University of Malawi graduates develop mobile security software

A mobile security system that alerts the user with a text message whenever there is an intruder or fire at their home has been developed by Prince Muta and Isaac Washa, two graduates from the Polytechnic, a constituent in the University of Malawi (Unima).mobile system

Muta who is also a correspondent of Nyasa Times is a graduates of journalism and Washa is a graduate of electrical engineer.

The two decided to develop the software after being touched by the incidences of fire accidents and house breakings in the country.

According to Muta, once the system has been installed, phone numbers of the owners of the house are registered into the system.

He said the system uses the numbers “to send them the alert once there is fire or an intruder at their house.”

The system works on every type of phone, whether smart-phone or the basic phone and the owner of a house with the system can receive alerts anywhere they go in the country as it is not barred by distance, according to Muta.

“The user can receive alerts anywhere they are, so long there is a proper network on their phone, for instance, if they have a house in Blantyre and they have gone to Rumphi, the system indicates the exact location of disturbance in their house,” he said.

The system has been developed with a backup of batteries in order to make it usable in times of electricity problems.

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nji pa thathwe la nyini

dis z just a repetition of technology which z out there…….. so if you alert fire or police department, so wat? wat u have reprecated has no supporting plan…..its just like putting a fridge in remote and helpless area wit no electricity……. mzuzu library bunt to ashes wit fire department just 5 kilometres from fire offices……….mpeeeeee wit yo human shit

Jacob Saikolo

Eeee Thats Great Guys,uku Ndko Timat Kubwera.We Hav To Be Distinguished Graduates Caz Tinangozorowera Kuphaya Moloweza Posatengera Application.Malaw Has To Be Recognized As An Innovative Country..Keep It Up.


Thumb up Guys! Good Job! Pliz Commentators, Let us recommed these young stars for this; The fact that some came up with a similar thing does not permit us that we should stop thinking! After O Palibetu chomwe tingapange chatsopano!

Mtondoli Jonazi
A Malawi tsopano!! Some comments seem totally out of sync with what (technological) innovation is all about. It is not always about thinking outside the box!!! Anthuni, it is not about creating a new product (in the event that one already exists), it is sometimes actually about improving on the existing one. An attitude like this will not take us anywhere. Imagine if, for example, the electric bulb stayed in it’s original form since Thomas Edison, that would have meant no new energy-saving bulbs or ma bulb atsopanowa would have been produced. We learn from other peoples’ ideas and sometimes… Read more »
mache Joy

keep it up guys pitilizani afiti omwe akuti palibe chomwe mwachitawa akuziwa sazatibelanso nde mwati even mose walero foni can do??? zikangokhazikika ndipanga register……mukatha mupangenso changati CCTV tiziona zomwe amuna athu amapanga akasala pakhomo tikapita ku church

The positive news here is that young people are thinking. Yes, the invention may exist already, but I am pretty sure it can be improved. As many have said plagiarism is no small thing. Finding out what has been researched and created before you is not only the right thing to do, but it also saves you valuable time. I would encourage these young men to do patent searches online for similar products. Find out how these products have faired in the market or where the gaps lie and make improvements where necessary. The innovation process is not once off.… Read more »

Welcome boys this is nice, we are keenly watching you do more please

sain it like it is

how stupid are we?why wud graduates spend so much time trying to reinvent the wheel…this thing already exist…whats the difference wth the one made here?learn to be creative..out of the box thinking..not this…go back to school


job well done guys ….am rilly impressed …..


A huge breakthrough in security arena. I plead with the Malawi government to harness these brilliant minds.

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