What a day… of Mulli, Chilumpha and other issues

Boxing Day at hand and people going about their business. I had one too many yester-Christmas Day and now nursing a damn hangover.

For all I know, water woes may have already had a serious toll on the majority of us that partake into the ‘blessed waters’. Am thinking about all the hangovers that are now relying on water to ‘treat’, and that is globally, somehow?

Ha ha ha ha!

Yes, to begin with, now that am just loafing, guess I should share my mind on Leston Mulli. That guy is a super-guy. Damn right, in the sense that he mixes humbleness with ‘lust’ for cash and his disrespect for the Malawian population. And that is one unfortunate bomb for his good.

Was listening to radio the other day, yes, Zodiak or ZBS, and there he was making his unexpected noise. Although the news headlines said ‘Mulli asks for government’s assistance’ or whatever in the same line, within the same interview the guy from the banana corners also went into challenge mode.

Chilumpha: He is a schemer

That is not of anyone crying for help, in particular from a government that he helped economically frustrate when he amassed all business deals to his name. Akuti ‘Mulli Brothers – Group of Companies’!

Like I wrote sometime back, this guy must truly be a loser, and Munali Brothers – Crook of Companies must be the new name under the guys business ‘efforts’.

Within his crying for help, arguing he is being sidelined and over 5,000 jobs are on the line and that mathematically that translates into something like 30,000 Malawians (families of those that are in his current employ) would suffer if any of his companies closed.

In the same vein, the guy starts to challenge our wits. He flamboyantly says he is a good businessman and his companies cannot suffer. None of his companies would close, and that he was out to show loser that pray for the Munali demise that he is a survivor.

Damn right, Leston is a survivor. He managed to get all those businesses from Uncle B wa M and who cannot call that survival? He bought and ran almost everything Malawian. At one point, I feared he would have bought all of us Malawians come one morning!

Ha ha ha ha!

He bought fast, and abused his workers right that not even a single policeman (the most corrupt too) would raise a finger. Courts looked the other side as he politically pushed his way through and past everyone and everything.

That was Mulli, and today’s Munali should do us a favor and stop spoiling our Christmas. My Boxing Day is as important is is Mulli’s, but his making fun of Malawians will never be a priority for anyone.

This is time he should put his house in order, beg for forgiveness from Malawians he took for a ride during that blue era, and ahem yes of course, beg for forgiveness from the business and banking captains he abused as well.

As for politicians, they are all the same, so whether he manages to beg for forgiveness from Mama JB or not, something tells me this act will be a replay at the end of the PP administration. Mark those words…

Ha ha ha ha.

And oh yes, Kaka Chilumpha again talked of his undying support for Mama JB and her orange movement. Sounds good, but I fear Kaka might just be out to score a hidden agenda. The man is as cunning and as foolhardy. He can do anything without being pushy or showy, and still have something worthwhile at the end of his fishing hook.

Let the man enjoy his festive season too.

Then there is the issue of religious leaders joining the Lake Malawi matter – mediators with an ecumenical or what have you approach. What?

I believe that Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi, and with a huge FULL STOP, that should be the message the men of the collar should deliver to the Council of Churches of Tanzania. Malawi Council of Churches may have taken a sober approach, but who wants to negotiate with a thief?

Thieves are arrested and thrown into prison, to remedy their ‘brains’. They are punished so that others should never do like them in future. And if possible, thieves are sent to the death if they have committed the gravest act of killing someone.

Now, ma Taifa have a tendency to steal from Malawians. They bring their cheap kitenje and sell it almost double the size. They also come and steal our maize – with trucks crossing the Songwe after bribing our poverty-struck police and immigration hands.

Taifas now think they can steal a part of Malawi. They are tired of getting the small deals we let them go scot-free with. This time they are playing with a wounded buffalo. They are trying to unearth the Hiroshima blast.

But as the men of God have said, we should be sober and use the best of our restraint to resolve the matter. For my part, here I go… Tanzanians are our brothers and sisters – and brothers and sisters must steal from each other.

Tanzanians fear and praise the same God as Malawians, that is why they should swim and fish and exploit our Lake Malawi just as Malawians do. Tanzanians are peace-loving, that is why they should have a great share of our already small boundaries as if they do not have plenty other lakes and water bodies.

Tanzanians have Mount Kilimanjaro and the Kenyans have never laid claim to it. They share Lake Victoria with others but fear to claim it all to their Dodoma administration. Tanzanians have Lake Tanganyika (awadi ndi otanganidwadi eti?), and so too share a part of the Indian Ocean, which according to the International Laws (maritime or others less known) they should have shared equally with the Indians of India.

And that is a friendlier Tanzania we have always known. Who tries to bully our beloved country into giving them a part of the lake which they have never deserved.

We let them bath and fish our bonya freely for sometime, and that blew their complacency into believing our kindness is a free ticket to our land. A sign that we have let them have the waters for keeps.

Now, men and women of the cloth – that is the best we can offer Tanzanians. Do you think their clergy will buy into letting their leaders let the lake be Malawi’s and Malawi’s alone?

I smell a dead rat somewhere.

But as they say, men of God are eyes of our fate and connections to our eternal lifer. Let them jump on top the negotiations and lets pray for the best!

Back to my readers. Often they want suggestions to views passed here. Ha ha ha ha. That sounds great, but I wonder why they too do not give some exciting suggestions to make Malawi a better place?

Just politicking, sorry!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

This is one lame day to be working, so either stop reading this and get to be productive or join me relax and dream in careless colour towards 2013.

Ha ha ha ha!

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