Vandals hit Bingu Stadium: Parking woes, serious challenges observed

The newly constructed state-of-the-art Bingu National Stadium (BNS) in Lilongwe has been  vandalised as thugs had to steal waters taps and toilet equipment during Monday’s Luso TV Bus Ipite Bonanza in Lilongwe.

Bingu stadium vandalised.-Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Some cars were parked ar private areas

Some cars had to be parked at Petrol service station

Parking challenges at Bingu stadium

Parking woes at BNS

Government allowed Luso Television to use the facility in a Luso TV Bus Ipite match between Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and it’s rivals Nyasa Big Bullets as testing match.

Director of Sports, Jameson Ndalama, said confirmed that water taps and toilet materials were stolen, adding that the organising committee was assessing the damage.

Ndalama also said  during the game, they observed serious security concerns  and oyher challenges such as parling which need to be addressed before the official launch month end by President Peter Mutharika when Malawi will host China in an international friendly.

Nyasa Times reporter who watched the first game said  people had no designated place to park their vehicles a thing that forced them to leave their cars along the Area 49 – 25 road from Gateway Mall road and others parked along Area 18 road while some parked their vehicles in  private premises like Mount Meru filling station which is opposite the stadium.

Business came to standstill especially for the filing station business as some vehicles parked right at the pump leaving no space for other vehicles who wannted to refill .

Fuel attendants for the filling station had no kind words for government when speaking to Nyasa Times saying authorities should  have sorted the parking issue.

“This is poor planning, the government is not serious, how can they build this facility without parking area ? Now look our business is being affected with all these vehicles parked right here,”a petrol attendant for the filling station who only identified himself by his first name Joe said.

The stadium which has only one entrance gate made it more worse as after the game all people going out in their cars including teams had to fight over the small gate to go out and it took 56 minutes for both teams to leave the premises and be in the main road with the help of police which were escorting them.

One of the spectators who passed through the traffic jam due to the poor road network from the stadium, Charles Ulaya said there is a  need  for the government and the city assembly to work on the improving road network.

“This stadium is a misplaced investment. Better if we had built a Central Hospital. First we do not have the capacity to maintain it. Secondly  the ticketing system. How can we just enter the stadium without telling us where to seat. And then the roads to the stadium itself cannot accomodate the traffic of this stadium. We need proper feeder roads to this stadium,” Ulaya wrote on his Facebook page.

Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, has admitted that there is need to renovate some areas at the national stadium.

Some people have argued that roads leading to the stadium were supposed to be dual-carriage. The stadium can also accommodate 400 cars at the parking area.

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concerned citizennary

why amalawi property yathu kuipanga vandolise no wandermasapota awanders and bb ndi achamba ,mahule khutukumve mbuli zianthu zoyenera kukhala mchire..zianthu zoba ma tap ndi mamilor amtoilet ndinso zianthu zimene zimajowera pampando yokhaklapo chame these blutes and savages….dulminded people…..

concerned citizen

why amalawi property yathu kuipanga vandolise no wandermasapota awanders and bb ndi achamba ,mahule khutukumve mbuli zianthu zoyenera kukhala mchire..zianthu zoba ma tap ndi mamilor amtoilet ndinso zianthu zimene zimajowera pampando yokhaklapo chame these blutes and savages….dulminded people…..

Omuona Wapi

Tidakuzani limbikitsani maphunziro first before embarking on those projects.

Everything is non starter without an educated citizenry.

Money spent on that stadium could be best utilised if government was to air-condition all secondary schools in Lower Shire in order to improve learning conditions.

Wake up Malawi. This is 2017, not 1917!


Bingu initiated the stadium,joisi started the construction and Peter is to open it so whose leadership is to blame?Someone said stadium is a misplaced investiment,I think it’s not true,Malawi needed to have this sometime back one in the south,north and pakati,you will make well placed investiments,lastly a bb ndiamene aba zipangizo,you know it’s a team of thugs,smokers,drunkers,crooks,brutes …….. ,So osamangonyoza mtsogoleri pa za ziiii


Malawi does not have standards, a reflection of poor leadership.


Amalawi kulira zilizonse. I guess that was the aim of the game; to see how far the system can work and where to fix and improve.
Moreover, a normal human being with a functioning head can not go about stealing taps from a public institution. Umbuli udzatha liti? I bet these are the very same people onyera panseu when everyone else including them uses the same route daily. We have a modern facility but our brains are too primitive to appreciate the stadia. God Bless Malawi!!

That’s typical of DPP government,full of mediocrity.They claim about developing the country and what they put on the ground has no real workmanship.Most roads constructed don’t live up to the standards. You would expect a multistorey parking arcade next to the stadium plus well planned dual lane roads exiting and leading to the stadium, that’s a well planned development of international recognition. I was disturbed also to note that there was too much hype regarding the so-called bus ipite competition but only to see a rugged Coaster fit for a primary school team. Nothing attractive and of high quality happens… Read more »
the pillar

We are a cursed nation, we don’t want and love development. If this is the trend, we will remain poor for decades to come. We don’t love ourselves, we don’t love our country, nothing to be proud of.

misozi banda

kkkkkkkkk zinthu zopamda ma plan izi .ife timaesa akoza multistorey parking building. nde ma plesdent amenewo amangofwamphuka kudzuka lelo nkumati ndakongola ndlama ndimanga stadium. kodi zofunikila around it nzitizo?????????????????????????????????
M1 mzuzu -kalonga road waphwasuka ndi mvula. koma mmene ndauonela anangomata tu pamamwamba sunakumbidwe kukwera mmambwa anta. mvula yangoyalula. mawa ndi nkuja pano tiona a makasu ndi zikwanje kudzakwilila in the name of bwana iye atakwinyizila nthumba ndalama yokozelab misewu-HALOO HIWA


Ticketing system kkkkkkkkkk mwayesa ku Joni kapena ku mangalande eti…bola kulipira seat no. tikaziona mommo

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