Timau: ‘These are works of my hands’ – Bingu

By Sembe Gondwe, Nyasa Times

Writer, researcher and analyst specialising in South African politics, Richard Clarke, through his posting on the internet, had this to say about dictators;

“…The dictator is usually banal and may initially seem self-effacing, thereby masking the dictatorial tendencies but once entrenched, the dictator mutates into malignant forms which spreads into other malignant forms throughout society. This malignant cancerous takeover can take more than a popular protest to dig out at the roots. Popular protest, however, remains the key catalyst and changer that can galvanise and unite the opposition to focus against one shared enemy”.

If Richard Clarke were writing on Malawi, he could possibly have written something in these lines.

“The dictator has reached a point of no return, The works of his hands has united the opposition, not only has he declared the British High Commissioner, persona non grata but he has changed the constitution and banned Malawians from holding peaceful  demonstrations by ordering them to pay 2 million Malawi kwacha (13142 USD). before demonstrating peacefully.

“The works of the Malawi President, one Bingu Wamtharika, are undeniably at their zenith”.

As to whether the President knows this or not, Malawians have grown fainter with his leadership.

Let’s look at what is happening in Malawi today. No fuel, electricity blackouts on daily basis, not infrequent draconian decrees from the state house, corruption straight from the head of state himself via his captains the ministers.  With the most recent example of the former Attorney General being involved in a housing corruption scam.  The President rewarded her with a promotion; she is now a Supreme Court judge.

Malawians are exhausted.  They want the leadership of the country to hear their concerns and they went to the streets on 20th July. 18 people were killed under Dictator Bingu’s order.

Still, without political spectacles, one can unmistakably spot a political blunder in Malawi.

And it is one of these; a- the President has too much power and listens to nobody, b- his lieutenants and courtiers are too powerful and or have failed to instigate a reality check with the President, c-The President’s policies and, by extension strategies are outdated and not fit for any Morden nation.

Our advice to the Malawi leader is; change your policies or remove the people who are failing to implement your course of action. Next, the big chief tribal fragmentation attitude will not help Malawi, share the national cake evenly, merit is the answer, let Malawians who can perform do the job rather than flooding government with people from certain favoured regions.


Mr President, what legacy are you leaving behind? You have been dubbed as the most unpleasant President Malawi has ever hard.  Why is this so? Do you think about it? Do you care?

Lastly, “ Professor” Mutharika, President of the republic always says,” judge me by the works of my hands”, indeed, Malawians are judging you by the works of your hands and this is what your hands have done;   deported the British Higher commissioner, brought a law that gives powers to a Minister to ban newspapers willingly, changed the constitution barring Malawians from  demonstrating anymore even though the constitution allows them to do so, ordered your  followers to beat anybody who is opposed to your callous laws.

AND, now, the hands of Mutharika, the master painter are developing a continually emerging picture of his brother to take over from him as President of Malawi.

The purpose of which increasingly appears self serving to cover up corruption and a continue pulling the strings from behind (like in Cuba) and above all to maintain the Mutharika BRAND!

We, the Timau Crew, agree with Mutharika, when he tells the nation that, “These are the works of my hands”. Yes Sir, Malawi is now destroyed! And, the reverberations will keep on hitting the New State house.

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