Tumbuka festival Gonapamuhanya doesn’t belong to ruling party: Paramount Chikulamayembe chides DPP

Tumbuka’s supreme leader, Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, has taken a swipe at ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) saying Gonapamuhanya Cultural Festival, just as any cultural festival in the country, does not belong to the incumbency.

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe of Rumphi: I will meet the Head of State

He explained that the festival is cultural, not political, as such political forces should grace the festival with a spirit of political diversity, not monopoly.

In an exclusive interview with one of Malawi’s local media added that the festival is Tumbuka’s cultural festival as such it needs to be respect as such.

Politicians, he said, will never be the same with traditional leaders.

“Our ambitions are not the same. You see, the ruling DPP thinks all the activities that Gonapamuhanya pursued belong to them. This is wrong. They were trying to protect their authority. They didn’t want their counterparts to come in, but we challenged them. This is not a political issue, so we said: ‘Please can you get out of the arena’.

“Of course, they obeyed, but the village heads were very annoyed with them. They chased them away. This is what you should expect from politicians.”

During the event, DPP youth cadets unleashed a wave of terror that resulted in deaths and severe injuries. The DPP apologized to the public and promised an inquiry into the matter.

However the unfazed Chikulamayembe—who vowed that he will meet President Peter Mutharika on the matter—wasn’t shy to challenge the DPP for denting the beautiful event that is Gonapamuhanya.

“I also think that these people have a very private political motive. This is the second time they have done that.

“Last year, they started doing the same, but there were people who controlled them before things went out of hand.

7“This year, they have done it again. I think that there is a sinister motive. But all the same, this is a traditional event, not a political issue. We will not get disturbed by politicians. I have made that clear and I told them on Sunday that we will not be disturbed,” he said.

The supreme chief further added that, usually, usually, politicians are not invited to Gonapamuhanya.

We only invite the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and the President, he said, adding: “I believe that it is the two who invite other party officials and followers. So, it is these party officials who make a lot of noise, not the legislators or senior officials.”

Looking forward, Chikulamayembe said he has discussed the matter with his advisers and the rest of the chiefs.

“We are taking a step to deal with this once and for all. We want to talk to the President and other authorities to say that this is bad because they are painting a very bad image [of Gonapamuhanya] and we are not happy about it. We would not want to have this sort of situation next year.

“Shortly, I will be meeting the President [Peter Mutharika]. All in all, after the fracas, we had a very nice ceremony because we had a huge delegation from Zambia, we danced, ate and drunk. It was a very nice event.”

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The Patriot

This nonsense of disturbing our Gonapamuhanya must stop! Mudzapeza polekela inu a DPP!!
Why disturb us when we are clebrating our culture?
We the Tumbukas are so proud of our Gonapamuhanya that we hold it without soliciting money from parastatals. There is a cultural event in Malawi that relies on Parastatals to fund it and as soon as the tribe will go out of government the cultural event will die a natural death!!


Chema sabila
These dpp thieved shoul hear

DPP is a party of death, darkness, mother fuckers, blood sackers, idiots, mbava, mahule, agulugunyinda, tribalists, nepotists and of no direction. Sad and unfortunate thing is to learn that idiots like Jappie Mhango, Grace Obama Chiumia, Goodall Gondwe, Kasaila, kutsaila, Jean Kalirani, Tembenu, Ntaba Ms Chikaonda, Atupere Namachende Buluzi etc etc lick the ass hole of DPP and it’s leadership. Clapping hands for mediocres, tribalits, mbava, thugs, bandits, mahule serial killers who murdered Chasowa and Njaunju et al. Now the chief has spoken it rests upon Ibu (Nkhope inatopa kale) to act. Cultural gatherings or festivals go beyond thuggish politics… Read more »
Apao Kugola
It is easy to start violence but DPP must know that tolerance has got a limit. It is unfortunate for a ruling party to start violence. All violent acts across the continent are ignited by discontented opposition parties. But instead of working the peaceful opposition, DPP is busy inciting violence. Once these ugly and barbaric acts turn into civil strifes and wars, it will be extremely difficult to stop it until some tribes will be permanently pushed out of this country. Already, the tribal and regional divisions have been questioned by segments of society that feel segregated and marginalised on… Read more »

They have their own Mulhakho wa Lomwe cultural event and nobody disturbs them, but why have to use stupid Jappie Mhango and ferry cadets to spoil an event in the north? This is barbarism that only belongs in medieval times. Kamuzu Banda would shine as being more democratic if he was alive today. This DPP party is hell on earth and can easily lead Malawi to civil war.


I wish we could go back to one party regime where unity, discipline, obedience was compulsory unlike today’s democratic world where everything is messed up.


Amfumu anenatu awa. Ndiye amfumu akanena “anena anena basi.


We are tired with DPP. This evil party must give us a break.


Yes the Obvious sinister motive is that there should be no other Cultural Even in Malawi but Mulakho, whats what DPP WANT


The worst atrocities were committed by MCP of nyau beliefs


Mbuzi iwe. Ukamufunse Dausi.

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