When wrong people get in wrong places! Malawi for you

I did prophesize here before ‘wapatatu‘ elections that JB would carry the day come May 20th because of the way she was campaigning. But suffice to say, yes, one ordinary Mzimba sangoma (I doubt if that is a prophet of measure) beat me to that, as he did rightly said Arthur Peter Mutharika would become Malawi’s president!

His prophecy, like is the case of many by TB Joshua, has come to pass and as we speak, APM is popping his champagne at some state residence in the capital city Lilongwe, sharing lighter moments, perhaps, with vice president Saulosi ‘Mr. Money’ Chilima (or Tchilima as our dear APM loves to put it).

The two make quiet some awesome pair. A professor of law and a business person rolled up in one to run affairs of poor Malawi. I can imagine what a load of surprises Malawians are in for.

To start with, young Saulosi, him of the city centre shenanigans, has already pulled a surprise on us. That promise about subsidized iron sheets and cement all over a sudden is geared for those labeled ‘poor’. But for all I know, there may be just about ten rich people in Malawi, and we know Leston Mulli is one of them.

The rest of us Malawians, tip it at even 97%, are damn poor people.

Added to Mulli perhaps we can talk of bullet-surviver-boy Paul Mphwiyo, and that small list of ‘cash-gaters’ as being somewhats rich too. Making it on the majority poor Malawians’ hard earned tax.

That is the price we as a nation are starting to pay.

And the Peoples’ Party (PP) of Joyce Banda may be limping for now – unsure of its new course, and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of runaway Rev. Lazarus Chakwera may also be pushed to some side and licking its wounds, just as Ung’onoung’ono [United] Democratic Front (UDF) of Atupele Muluzi may now be trying to reposition itself with the devil that is the power base now, all I can agree with the majority of Malawians is that the DPP will not be an easy horse to ride.

And why?

1. Just a few hours after the High Court in Blantyre swore-in APM, some overzealous DPP supporters painted themselves all blue and went to Maimba’s Place in Lilongwe causing havoc. After ‘kuwapilira’ for some time, they were beaten out of the place by peaceful revelers turned angry plus thew whole lot of market business people around the place. They narrowly survived being torched for their inborn violent ways.

Everybody knows APM and his DPP are now in power, stolen or otherwise, but it did not require some two crowns to go nail it on peaceful levelers in some pub.

And as if this is not enough, a truck-load Hino of DPP supporters carelessly drove into Lingadzi Police (Area 18) Station chanting boma! boma! Everyone, including the surprised police officers, watched powerlessly as the truck made it u-turn and drove out.

Some kind of harassment at the hands of DPP ‘thugs’ or ‘fools’ trying hard to cause some violence – even after winning (default) the polls.

2. Immediately after being declared president, APM has already shown his nepotistic tendencies. Recalling one late Bingu wa Mutharika’s Guard Commander, Duncan Mwapatsa may not be a crime, but what label does that police man wear? Your answer is as good as mine.

And again, whether it was in the wisdom of Malawi Army Commander Gen. Henry Odillo to assign one of his soldiers to become Aide-Camp (ADC) for the younger Mutharika, you will also be wondering how coincidence can play its game when it is a Major Maluwa who is the lucky guy. Again we seem to be going deep nepo here.

3. As if that is not enough, rumours are making rounds that one careless journalist Sylvester Namiwa will be replacing the likes of Tusekele Mwanyongo in the press side of State House. And he does answer to the same origins as the New Kahuna (to borrow Raphael Tenthani’s terminology).

I am not sure about Justice Mponda, who is also said to be shining his shoes towards the same destiny. But whatever the case, I would have loved my president to consider professionalism in all these appointments.

One the media side of things, looks like the guy is merely compensating the two loud-mouthed lads for their rightful arrests for bringing the title journalism to the dogs during those easy JB days.

4. Fears are also making rounds that Mulli will now milk the national coffers clean with a list of sexed up cases. He already won some under JB’s regime and may have already been paid or is about to be paid. I will not be surprised if more Mulli cases do not find their way back to court and hefty compensations are made against whatever claims.

Its pay back time. And we are watching to see how the Mulli Group of companies will all over sudden hit it back to higher places – as was the case during the Bingu era. And this time he might be eying all lake vessels and services and getting at Malawian Airlines.

Kenako azatigulitsanso dothi timadya azimayi a mimbafe.

Mulli is one lucky boy from the Mutharika-belt!

5. You remember that blue-eyed boy ALLAN Ntata who denied having ran away from Malawi and persecution when Bingu kicked the tin? That legal mind is back in the country – screaming FREE AT LAST! SWEET MOTHER MALAWI! We have not forgotten he was indeed wanted for the part he played in creating the monster in late Bingu. All Ntata all over sudden is done with his study sojourns in the western world and is back upon us. I love how people fail to lure their tongues at the smell of opportunities. And for Ntata, APM is a clear board to his riches – once again.

6. And there was Bright Malopa, that MBC guy who took it upon himself to bore Malawians with all manner of pro-Bingu cacophony – in tweeted Scottish skirts or not. Malopa is indeed one bright guy who will soon reclaim his mansion (ngongole or not) and soon with no doubt head back to making Malawians OUR PEOPLE OUR PRIDE!

APM is a sure ticket for most of them people, indeed.

7. Patricia Kaliati seems to be quiet for now, but should APM let her tongue loose again on Malawians, I am sure this time around she will start with ripping Ha ha ha! itself apart fro this straight -talk piece. Akweni will sure do it with her husband on the sides in Parliament, my only fear is that if she is back in cabinet as sure as she should be, then woo unto all Malawians that will pass DPP’s path.

Woman can speak Lomwenglish with purpose!

8. George Chaponda will not watch Malawians do the bad-aid trick sitting down. My fear is he will ban beans production and consumption, including boiled egg eating, less we get our clean air ‘soiled’ with ‘where the sun don’t shine air leaks’.

Chaponda may as well get back on all Malawians by bringing back that ugly flag with the white torch symbol in the middle. For I have never seen a white sun – even in China!

9. Then there is our own Atupele Muluzi, who is widely rumored is courting APM to bed their parties. I would say indeed ‘Bebe’ is ‘bebe’. Has he already forgotten one of his yellow supporters actually lost a life pitting for him and genuine democracy in Mangochi? Has he as already forgtten that UDF is strong only in Mangochi and Machinga (for sure?) and that some of his fiercest supporters are in jail somewhere?

Would he not be showing a greedy face by bedding APM, when he failed to even attend the burial of his ‘fallen’ supporter? Is he not letting the people of his stronghold down? Is he not alienating the UDF and Atcheya from the very people that breath life into the yellow party?

Bebe ndi bebe ndithu!

10. Opposition political parties, the PP, MCP and UDF are also in the wrong places. Having APM sworn-in does not mean the elections are credible? That is why any sane Malawian should be asking if all these parties have democracy and the rule of law and good governance at heart or if it is only their leaders’ selfish ends that the parties only want to fulfill?

Anyone would expect them to pressure on with the courts for a recount of those fraudulent votes so that democracy can win and the process can be given merit, tested and restructured, for prosperity.

It does let Malawians hopes in the electoral process down. Many are already asking themselves if they will need to vote again in 2019 and in future. The courts and not the people of Malawi, for now, have given this country to APM and his blue party. But this does not mean the process should not be checked and challenged as it were.

For Malawians to vote again in future, I would expect these parties to proceed with their demands to a vote audit or recount so that legitimacy can be confirmed and that as Malawians we can forge ahead knowing what happened, and be vigilant against any such things happening ever again.

Mwamva kaletu akuti come 2019 all seats will go DPP. They have used their ‘clever’ ways and they know it works and are sure next time all Malawi is blue in Parliament and for the Councillors. And we have seen they are good at this already.

We have all been warned.

Finally, I would be failing my duty if I do not mention that JB and Chakwera did right not to attend the inauguration of APM and his party into the driving seat of Malawi. Those blue violent supports went open physically and verbally abusing PP’s Paul Maulidi and Brown Mpinganjira till they had to ‘escape’ the national occasion.

I wonder what would have been done to JB and well, Chakwera, had they shown their faces before this barbaric party at that important national event!?

Most finally, congratulations to His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and the DPP. We wish you well.

Just remember, next time the people will not look aside when the judiciary decides to vote in leaders. They will take you to task through your leadership and ensure that you deliver on all your promises, including ensuring HIV and AIDS is a case of history by putting it upon me and all other Malawians to have only “one boyfriend or girlfriend.”

We also look forward to those cheap iron sheets and cement, despite what Saulosi says. We also want you to improve mpira wa mapazi (football), and also ensure that a Malawi asamagone khwakhuda (mu mdima) when you electrify rural areas.

We also look forward to those other universities completed in your five years, and that you will live by your word that ‘vengeance’ is not your mantra.

Am only disappointed that when Judge Anastasia Msosa crowned you President, you did not get on that helicopter to go and open the Nsanje Inland Port as you so much dreamed loudly.

So much for all the wrong people being in all the wrong places.

All the best, Sir.Masinga HA  HA HA

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