Timau: Malawi needs a win in Ghana, nothing else

The 1st leg between Ghana and Malawi (Afcon South Africa 2013 qualifiers 3rd/final round) will be played in Accra, Ghana on 8th September, 2012.

Football is unpredictable nowadays. Prophets of doom have written off Malawi, but what is giving Malawian soccer diehards hope?  When Zambia beat Ghana in the semi-finals of Afcon 2012, people thought it was a fluke but victory was repeated on 9th June, 2012 in Ndola, Zambia, in the world cup qualifiers.  Is Ghana national football team immortal? NO!!Malawi can also beat them.

The Timau Crew will take you straight to Accra and help you see in your mind’s eye the outcome of the crunch game between Malawi and Ghana.

Flames fan displaying the independence flag

 Average Weather in Accra for September

Malawi should be geared up to play Ghana on a rainy day but it will not be hot as the coolest time of the year in Ghana is between June and September when the main rainfall occurs.

The climate of Ghana is tropical, but temperatures vary with season and elevation. Except in the north two rainy seasons occur, from April to July and from September to November. In the north the rainy season begins in April and lasts until September.

The average weather forecast in Accra on 8th September will be as below;

More sun than clouds, warm.

High Temp:  28 degrees Celsius

Low Temp:   22 degrees Celsius

Wind speed and direction:  19/km/h/ SSW

Sunlight, 5 hours a day  (source: myforecast.com)

The Teams

Ghana is not a team full of star names like Ivory Coast; however, they play as a unit. Most of their players play in big leagues abroad. They boast of names like John Painstill in defence, Ayew and Boaeteng in midfield and Assamoah Gyan upfront. Ever since they caused mayhem during the 2010 South Africa world cup, Ghana has not lived up to it. They produced a lukewarm performance at Afcon 2012 and got clobbered by less fanciedZambia in the semi-finals and ended up on 4th position. Ghana’s strength is based on experience and it is this experience that on a good day could bring a long afternoon forMalawi.  It will be up to the likes of Joseph Kamwendo and the other experienced players on the squad to take responsibility on the pitch and make sure they improve from their recent performance of draws.


Here is our advice to the Flames’ players. Ghanaian footballers are not exceptional human beings created by God just to play football. They eat fufu just as Malawian players eat nsima.They walk on two legs just as Malawi players do. They also have bad days and if caught on a bad day, they can be humiliated. Zambia has already beaten them twice! What wrong did Malawi do to football gods that she cannot beat Ghana?


Losing in Accra will be bad for Malawi just like a 0-0 draw. A 0-0 draw will mean that any type of draw in Blantyre involving goals will signify Malawi’s goodbye kiss to Afcon 2013. In short, the point we are driving home here is that Malawi should score at least a goal inAccra so that they carry with them an away goal to Blantyre which would count after the game. Malawi will be playing in front of a huge Ghana crowd that will try to frustrate our boys, a thing which won’t work. Malawi has been in front of hostile and jeering fans before.Malawi has been in Ghana for a friendly and Ghana has never been to Malawi in the recent years.


Look at the recent 5 games both competitive and friendlies for the two teams and make your own conclusion of the two teams performances.

Both teams have not lost a match in the last 5 latest games played.

Ghana 0  Mali 2  -11/02/12

Ghana 1 Chile 1 – 1/03/12

Ghana 7 Lesotho 0- 1/06/12

Ghana 0 Zambia 1  -9/06/12

Ghana 1 China PR 1 -15/08/12

Malawi 0 Tanzania 0-26/05/12

Malawi 0 Kenya     0-2/06/12

Malawi 1 Nigeria   1 -9/06/12

Malawi 2 Chad       0 -16/06 12

Malawi 1 Zambia   0- 6/07/12





These are top 3 predictions people have posted on www.goal.com

Ghana 2 Malawi 0—41.67%

Ghana 2 Malawi 1—16.67%

Ghana 5 Malawi 0—8.33%

All we can state here is that football is not played on Internet. Neither is it played in newspapers nor in pubs and taverns for if that was the case, Ghana could have beaten Zambia at Afcon 2012 and qualify for the finals. Indeed, Ghana could have avenged their 2012 Afcon defeat when the two teams met yet again in Ndola, Zambia, but alas! Football is played within 90 minutes in a football pitch that is why even Ghana can lose.

Oh Yes! They lost twice to Zambia. Ghana can lose. Malawi can whack them and let us hope they will whack them. Let us avoid a goalless draw, at worse lose but score goals.

Like in a delivery suite, we, the Timau Crew and many other Malawian soccer fans, will be shouting, push, and push, come on! Push boys while watching the game on our TV screens.

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