UK Parliament discusses Malawi gay ‘horrifying news’

The arrest of two men in Malawi last week on homosexuality charges was raised in UK parliament on Wednesday.

UK Speaker John Bercow: Horrifying news

UK Speaker John Bercow: Horrifying news

Cuthbert Kulemela, 19, and Kelvin Gonani, 39, were arrested Dec. 7 for allegedly having sexual intercourse inside Gonani’s home. They were charged and detained, despite the 2012 decision by Malawi officials to halt such arrests countrywide.

Raising the issue at UK parliament in London’s Westminster, Deidre Brock the SNP Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North, asked if the Secretary of State was aware of the arrest of the two men perceived to be gay.

He asked: “ Will the Government make urgent representations to the Malawian Government, echoing the calls of the US ambassador, calling on them to live up to their international human rights obligations and ensure that these charges are dropped?”

Justine Greening MP, who is the Secretary of State for DFID and the most senior minister responsible for all UK aid, confirmed to the House that London will be confronting Lilongwe over the issue.

“We will be making representations, and the honourable Lady is absolutely right to flag that up as a key area of human rights that needs to be addressed, wherever it takes place,” Greening said.

And later MP Patrick Grady standing on a point of order, made a follow up to the matter.

“Essentially, it appears that they have been arrested for being gay. This is probably as much of an issue for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as it is for DFID, so I am glad that there are FCO Ministers present. I hope the government will respond in the same way as the Secretary of State for International Development did by condemning the action,” said Grady.

Speaker of UK Parliament, John Bercow, said the arrest news of the two men is, “frankly, horrifying—it is absolutely horrifying news indeed.”

He said: “Of course, there is a direct locus for the Secretary of State and the Department for International Development in view of our continuing commitment to Malawi.”

UK High Commission in Lilongwe indicated that Britain remains committed to ensuring that all LGBT people around the world are free to live their lives in a safe and just environment.

Malawi government is being asked to defend human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds.

Kulemela and Gonani were granted police bail on Dec. 8.

Their bail bond form indicates that they are being charged with sodomy in violation of Section 153 of the Penal Code (carnal knowledge against the order of nature), which is punishable by a prison sentence of 14 years.

National Police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, however said police did not arrest the suspects, arguing that the police only acted to protect the lives of the two from the angry mob that was stoning the house of one of the suspects

People may perceive it as an arrest but what we did was to protect them. We took them to our police office just for their own safety because on that day, these two people’s lives were in danger.

“People, who surrounded the suspect’s house, could have done anything because they know [him] as one of the people who sodomise young boys. That’s why we released them two days after the arrest,” said Gondwa.

However, the bail document, a copy seen by Nyasa Times, indicates clearly that an arrest was made for alleged sodomy.

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Solo Thyolamanja

malawi,where r u going? Do u min u’l acept dis stupid behaviour jx bcoz u r poor? Y cnt u let azungu go & rely upon God alone? Y do u tink u r hungry? Tink wisely malawi,usataye chikhalidwe coz of azungu. Ndalama ukutidula zamsonkho monthly sizikukukwana malawi?


Owerengawe khala maso

adam matchombe

please leave our malawi alone i dont understand you some white skin think we blind or we no nathing or becouse we are poor.your donation is not for us is for politicians.we are hard workers.please let us fear GOD NOT U


Please leave Malawi alone.our culture doesn’t support this stupid behavior



Frank Kalikwembe

God created a man and a woman.He thought about it many times and He didn’t make any mistake. You white people you are evil if you didn’t know about it therefore leave God fearing people alone and have your evil spirits alone.


So called Uk parliament why dont you leave malawi alone? I could be happy if you were discussing of taking back malawi again to be one of your province so that pipo could atleast manage to get food.

Farooqalubi Alubi Noah

Malawi is not UK so They must totally avoid to control Malawi like that. Plz don’t bring ur fucken statanism we are no longer under ur colony. Malawi is a GOD fearing place. Other wise u must leave ur wives.


My big question that that need big answer are:
Why the gay issues mostly come out when DPP is power ?


Lol these whites are really serious about sodomy. They don’t speak up when real things are happening but arrest someone for taking it up the ass and they are all up in arms.

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