Wa Jeffrey tells Chewa chiefs to provide DPP with more MPs to get Cabinet posts

Outspoken Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general (SG) Grezeider Jeffrey wa Jeffrey has  told Central Region Chiefs to ensure they provide the party with more  members of Parliament (MPs) in the next year’s elections so that there can be good representation of Chewa ministers  in President Peter Mutharika cabinet.

Wa Jeffrey: Let Chewa people vote for DPP and not only MCP

Wa Jeffrey said  it was not possible for President Mutharika to appoint  people of the central region into Cabinet when a few make it to parliament under the DPP banner.

Mutharika’s Cabinet is dominated by people from the Southern Region, particularly the Lhomwe belt, the stronghold of DPP.

But Wa Jeffrey speaking at a political rally at Kalululma in Kasungu over the weekend, said that would change next year if  the Central Region’s chiefs provide DPP with more MPs.

“Ensure people in Central Region elect DPP MPs to have more ministerial positions and get development in return,” Wa Jeffrey said.

She said the region should not be stuck with Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Wa Jeffrey has been making controversial political statements bordering on regionalism.

Last year she attracted criticism for making  ‘tribalistic’ remarks in Karonga recently where declared that the Northern and Central regions will never produce the country’s president, but remain hand clappers for a leader from the Southern Region.

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Prince of shitholes

This shithole and fellow shithole Ntaba remind me of Enock in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe who was described as crying more than the bereaved. The Lomwes are busy marginalizing all other tribes including Yaos. Why should this whore say that Chewas provide MPs Lomwes. Do ministers feed us the Efulefu? Do they develop our houses? We all pay taxes but we are not getting equal treatment from Pitala and his Lomwes. This started with Brown Mpinganjira.


Fellow countrymen lend me your ears. Is Mia a Malawian? His skin colour speaks volumes.Its better to be governed by lomwes than a man of questionable nationality.If we arenot careful we may endup handing back our country to colonialists.Why settle for Mia? Is Malawi short of indigenous people?

Wa Mwale

Why are you not minister at the first place? Hule lamunthu I we mmesa ukukhalirako thako kumeneko akatopa nawe akusiya uwonanso kuthamdiza alomwe.kuledzela. timakudziwa bwino lomwe za Mulumgu zanakukanika ma contract, unabako shaaaaa


Heavy bottom. shut up your stinky mouth and arse. you dont need to tell people what to do. you must have lost your mind. koma a maalawi azanga why do we waste our time kumakavrla ndowezi? these peolples plans are drowned. my foot


Please Nyasa times spare us from this nonsense. Cant you report on some real issues.


No worries.madam Jefule. We know you are talking to Chewas who are DPP members like Dr. Ntaba, otherwise MCP has a game changer

President Manthakanjenjemereza
President Manthakanjenjemereza



but seriously what is happening in MCP is so disappointing and if they continue doing what they are doing these motherfuxxxx gonna win again next year am giving up now


My friend grow up! Those swabbles should not move you if you are really at pains with the DPP govt. You should be able to understand that these swabbles may have been sponsored. Also it is a healthful situation amongst the group not to agree on some issues. That’s what democracy is all about. Let us just be hopeful that these swabbles are dealt with sooner than later by the president of the party.

Concerned Citizen

Please Malawi Government consider provision of electricity at NAMBUMA CAMPUS which comprises of Hospital, Parish, Secondary xool, Boys and Girls Primary xools and proximal is a trading centre!! Quality of health services delivery and education are compromised and yet the Electricity is just 7 kms away! We can save lives and improve status of education if we can b provided with electricity!! This is not political but genuine concern!! Please consider Nambuma Campus with Electricity!!

What Greseder Geoffrey is saying is that forget about development projects if you have an MP from the opposition. Also she is saying that your region will get few ministers if you elect more MPS from the opposition. Why are these people refusing that they are nepotistic? The statements they produce show they are. You see why 50+1 system of putting the president in position would have been a solution to our problems regarding development in this country? The region that gives the president many votes stands to benefit hugely than others in the system we are using now, first… Read more »

Nambuma has electricity since 2008 when clinton foundation connected it what are you talking about? or you mean the parish? that is the responsibility of the church

Jon Jon

Myopic thinker with zero discernment. How she can ridicule Chewas with a cabinet post that has no longevity.

vachaje sivilumba

Yayi tere…ise tose a kasungu ni nganganga pambuyo pa mcp na chakwera…

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