University of Malawi survey shows President least trusted:  Clergy lead the trust ratings

A survey conducted by the Department if Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College have shown that Malawians trust the clergy and traditional leaders more than they trust politicians at various levels , including the Head of State.

Dulani: Conducted the survey

Titled ‘The Paradox of Traditional Leadership in Democratic Malawi’, the survey results released Friday show that the clergy are most trusted  with ratings of 83 percent followed by chiefs at 76 percent.

The survey was conducted by political science professor Boniface Dulani, head of political and administrative studies at Chancellor College Happy Kayuni, Micheal Chasukwa and Gift Sambo.

Norwegian Program for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research Development sponsored the survey.

“Traditional leaders are considered to be most relevant by southerners and least relevant by citizens in the Northern Region. There is no significant difference among those who consider traditional leaders as relevant by education or gender,” reads the report in part as seen by Nyasa Times.

The survey also gave non-governmental organisation leaders a rating of 65 percent.

On politicians, Malawians tend to trust grass root leaders like ward councillors at 48 percent followed by members of parliament (MPs) at 44 percent.  The President is least trusted at 41 percent.

According to the survey, 91 percent of the 1200 households that were approached nationwide were of the view that traditional leaders are in a better position to spearhead development in their localities as compared to elected leaders who are viewed to be “thieves and cashgaters”.

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7 thoughts on “University of Malawi survey shows President least trusted:  Clergy lead the trust ratings”

  1. Chitukuko says:

    The problem with some politicians is that they do not stay with people for a long time. Some Politicians starting with the president, ministers, and MPs now they are silent. People are crying they are Quiet, they appear like they have left the country. For example a simple issue; trained teachers by the same government, not a different government. People are in die need of teachers in various schools, on the same note, teachers are crying for recruitment some are closer to 3 years since they qualified they have not been posted. But no politician has ever said a word of assurance or encouragement or even the president himself is none of their business. Look what they say, they shift blame from one ministry after another or one government after another. During Kamuzu era teachers were flowing like water in schools there was no shortage of teachers, no delayed recruitment. Today, even an infant child knows that teachers are few and have not been posted that is shame, what sort of politics is that? Shifts for class attendance are two much in schools sometimes learners get disturbed because shortage of teachers but politicians just look at it. Okey it might be shortage of infrastructure then whose problem? Instead of spear heading development politicians are busy politicizing in order to maintain their positions. Who can trust such people? Yet alot of schools have insufficient teachers. Do we think people can trust such people. It is a habit that politicians become active when elections are near. This type of behavior puts people off the trust of some politicians. Clergy, chiefs and counselors work with people day in day out. While some politicians are enjoying in their mansions and busy ordering cars. I think ministry of education and other struggling ministries should be privatized for them to do well.

  2. manitoba says:

    when commenting we comment anything that looks irregular on the page so nothing is wrong who ever feel pain about the comment on the jacket outlook,then just starts cries

  3. Omex70 says:

    Our current president can not be trusted at all. He fails to make the right and timely decision on very clear issues. He pretends as if he is not in the country when issues that need his urgent attention arise in the country.

  4. Omex70 says:

    Iwe, Zinenani Zoona, nkhani ili apa si ya jacket ayi. Mwina sunamve zomwe zalembedwa mu nkhaniyi nchifukwa chake wangoganiza zothira ndemanga nkhani ya jacket. Please tiyeni tipitenso ku sukulu kuti akalemba chizungu tizimva nawo.

  5. petermustfall says:

    2019 chimodzi modzi, he will be the List

  6. Zinenani Zoona says:

    Proffessor wa ku Malawi. Jekete ya pa kaunjikatu iyi.

    1. ellias says:

      @ Zinenani, takalowanso mkalasi zikuthandiza. Wopusa iwe eti. Uli ndi jacket like that iweyo mmoyo mwako? Tatulutsa yako apa tikuone. Ma comment adzikhala enieni not ofuna kusokoneza.

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