16 Ethiopian illegal immigrants nabbed in Malawi

Malawi  Police in northern district of Rumphi have arrested 16 Ethiopian nationals f who they intercepted at Thekero along the M1 Road lakeshore side in the district for illegal entry into the country.

Some of the arrested Ethiopian illegal lags in Malawi

Some of the arrested Ethiopian illegal lags in Malawi

The law enforcers have also launched a man-hunt for the driver who had aided them but bolted immediately after encountering a check point.

Rumphi Police spokesperson, Victor Khamisi, confirmed the development, saying the illegal immigrants were picked at around 03:00 a.m. Monday in an abandoned vehicle Toyota Noah registration number TO 5137 belonging to Alfred Hassan Chizumba of Lilongwe.

Khamisi said the vehicle they were travelling in had earlier ignored and stormed past an adhoc road block at Chitimba erected by Immigration officers who immediately alerted police.

When Police were informed of the speeding vehicle going the direction of Rumphi, they mounted their own adhoc road block at Thekero, about eight kilometres from Chitimba where they stayed in wait.

“When the vehicle was about fifteen metres to the police road block, the driver stopped and bolted into a nearby bush, leaving keys on the ignition,” explained Khamisi.

“When our officers interviewed the sixteen on the spot, it was discovered that they had no authenticated travel documents. They were all arrested for illegal entry into the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, police in the district have launched a massive man-hunt for the fugitive driver who aided the foreigners and have also impounded the abandoned vehicle.

“We have also seized the vehicle which was used in transporting these illegal immigrants,” he said, disclosing the foreigners who are in the age range of 18 to 27 only, wrote down their names and ages but could not speak English, French or Kiswahili.

The latest incident comes barely a week after Karonga Police also seized another group of 61 Ethiopians who had entered the country without relevant legal travelling documents.

Meanwhile, the aliens are expected to appear in a relevant court of law to answer charges of illegal entry into Malawi.

The aliens from the Horn of Africa reportedly use the porous Malawi boarders in transit to South Africa.

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21 thoughts on “16 Ethiopian illegal immigrants nabbed in Malawi”

  1. abilo says:

    currently many Ethiopians are going to different countries. This is because the political system in the country is very bad. The Ethiopian government is killing Ethiopians. The government is a mass killer. As a result Ethiopians are illegally going to different countries to get help. Many of them are facing problems with their illegal immigration to different countries. God help Ethiopians!!!

  2. To arrest people who are illegal immigrants its not a new thing in Malawi.That is happening all over.But I would like to ask Malawi Government that if you arrest them you must treat them well and depot them fast as soon as possible.This is a rule all over the World

  3. jahman says:

    We are one

  4. Manjawala says:

    Leave them. They are africans. There is nothing here that they will do. This is just a conduict. Please, tell me when u to catch birds from Ethopia.

  5. Me says:

    A PRO Rumphi ndi amabodza bwanji! Anthuwo tikudziwa kuti anagwidwa ndi a police+MRA a pa Chitimba. Kufuna kutchuka ntchito yogwira anzanu! Mxiiiiiii

  6. the councillor says:

    how many of these ethiopians have you arrested? and since when did you start arresting these ethiopians? What has changed over the years? Do we share borders with the horn of africa? Do they reach malawi by plane, if by road how come they are given right passage in these other countries? If you ask them is malawi the poorest country on planet earth their final destination, do you go to church or ,mosque? That there is trouble in the horn of africa, since when have you known? Which is better, these brothers to treck to south africa or join al shabaab or piracy? Which international laws do we use that tanzania is not a signatory that allow them to let these friends pass freely there? Just check whats happening on mediterranean sea, people risking their lives. When they reach europe are they sent back? Poor malawians, lets assist these brothers. Mukukana ena kubwera kwanu kuno koma mikudandaula za zenophobia ku joni, hypocrites

  7. shula says:

    i knw th driver! believe m z 4rm chilumba n z a minbus driver

  8. mlomwe2 says:

    ASIYENI ADUTSE AZIPITA KU JON AKAKUMANA NAZO KOMWEKO. MUNGOWATAYIRA NTHAWI. LET THEM GO IN PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pacharo says:

    Koma ife kuti tipite kwao bwa? Xenophobic nthawi yomweyo.

  10. Sikuyamba kunva nkhani imeneyi koma sitinanveko kuti Boma la Malawi lapanga deport ma Ethiopians omwe akhala akugwidwa….you just demand dzindalama kwa azibale awo ku Joloza for their release inu ndikumakula zimimba,asiyeni anthu adutse mwantendere anthu ake ndiomwewa akumalemba ntchito amalawi akuphedwa ku joniko
    Malawi sadzatheka basi

  11. Issa Kabudula says:

    Let us as Malawians assist these brothers who are in dire need of life – they spend more time in travelling aiming to meet their brothers in RSA. The same RSA is burning fire, killing Malawians like flies, please assist these individual the best possible way to reach their destination in peace. Give them Chambo fish and Nsima.

  12. kaphirintiwa says:

    theres obviously something fishy going on between taifa and nyika mafias. why dont we ever hear of illegals in mwanza or mchinji?

  13. amina says:

    Akunama akufuna kukhala momuno ife nkuyesa kuti apita ku SA. Send them back thro their entry point period. Bwanji ife nkhawa ndi zinthu zosatikhudza. Abwelele kwao basi.

  14. Sabiti says:

    No need for court proceedings just deport them or let them go to wherever they are going with the the dentetion condition here is the same as xenephobia in RSA

  15. cbk says:


  16. nyapapi says:

    Ma Ethiopian illegal immigrants anagwidwa ndi apolice omwe akugwila ndi a MRA pa roadbloack yapa chitimba osati pathengelo a Rumphi polisi ananama kuti anagwila ndi iwowo amangofuna kuti atchuke

  17. Blessings says:

    Galimoto yaku Malawi, it means amalowa mothandizidwa ndi malawians,nanga bwanji a malawi sathandizidwa polowa ku s africa ndi eni dzikolo? Malawi for sale.

  18. Concerned malawian says:

    I have lived in Karonga and this is a very lucrative business of aiding illegal immigrants because these people pay them in US dollars.The police in roadblocks from Songwe to Mzuzu are aware of this business,How do this people pass all these roadblocks from Songwe to Mzuzu after having almost 5 roadblocks manned with kalashnikovs?Malawi borders are very porous.Next time you shouldn’t wonder that the deadly boko Haram is in Malawi to chop off your silly heads.Pa Karonga amaitchula business imeneyi kuti Refugee.Apolisi from the border post songwe to Mzuzu are the worst corrupt police.Ena amakana ndi ma transfer kuti migodi yawo yagona kumeneku.

  19. zoona says:

    ndi xenophobia imeneyo amasuleni akhale mofatsa ngati mukupemphera south africa.

  20. Peter Chamasowa says:

    Ndiabale athu awa…let’s unite Africa!!!

  21. Malawiana says:

    Galimoto yaku Thyolo!
    But if they are going to south Africa then just leave them. Nanga ifeyo amalawi tikugwira ntchito yothandiza aku south Africawo, pomwe iwowo akutiwona ngati anthu wopanda ntchito. Let them proceed to South Africa.

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