US denies ‘plot’ to topple Mutharika: DPP says accused should ‘prove innocence’

American officials have denied participating in a plot for regime change  in Malawi in reported  scheme for unseating President Peter Mutharika and have leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera take over.

Palmer: Not aiding  regime change

Palmer: Not aiding regime change

Chakwera is said to be in state intelligence notes uncovering coup and that plotters have set June 2016 as the deadline to have President Mutharika toppled.

The allegations also implicate international community including United States diplomat Virginia Palmer as aiding the plot for hosting meetings at her official residence.

But Edward J. Monster, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy dismissed the claims and accusations, saying there is no iota of truth.

“The accusations are completely false,” said Moster.

“  The U.S. and Malawi enjoy a strong and productive relationship and we intend to continue working closely together for the benefit of the Malawian people,” he added.

The United States says it only supports political transitions that are democratic, constitutional, peaceful and legal.

Meanwhile, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman, Francis Kasaila said the governing party expects those names in the alleged “coup” plot should prove their innocence.

“Let them come out and exonerate themselves,” said Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport and government leader in parliament.

Kasaila admitted during Daybreak Malawi program aired on Capital Radio on Wednesday that the “coup” allegations were serious and government will not take them lightly but follow leads.

But Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said allegations that its leader plans to overthrow Mutharika’s government is “fiction.”

President Mutharika and his government have in recent months been receiving criticism over the country’s continued economic hardships.

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John smith

The govt is stupid who wants to overthrow a lame duck president and what would they get in return the west has no interest in Malawi what would they get for overthrowing the govt chambo or sugarcane


kkkkkk a bad carpenter wil always hunt for excuses cover up his failure


kkkkkkkk same old story in 2012
i doubt their credibility lets not blame anyone until its proved true. this is how it started with UK


American big shame! Mulibe chisoni ndi aMalawi mufuna muyambitse nkhondo muno? You are cursed with a big curse.


America has run out of ideas. Or are they out of their mind now after sucking the blood of Osama, Gadhafi, Iraq president, Bingu and all. Now you want to suck my blood? You will not succeed. Go home Palmer and Monster and continue palm-oiling your monstrous activities in Washington DC. Who invited you here by the way? You invited yourself eh?

My Day

Shame on America! You have sunk this low? Satan!

That can not be true, they want to divert peoples attention from the economic hardships we are currently facing. They want to buy sympathy from the people who have lost trust in APM leadership and governance. Chakwera is civilized and can not be like most DPP leaders who are bent on dirty politics. Thats Dausi`s work as he know that is the only way he can bring food to his family. He knows if DPP is out of govt, that is also the end of him politically and economically, ndi amene akaononga ku MCP ameneyu. Chakwera is & will not… Read more »
Ambuje Kukaya

Kusaila, this is the prophecy by DPP. They are ready to give up this country to the rightful leader. They will do so very soon. get it from me bro


eetu-ee govt is serious business. let’s work hard and leave speculations for the good of the people in Malawi


The economy will overthrow him. Akufuna pothawila.

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