57 kids trafficked from Malawi found at back of window-less delivery truck: Rescued in South Africa

Fifty-seven Malawian children between the ages of 11 and 21 have been rescued from three suspected human traffickers in South Africa.

Malawian youngsters were being transported in a goods truck ‘like cattle’ when it was pulled over for speeding

Malawian youngsters were being transported in a goods truck ‘like cattle’ when it was pulled over for speeding

Three Malawian nationals who were transporting the children have since been arrested by South African police.

Accoridng to Times Live, the suspectes appeared briefly at the Rustenburg Regional Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning. Their case was postponed to September 13. They are facing 57 counts of human trafficking.

The men – aged between 25 and 36 – had refused to open the back of truck when they were apprehended by the police on Sunday near Rustenburg.

Accoridng to acting National Police Commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane , when police opened the truck‚ two children fell to the ground.

”On investigation and during the search, 57 undocumented children between the ages of 11 and 21 were found in the back of a delivery truck which did not have windows,” Lieutenant General Phahlane is quoted by Eye Witness.

Phahlane said the Malawian children were being transported “as if they were goats.”

The children are now being cared for at a place of safety by the social development department in North West. . Eighteen of them are girls while 39 of are boys.

“They are well looked after by under the auspices of the Department of Social Development in the North West Province [as] these centres provide support and care in line with the Child Care Act‚” said Phahlane.

Phahlane says it’s unclear at this stage whether the children were being trafficked for labour or sexual exploitation.

“These children were transported by the three adult occupants, including the driver, who are Malawian nationals. These adults could not provide a satisfactory account on the status of all the children,” said Phahlane as quoted by IOL.

“The driver and his two companions were arrested for human trafficking. Further probe has revealed that all children were also Malawian nationals. An investigation is currently underway which involves authorities and law enforcement agencies including engagements with our counterparts in Malawi.”

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Who are they? Where are they from? Where were they going to? What were they going for? How did they cross the border points at Mwanza, Zobue, Nhyamapanda (2 border points), Beitbridge (2 border points), numerous police check point and road blocks? What were the papers accompanying the truck indicate? What was on the cargo manifest????????????????????????????????????????


Malawi is becoming on headlines now a days! I sensed a rotten rat with this story,why no statement made about 21yr olds in the van that were questioned about their destination and where their coming from? To reflect perpetrators statements, as ofcourse the driver’s told police were Malawians, most importantly police assumed them kids were also Malawians, so many boarders to cross for the van to reach Rustenburg.

grace chunga

I refuse to believe that this is a Malawi police only issue. The people have passed two countries full of policemen on the roads, crossed six borders……??????….. and ended up in Rustenburg in the Northwest? Are you kidding me? From Musina to Rustenburg with the tough SA police prying the roads? This whole saga smells so don’t waste time castigating our countryalone here…… there is rot in the three countries that these people passed freely…..Let us be a people who think before we comment like headless chickens


The children look so pathetic as if they are coming from a war ravaged country where systems have collapsed but no they are coming from a country with a functioning government…….honestly we shoild reflect on ourselves whether we are doing the right things to move this country forward. These images and story coming on the heels of BBC hyena story.the killing of albinos……


These kids need to be questioned thoroughly. They could have been on there way to be trained as children soldiers somewhere when you look at the ages. Do not be short sighted by child labour and sex exploitation. Dig deeper SA/MW police there is something at the end of the tunnel. Check the ages/number/transportation. Pin them down:the culprits have something to say

chief activist

hire me to preside over the the case in court should these guys be found guilty………….this is pathetic…….frankliy speaking……………..aaaaaaaaaaaaa


apolice apa Malawi amenewo. ma roadblock onsewa adusa bwanji from MALAWI to SOUTH AFRICA. Kuphatikiza anyamata ndi atsikana zoona zimenezo?


Terrible, terrible. Many heads should roll for this crime. As usual, Malawian authorities failed to detect it and are now slow to respond. Then there is also the question of how all this looks outside Malawi. First we show we can’t protect our albinos, then we show we allow HIV/AIDs ‘hyenas’ to abuse our girls and women… and now we traffic our own children to SA. When will the government wake up and act to protect its people and promote positive images of Malawi… if it can find any!


Thats what happens when the country is on autopilot


Please do not arrest these three people for Human Trafficking, first investigate how have they come that long passing through two to three countries and how have they entered South African?

How many are involved in the wrong doing here? how is the security of the nations I mean any nation the truck has passed through?

I think these children are here for work? even their parents are aware of their trip there were just waiting for the news that they have arrived well. Please get me in conducting the research in this regard.

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