Unmasking the oppressor in Malawi

A series of online lectures:

Are you in despair because of the injustice we are experiencing in Malawi? Are you immobilised because you don’t know what to do to have the status quo changed?

If your answers to the above questions are yes then you are the right student to grace these teachings. Welcome to the online class!

Well, cast your eyes around the classroom and as you can see you are not alone who is in despair.  We have the whole nation reduced to its knees crammed in!

Generally speaking Malawians experience oppression in many forms. We have, and we are, going through most of ugliest injustice one can think of. The most embarrassing poverty being the by product of the ill-treatment we get.

Our past, recent and current affairs are all littered with oppressors having their dirty feet on our necks.

The oppressors manifest themselves in the form of the village headman, the supervisor at the workplace and the politician we elected in office. Bad leadership hit us from all sides. One cannot be wrong to suggest that all Malawians deserve to be awarded PhDs in being oppressed. We have had our good share!

Your despair, cynicism and laziness may insist to you that nothing really changes and that you can never really make a difference. Thus not true. You can make the difference.

C.S. Lewis makes a startling statement. He writes that “Despair is a greater sin than any of the sins that provoke it”.

These lectures are going to give you an understanding of what oppression is all about. The good news is you are also going to be well equipped on how to dig out oppression from its roots (The oppressor shivers!).

It is possible to move out of the paralysis of despair simply by coming to a better understanding of what lies in the mind of the oppressor.

What exactly can you do? How can you actually make a difference? What practical steps are you supposed to take?

Down the series we will expose practical steps you can take in the face of suffering to deal with oppression.

Gary A. Haugen writes that “Instead of confronting injustice from a blurry distance as something dark, vague and overwhelming, we can examine it, dissect it, lay bare its make up and demystify its power”.

In these series this is exactly what we are going to do; expose the anatomy of injustice in Malawi and learn practical steps on how we can investigate and intervene successfully.

And hopefully we can move beyond our habit of indulging in our own self-pity and practically face oppression head on.

In these introductory remarks suffice to unmask that oppression is the way powerful people use deception to hurt those who are weak. They use their lofted position to ply on those below them.

Here we pause to salute the minority good leaders and the few who are fighting oppressors.

Make sure you come first in our next lecture!

*Cryton Chikoko is a Barrister-at-Law, ex-broadcaster and ex-dentist. He has Masters’ degrees in Law, Media and Theology. He tweets latest UK legal news @cryton (https://twitter.com/#!/Cryton)


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