi.

Our dream Madam is to see your government ending the endemic corruption and rejuvenate the country’s stalled economy. Why are these dreams a nightmare? The people who are surrounding you are of yesterdays ideas. They are still doing things the Bakili and the Bingu way.

Our dream is to see a Malawi were political debate is tolerated. Can we achieve this? NO! Because politics the people around you know is that of hate and revenge. They believe in character assassination.

Open up the airwaves at MBC, you said it and you are not doing it. Why? You employed a person who has worked with Kamuzu, Bakili and Bingu and you fished him from retirement. Will he understand today’s airwaves? Nope!

The public elation is soon turning into frustration as their dreams are slowly turning into a nightmare. Madam President, the content and purpose of our dreams are not definitely understood by your government, though you have preached about an open door policy. The politicians around you are making us to believe that politics sometimes seems like a bad dream and we want nothing more than to wake up.

JB Can Achieve.

Listening is the only medicine that can heal a politician. Now we encourage you Madam to engage the political process with all the passion, intensity and power that you can muster while resting in a place of acceptance as well, seeing the perfection in the role of each player and this includes John Kapito, the Consumer association of Malawi Director, and trusting that we are destined for better nobler days.

Mrs Joyce Banda, if you have a listening ear to the people you are ruling we guarantee you that sooner or later we will move beyond the latest injustices. The oppressive forces of today will fade into history. The Vastness of the human heart will triumph. It all begins when we let our heart triumph.

Madam President, always remember Kibaki’s words, ““Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others it is not an opportunity to satisfy our greed”,

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