Times TV’s ‘Hot Current’ has new marverick host Wezi Kasambara after Brian Banda suspension

A television talk show ‘Hot Current’ on Times TV which is gaining popularity in Malawi following the ‘truth telling’ discussion has a new marverick host Wezi Kasasambara  after Brian Banda was suspended.

Times TV’s flagship television and radio programme, ‘Hot Current’, which tackles  the issues that matter  featuring Times Group Editor-in-Chief George Kasakula is showing brave and substantive journalistic endeavours (often at great personal risk).

Following Banda’s suspension, Kasambara took over and  initial ratings of the program showed she is eloquent and up to the task.

Wezi Kasambara (left) with Kasakura on Hot Current

In her debut hosting, Kasambara engaged Kasakura on calls by civil society for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to pay back  all the money parastatals and other  government agencies gave it during its fundraising event called Blue Night recently  in Lilongwe.

DPP has since rebuffed the calls, saying parastatals and councils that made pledges or paid the money did so willingly and the party will not pay back.

In his comments on ‘Hot Current’, Kasakura who is also Malawi News columnist, argued that DPP leadership is exhibiting  “unbridled arrogance” and that the party also feels that it alone, with sycophants and hand-clappers, is entitled to the resources that we all generate in this country to satisfy the party’s selfish intentions.

Kasakura  says DPP’s action to “ransack parastatals” is the worst form of abuse of power and that it rejects calls to payback the money because it feels it is entitled to do whatever it wants to do with this country because it won the 2014 elections.

He also raised the issue in his column, saying DPP behave as if this country “belongs to them alone and the rest of us must just watch while they ruin it for their own benefit. It does not matter to them that, in the process, our lives are affected.”

Argues Kasakura: “We have now reached a point where some Malawians are drinking water mixed with sewer in Area 18 in Lilongwe because the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) does not have money to replace its broken pipes. And, yet, this is the organisation the DPP continues to demand money from. Indeed, this is the organisation that donates tens of millions of kwacha.

“Malawians are constitutionally entitled to hold an opinion and express the same to impart it on others. There is one fact that the DPP seems not to appreciate and that is, this country belongs to all people who live in it and not only those who hold the mandate to govern.

“That is why we, as citizens, must endeavour to seek solutions to stop a government or a ruling party which is intoxicated with arrogance and impunity, from abusing public resources.The decision by the CSOs, who want to get a court order to force the DPP to refund the money it got from struggling and impoverished parastatals, is the way to go.”

Kasakura argues DPP cannot claim that these parastatals give the money voluntarily when Malawians know that they are “bullied into doing it all the time.”

‘Hot Current’ program is  discussing matters of current which are hitting headlines, taking government into task on accountability and corruption.

Kasakula is also attracting wrath of those wielding power recklessly, even criminally, with complete impunity and unaccountability as he is putting them on spot with his no holds barred critique.

The  program is also shared on YouTube.

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No mention of why Brian Banda was suspended.


We don’t hate wezzie…..she is nice but she is small for the program


We need Brian banda right now if not close the station. Muziona anthu owayimisa ntchito ……if not STOP HOT CURRENT


kunena zoona sizikukomanso, pakungokhala phokoso lokhalokha, achina Brian aja amakamba modekha fundo nkumaveka, chidwi chatithera pano, kaya zanu izo


This program is not the same without Brian Banda. This lady is not up to it, She is just too loud and makes lots of noise with her fake accent. Amakhala ngati odziwa zinthu koma anangochenjera pakamwa. just one of those clever town girls!! Brian Banda is the Man,

Parallel Market

Leave her alone. I love her.


Lodala Bere ilo adayamwa George Kasakula. Malawi is blessed to have some courageous people like George. Unfortunately Malawi is full of praise singers and hand clappers who are there to praise their party leaders whether they are performing or not.

When and why was Brian suspended? You have posted this report not because you want us to know that Brian is suspended but because you want to praise this new comer. Why Brian’s suspension was not news on Nyasa? Brian and Kasakula are both failures to their bosses. Kasakula tried his best in newspapers to make MCP win in 2014 but failed completely. He even lost MCP elections on primary level in Kasungu. As for Brian he campaigned a lot for Joyce Banda to remain in power but what were the results? So you people should stop banking on these… Read more »

Ineso ndikudabwa kuti bwanji nkhani ya suspension ya Brian Banda never made any headline here? Bwanji simukutiuzanso kuti Brian ampasa suspension chifukwa chani? Both guys are failures and two failures can not make a winner.The propaganda of times group has and will always yield nothing!

Kadakwinda Nkosana

check your facts right,GK never stood for any primaries baba


Why Brian has been suspended kodi abale…???


Times Times Times how many times have I called u? Please bring back Brian. He forms a formidable combination with Kasakula. Ife akumuzi chizungu sitimva

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