Wonder body ailment cleanser hits Malawi market

For many years, Malawi’s Certified & National Foods (C&NF) Company has been producing a body cleansing powder, named Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner, but it was mostly just being exported to countries like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia but now it has hit the Malawian market.

The Nzondeni Body Cleaner and Ufa wa Mbatata
Jedegwa (centre) when he officially presented the first batch

Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner, which is been produced alongside Thanzi Ufa wa Mbatata Phala, a highly nutritious porridge flour made from fresh orange sweet potatoes and other ingredients, won an award at an international trade fair in Gaborone, Botswana and now C&NF has plans to infiltrate into the Malawian health market after satisfactory demand from the public.

This was disclosed at Chiwembe in Limbe when C&NF unveiled a partnership deal with a financially struggling football team Mzuni FC to sell and market the product in Mzuzu and pocket the proceeds.

The deal is that the TNM Super League team has been given MK20 million-worth of Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner to sell at reduced prices to infiltrate the market in the Northern Region and keep all the proceeds for their sustainability in their football engagements.

Jedegwa said the Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner has been tried and tested in the mentioned countries and the evidence of its success is the award they received at the international trade fair in Botswana.

“Man is being defeated by a number of diseases and ailments which can be avoided by simple means and we scientifically came up with our two products made from orange sweet potatoes and other healthy ingredients — the body cleaner and the porridge flour,” Jedegwa said.

“As you are aware, a vehicle — and indeed any machine — needs regular mechanical services and it is in the same vein that we decided to come up with the Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner as a means to services the human body from contaminations.

“The human body is full of many chemicals and over time some turn into some sort of bacterial poison in which we fall sick from and after medical attention we get better.

“However, we saw the need for people to periodically take care of their health by servicing their bodies and came up with a scientific formula in Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner, which removes out all the bad bacterial chemicals inside the body through urine, opening of bowels, sweating and vomiting within 2-3 hours.”

Jedegwa explained that this body cleansing from a single bottle of few grams of powder can be taken once or twice a year for someone who is not ill but opted to use it just as a body service.

“But for those that have fallen ill and medication has failed, they are supposed to take one bottle a week for a month but if after taking the first bottle and they have not recovered within a week, then they might as well stop completing the other three because they all are prescribed the same.

“The idea of the completion of the other three is to further service the body to full recovery,” he said.

Thanzi Ufa wa Mbatata Phala is recommended for the whole family and also for expectant mothers as its ingredients also include natural fruits, natural vegetables, natural sugar, natural honey, mushroom and maize, which enriches it with Vitamins A, B and C.

It’s packaging says it is essential for development of unborn babies and for grown up children it helps the body to convert food provides into energy, fats and other vitamins.

Jedegwa said it also boosts immune system and helps the CD4 Count of those affected by HIV never to go down.

“The locally available orange sweet potatoes, which we usually take for granted, is being touted by the health authorities as a means of keeping the body healthy,” he said.

Currently having an outlet in Blantyre at Greenworld at Bangwe Weaving Factory in Limbe as well as at their factory at Chisitu in Mulanje, Jedegwa said they are intensifying efforts to meet demand by opening more outlets in Lilongwe, Zomba and Blantyre after penetrating the Northern Region through Mzuni.

C&NF has pledged to assist Mzuni FC specifically marketing Mzuni FC as the agent through media advertising at their cost but to give them maximum marketing visibility and by reducing the Zondeni Ruo Body Cleaner from its original price of MK19,000 each to MK5,000 while the Thanzi Ufa wa Mbatata Phala that sells at MK11,500 will be sold at K3,500 each until the expiry of their partnership.

Jedegwa said the company was registered in 2009 but went fully operational in 2011.

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3 years ago

Zakupha izi. Ine ndinayesapo. I had that type of diarrhoea I ended up in hospital on a drip

When I asked the supplier she just said nde bwino nde kuti zapeza matenda nthupimo.

Drink at your own risk

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