UN warns Malawians over bogus job offers

United Nations officials in the country are warning Malawians over bogus job offers in various social media platforms, saying they are fake.

In a statement, UN Malawi says there is an ongoing fake recruitment process in the name of Committee, Social and Cultural Rights (CESR) under the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSIC).

“In the recruitment process, some applicants are being offered international jobs in different places like Hong Kong with some contracts up to five years,” says the statement.

In some cases, the UN Malawi office says, jib offers are being given even without doing job interviews while in other cases, interviews are staged to make the process look real.

The statement says some of the e-mails being used in the correspondence are ending with @cescr-un.org domain such as [email protected] and [email protected].

The UN is therefore calling on people not to participate in such recruitment process

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angoni apaphata
angoni apaphata

Our president also makes fake job offers and promotions can someone arrest him and take him to the international tribunal for mental genocide