A glimpse of xenophobia knife: Malawi make ‘sense’ of Zuma slurs

For the past few weeks, the Twitter, Instrgram, Facebook, Whatsapp and the mainstream media have been flush with pictures and news about the resurgence of xenophobic motivated attacks in South Africa, a few years after the country experienced the same in 2008. We have seen gruesome pictures of people being mercilessly and publicly stabbed, hacked and burned all because they happened to be in a country which is not theirs.Loose cannon

Native South Africans are accusing foreigners, including Malawians, of snatching their jobs, women and anything in between. They want all foreigners to leave South Africa or face death or other equally capital consequences.

And South African President Jacob Zuma has said that countries including Malawi had a responsibility to handle their own citizens “with care” so that they cannot trek to the rainbow nation.

Malawians trekking to South Africa is not new occurrence. For many years, our great grandfathers had been migrating to South Africa to work in mines under the TEBA concept. Many people benefited through this system that time.

I remember in those days when a TEBA worker came back – either for holidays or retirement – with lots of money and their ‘Zodiac gumbagumbas’, whole villages would virtually ground to a halt. They used to be kings at beer halls and wife snatching was very real. When TEBA ended and apartheid was abolished in South Africa, Malawians continued to make the journey south, this time even in large numbers, despite the obvious dwindling opportunities there.

In fact, I can bet that the majority of the repatriated contingent will be hitting the road back to South Africa, as soon as their wounds have healed, or when the xenophobia nightmare is over.

It is not just the promise of better job opportunities that are pushing many of our young people to Mandela land. It is a symptom of desperation and the crumbling human conditions here in Malawi.

But why must young Malawians be subjected to the shame of being chased from foreign lands like cockroaches through xenophobia 50 years down the line after the country attained independence?

One thing is clear really and that is; it is an indication that there are many things that are wrong with the way this country is run. Since independence, Malawi has barely invested in systems and infrastructure that truly create opportunities for its burgeoning population.

Instead of taking Malawians on to a social economic higher plane like he promised at the dawn of independence, Kamuzu Banda focused much on creating a demigod status for himself and dealing with his opponents ruthlessly. Though a well-regarded scholar, the Ngwazi was never futuristic and suffered from a hang mentality. Alidzi channeled much of his energy at bragging about his prowess at breaking ‘the stupid federation’.

Multiparty politics brought its own pitfalls despite the promise of a new political order. Whereas the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) propagated the fact that multiparty is war, Bakili Muluzi and his fellow ‘multipartists’ told Malawians that political pluralism is about relaxing because hard work was ‘thangata’.

Muluzi’s UDF leadership was characterized by entrenched corruption, political patronage and cronyism. Crime was rampant and accomplished Mafia-type thugs were tolerated to the point of becoming part of the ruling elite. Government systems were so chaotic that many commentators have described the ‘Acheya’ era as a ‘missed opportunity’.

Despite coming with enormous zeal and vitality to develop the country, Bingu wa Mutharika, veered off-course (dangerously) and became an international pariah, especially during his second term. His stubbornness and arrogance came to a crescendo when he sent packing British Ambassador, Fergus Cochrane Dyet, against all voices of reason. It was under Bingu that Police killed over 20 demonstrators in the famous July 20 massacre. And then University student Robert Chasowa.

Bingu’s deputy who later became President herself, Joyce Banda, inherited rotten systems. Her populist policies did little to transform the lives of common Malawians. She had very little time between 2012 and 2014 to actualize her ‘colour’ dreams. Her famous attempt at doing something to enhance the living conditions of Malawian youth was the botched manual labour export to South Korea and the Middle East.

Aurther Peter Mutharika’s presidency has already been criticized for being insensitive and aloof to the needs of Malawians barely a year in office. The Professor often appears absent and far removed from the rest of us on national issues. It is believed a cadre of certified rascals that he hired as advisors are firmly in control at State House, according to Z. Allan Ntata.

Since independence, no administration has managed to create a workable youth policy to better the living conditions of youths in this country.

Youth programmes are only preached on political podiums during political campaigns, but once victory is achieved, only crumbs are thrown in the direction of a few youths, and just to stop them from making ‘noise’.

Instead, corruption is still entrenched in all facets of the public and private sector; there is very little investment in quality education. The country still relies on medieval infrastructure left by Roy Welensky, and the country boasts the laziest civil service this side of the equator.

The private sector – the country’s only hope for economic development – is heavily overtaxed and has practically been squeezed dead. Despite this, there is very little or no investment is social systems by government. Public hospitals have no drugs, and often have few underpaid staff with no working equipment. Children and even adults are still dying from treatable diseases.

Obviously hacking and maiming fellow Africans all because of job opportunities or simply because some hot-headed tribal king has told you so is acutely abhorrent. In fact, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu, ought to be arraigned to The Hague for crimes against humanity. He must be locked up and the keys thrown out at the deeper seas.

But does South Africa owe Malawians a living? The Rainbow nation is currently at its own crossroads. Its Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy only created a few black millionaires who are also nose-deep in debt, leaving a majority of the country’s black population very poor and frustrated. Malawians and other Africans in South Africa have just been caught in the cross-fire of a furiously simmering social malaise.

It is said the only thing that has remained constant in this world is change. The world is constantly changing at a breakneck speed. South Africa has changed, Malawi has also changed. The South Africa of yesteryears is not the South Africa of today, and the Malawi of our forefathers is no longer here.

If, as a country and as a people, we do not adapt to these changing world dynamics, we risk being obliterated from the face of mother earth. Malawi must learn to deal with its own problems. South Africa is not a solution to our problems, in fact it has never been.

The power to exorcise the leadership curse this country has suffered for over 50 years lies in the hands of all of us Malawians, and the sooner we exercise this constitutional right the better. But if we keep electing serial killers and gold diggers under the pretext of leadership, our young people will continue to be murdered in foreign lands as they quest for better livelihood.

“As much as we have a problem that is alleged to be xenophobic, our sister countries contribute to this. Why are their citizens not in their countries and are in South Africa?” –Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa.

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53 thoughts on “A glimpse of xenophobia knife: Malawi make ‘sense’ of Zuma slurs”

  1. Vyanje says:

    A..aah bwana Njou ~ Mati bwa? History iri apo inde we have the future to deal with in Malawi, South Africa, Africa and indeed the entire global village partitioned into numerous sovereign states each with its democratic constitution to honour…as mandated by those that vote for the Zumas and Mutharikas of this world.

  2. Vyanje says:

    Well summarised Thom, those with ears to hear with have heard…the skeleton is in our cupboard that’s what the Zuluman is potraying…albeit savagely so.

  3. Mbwiyache says:

    Acceptance is a barrier to success.When something bad happens in our country we say end of time.Now you can see that time is coming to an end for only malawians who move country to country looking for hay and silage.The problem is not time but the weak policies which are currently eroding our living standard.Look at workers payslips,its shocking to learn that taxes for two months can make their one month salary.Zoti anthu amamwa tea tidaiwala.

  4. Charity says:

    Tilingalire Mozama Abale Tonse Tabwela Kuchoka Ku South Afrika,kwathu Konkuno Ena Akupeza Zochita Ifenso Tingathe.Zakoma Poti Mwabwela Ndimoyo Akanatha Kukuotchani Which Not Good,tiyeni Tipeze Zochita Kwathu Konkuno.

  5. Levi Sitima says:

    We can blame readers of our land as much as we can but remember it is written in the holy bible” kudzakhala mavuto” when i see u blaming each other i just smile

  6. amonie kishosho says:

    thats true

  7. KHUERE says:


  8. mjomba says:

    Ndi Ufumu wa Mulungu omwe uzathetse mavutowa basi mfumu yake yesu christ

  9. jcholomandenga says:

    The problem with this country is that it has no industry worth talking about, you cannot develop a country if there is no industrial growth. When i was growing up in the seventies, at least in Blantyre there was a bit , firms like David & Whitehead , B & C and PEW. Today there is nothing,How do you develop an economy and be able to create the jobs needed for the population, if your industry has completely died like that?. Leaders come in to end their personal poverty and not for the masses,

  10. The Truthful One from the West says:

    The major failing of the Peter Mutharika govt is that it is not interested in a non partisan debate on taking Malawi forward. It has taken a know it all attitude. The result is very poorly designed policies that are not taking Malawi anywhere. We now know that the community colleges and the housing subsidy programmes will not make much impact That is why Malawi is now the poorest country in the world.

  11. ndanena says:

    zimenezo ndiye zopusazo zimenezo,wats da majority doz who flocked 2 S.A or us who stayed bhind?da goverment has always done enough 4 its citizens.wat hav u done 4 da country?bola azibale anuwo abwela pa bus aulele,tel dem 2 start afresh kuli ndalama kun

  12. Salimu Thowa says:

    Malawiians need a good leader of vision and focus who could develop of our country.From top the lowest rank of our ministers,they are all erning fat saralies.We are only less than 16 milion pple,whereby billions or millions are being pocketed few selfish individual who don’t care 4 poor Malawians.

  13. nachisale says:

    as far as am concerned Kamuzu did a lot for this country. our kwacha had value. we had morals. people out there respected malawians. just to mention a few we used to go to uk without visas even south africa. we never depended on kaunjika for dressing but even shopped for quality things abroad in the comfort of our homes and got our goods from post office without them being stolen .most of you remember these catalogues kansas city african wholesalers nizams etc. we never knew of armed robbers eho are terrorising us in our homes policemen who rob us. we had policemen who protected us. well functioning bus service.the cities were clean. simply put we were proud to be malawians with morals. nothing was heard of cheating in exams. graduates were role models and people to be emulated.we could afford to go into shops which stocked genuine things not za chinazi. imagine my friend who lives opposite nyambadwe police cottage thieves broke into her hse last night. several houses on this street has been terrorised and even taps stolen and yet there are just opp police cottage. ucould never hear of such in kamuzus era. simply put he was a great leader.and we will never have such a leader again.

  14. English Guru says:

    Dr Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma, you wrote a good comment but spoiled it at the end by signing off as ‘Malawian in diaspora!’ Do you really have to announce that you are overseas as if to add weight to your comment? Thats the problem with Malawians, I think, once we are outside we want the whole world to know! As a doctor (coz thats what your title says, though I do not know what of) you should know better than to sink to those depths. The same disease has seriously infected MBC journalists whenever they accompany the president, especially to the US. Come to think of it, I think even the president suffers it from it too! When they go to Washington, they will report on every jim and jack the president as much as greets and in their reports they will make sure that you know where they are reporting from, not to mention repeating the functions for weeks on end…its pathetic!!!

  15. Kaliati wamisala says:

    I agree with your last few sentences.
    Solutions to problems in Malawi are in Malawi. Going to RSA en masse will never solve our problems . Like or not Zuma has for once uttered the PLAIN PAINFUL TRUTH . If the other leaders fail to heed then be prepared for a Genocide.

  16. Mabebeza says:

    Bring ideaz on how our nation should avoid nyokonyoko, and progress instead of critising and argueng always, the ? should be, what should our leaders do to develop our country malawi n to create job opportunities to the youth…….MAY GOD BLESS MALAWi

  17. Kondwani says:

    Ndimanena zuma was behind the attacks

  18. elder sage2 says:

    tom chiumia is too politically biased. Every sane person who has lived in this country from the 80s knows that Kamuzu had a potentially effective and ever growing youth policy than all his successors put together – young pioneers, settlement schemes, education infrastructure like district secondary schools, University colleges e.g. Chanco, KCNursing, College of Medicine.
    I do understand our friends from up there have a rabid hate for Kamuzu after the expulsion of teachers to their home regions, which victimised chiumia’s folk quite a lot.

    tom, you cannot change history. Just forgive and accept hard facts. That’s life. Otherwise, it was a good attempt especially in the concluding paragraphs – though long winded with irrelevant stuff.

  19. Byron says:

    Charombanthu,I don’t think your argument against Thom holds any water.Face this fact that Kamuzu wasted time glorifying himself and South-Africa;this explains why he heavily depended on the rainbow nation to construct Capital Hill in Lilongwe and why he encouraged the youth to trek to South-Africa for manual jobs there instead of creating an environment for meaningful investment on infrastructure and jobs.

    Malawi is where it is now because its first leader missed an opportunity to revolutionize the economy.Hear this;Kamuzu took pride in crop inspection which characterized his real understanding of agricultural development, but to what extent has crop production and exportation transformed Malawi? MYP was also merely part of this agricultural production but was there any advanced skills injected into the youth to set up factories for value addition of crops to maximize exports proceeds for any accelerated development?the answer is NO.The problems with Kamuzu were two fold:first he embraced paranoia and was very delusional,this explains his too much time wasting on historical narratives and crediting himself with breaking the Federation and his hatred for dissenting views.He took no advice in shaping the country’s future both politically,economically,and socially.Secondly,he put too much emphasis on tobacco and maize priduction-in tobacco he believed that Malawi’s economy had its life in it, and in maize people would have enough food if grown in abundance.Just from this belief,Malawi had a leader who lacked innovative ideas to champion the creation of industries that would make use of each and every crop into creating competitive products for exports and also creating nutritional products for the people.Mind you,the research stations Kamuzu created were mainly for improved crop production,but did anyone notice the creation of research stations for pharmaceuticals or research stations for product innovation? Nope!this is the foundation Malawi lacked and has affected the country up to the present day.In a country like Malawi, the only way you get competitive is through production and innovation not selling of raw crops.

    Kamuzu created a begging culture from the construction of the Capital Hill to foreign aid for development.His successors inherited that culture.It seems like Malawian leaders lack pride to be self-reliant.This has affected the country’s citizens who are being chased in RSA like wild pigs.If Kamuzu was transformational,Malawi would have so many factories with so many jobs by now.The country should have had decent hospitals for critical conditions and all types of diseases instead of relying on sending its citizens to RSA.Malawi should have had a vibrant highway system with beautiful cities and towns offering jobs for all types of citizens.Instead what we have noticed and witnessed is the creation of looters and arrogant leaders that lack innovation but like to be glorified-these leaders have wasted too much time on politics and corruption without regard for visualizing a better and prosperous Malawi.

  20. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    Nice piece of analysis article, very articulate. Malawi has indeed suffered leadership crisis for sometime now. It has had Leadership that has no Woo Vision apart from the vision of enriching themselves and their political bed mates. I love the old great clinche’ that says: “WHEN THE LEADERS ARE LEADING, THE FOLLOWERS WILL FOLLOW”. Malawi has no visionary leaders, leaders that should lead by setting good examples. This has been a failure of Malawi Leadership. For example, Political and government substantive strategic appointments are not done on merit; there is no effort to look for right Malawian cadres the who are all over the world. Instead it is appointments of appeasement. Comrade Mseveni in Uganda has made appointments on merit and this has helped him steer Uganda to great heights. Continue with this narrow mindedness of leadership and see what will soon happen to Malawi – the beautiful country will have gone to the dogs. in fact it is almost there. We are in dire need of a “Turn-around-Strategy” as a country. It pains some of us that Rwanda and Mozambique are by far doing much better than Malawi. What a shame. Deeply disappointed Malawian in the Diaspora.

  21. golden phiri says:

    More fire

  22. Njou says:

    What South Africans or Zulus should know is that people migrate for various reasons and the reasons include, war, famine and economic hurdles. Malawians are not the first people to migrate. The Dutch migrated to South Africa and they are not told to go back to their motherland. Here in Malawi we have so many South Africans who came and settled here after running away from Shaka. We welcomed them and are living peacefully with them. Some have tried to go back to their motherland either to stay or seek jobs and look!! fellow Zulus are chasing them away in the same way Shaka did. These people have legitimate reasons to return to their motherland SA. The South African Malawians in Mzimba, Ntchue, etc grabbed our land, jobs and other amenities. Hwy should it be wrong for us to seek equal treatment? Zulus, please go to school. Read and learn history and you will know and realise that you are thoughtless. Where do you think names like Zulu, Gama, Nhlema, Ndhlovu, Edingeni, Ezhondlen in Malawi came from? Send buses to collect your fellow Zulus living here before we do what you did to our fellow Malawians. You are killing your own Zulu brethren, they are returnees – SA is their fore fathers land who ran away from the cruel Shaka. Listen, do not be cruel and heartless like Shaka. You did not develop SA. the whites did. Malawians do not work for you, they work for fellow foreigners. Create your own jobs and employ one another, you lazy people.

  23. Bwampini wa APM says:


    This is a very good piece of writing. It is historical and informative. If all writers were as constructive and critique as you have done, Malawi would have been a better place to live.

    1. Peter is not in touch with people. He has been living abroad for a long time and also he has been living in his world. He could spend a few days/ months here during the reign of his brother but his home was USA. Therefore, he relies very much on his assistants for advice for Malawian politics.

    2. However, Peter could have taken an advantage of being in the USA and be innovative enough to blend his experience with Malawian politics. He is just a puppet . Shame

    3. How can a professor promise to offer free iron sheets and building materials instead of empowering the communities?

    4. Peter simply wanted to lead and not to serve

  24. Moto Mtchire says:

    A well written piece. However, it failed to acknowledge the vision the late Hastings Banda had for the youth of Malawi – he established the MYP. The MYP was an important vehicle for imparting vocational skills to the youth, making them employable but also ready to start their own small businesses with the skills acquired at the training bases. Am not an MCP member, but we should give credit to Hastings for the MYP idea.

    The problem with latter day so-called democratically elected leaders is that they tend not to be qualified for the top job, or if they are, they have no clue on how to craft a transformational vision and strategy for Malawi. Malawi needs a revolutionary HaMashiach (Messiah), a selfless Lee Kuan Yew, who can transform Malawi from a dying economy to glory. A meritocratic leader who can attract/harness the many talented Malawian professionals who are currently scattered around the world regardless of tribe or where they come from. A leader who can build a united patriotic nation. Malawians need to pray and seek such a strong leader. Anything short of this will perpetuate the economic malaise and social decadence which will continue driving the youth to Zuma-land and elsewhere.

  25. Mayiikoto says:

    Nanga mtsogoleri amakhala munthu oti dzikolo salidziwa mavuto ake then we expect him to solve. May be God will intervene.

  26. pwiyapwiya says:

    Stop comparing Atcheya with anyone u Tumbukas anakulandani chani u idiots….nosense educated fools….zianthu zopepera .So u want us to believe kuti atcheya Did nothing good.zautsiru

  27. Otis Huxley says:

    I totally agree with President Jacob Zuma.The Xhenophobic attacks are barbaric, hooligan and have no place in the 21st Century civilised society. However, it is common sense to use such an occurrence as a wake up call to African countries to create sound policies that will facilitate dependable and sustainable macro economic development that will carter for the basic needs of their citizenry.
    Most African countries are consumer countries.South Africa is a producer country and that’s the only reason why their labour market is conspicuously attracting the nationals from the poverty stricken countries to run down.
    The only problem African countries have is failure to properly manage the natural and mineral resources. Let Government work with the Private sector to concentrate on sponsoring home grown policies and aim at manufacturing goods and products locally. We can’t import power (electricity) from neighbouring countries while we have a number of places that can make Power generation possible. We can’t import tooth pics form China while we have plenty of bamboos in Africa. We have many fruits in Ntcheu and Dedza and yet we import fruit juices.. I personally think we can develop by being less political and more economical. Let’s swallow our pride and listen to what President Jacob Zuma intended to explain

  28. thats true atsogoleri athuwa sakutithandiza

  29. Nyalugwenyg says:

    Those are well articulated pieces of events put together chronologically and unbaised.

  30. Charombanthu says:

    I beg to differ with you Thom that Kamuzu was never futuristic. He might have had his weaknesses; but amongst the five presidents that this country has had, he is the only one who had a vision for this country. 20 years after pluralism, you still want to blame Kamuzu for the steps backward that this country has taken. Get over it! Kamuzu ruled for 30 years and you can still point to numerous achievements in his 30-year tenure, including a youth policy which ensured youths were brought up in meaningful and useful citizens of the nation. In fact most of the county’s elite and top ranking managers running the ecomnomy now were produced by Kamuzu’s system. The problem we have is that we trashed everything that Kamuzu put in place after the multiparty system in 1994 and Muluzi wanted to start afresh – he wanted to erase Kamuzu from our minds completely and start on a clean slate. Which is what all the subsequent presidents are doing including APM. There is no continuity – WRONG!!! Until we change this way of doing things, we will never achieve what Kamuzu achieved in the 30 years by 2024. By the way, I am not MCP, but I revere what Kamuzu achieved in his tenure.

  31. tikhala says:

    Got one thing very wrong buddy- South Africa is endowed with minerals that make it rich- through no effort of their own just mother luck! The Zulus are lazy and if development was to be measured in terms of hard work, this could have been the most backward country on mother earth.

  32. Lightwell K. Munthalu says:

    I really agree with the writer of the article and let’s really try to create our own job opportunities for the youth of today for a better tomorrow and analysing critically the speech of Jacob Zuma one can simply conclude that xenophobia will never end

  33. namaoda says:

    treating 2 years of PP as short, skipping cashgate issues, while expecting wonders in Peters 1 Year rule. seems biased to me

  34. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    Bravo! Good analysis of the genesis of xenophobia. Since Independence, Malawi has not shared the independence cake equitably. We frustrate our professionals to the point of fleeing their own Nation and develop other nations where their professionalism is respected.

  35. GONANI says:

    Tom, you are an opportunist who doesn’t know what to appreciate and what not. If you were somebody to go by, in assessing the status of our country right now, we would all be absolute fools.
    In fact I am not too surprised by the sound of your name. It tells it all that if we happened to have a “MPOTO” president at one point you would have written positive remarks about that one, and that is for sure. In this case anyone who leads the country will get only terrible remarks from you as long as he is not from Mpoto.

    You, my friend would appreciate if I reminded you what level of status Malawi was holding at international level in 1990 when NGWAZI DR H KAMUZU BANDA was still head of state. But 8 years later – 1998 it had deteriorated to the rock bottom. That tells you how enormous difference there was between the two leaders. Anyway this was just one of the many tastes of your miserable assessment .

  36. tttt says:

    I think trade agreements with SA should be revisited, more especially tariffs on agricultural goods should be increased or there should be a quota for agricultural imports whatsoever and some other by products , maybe by then there will be an increase in demand and supply of local agricultural goods, making agriculture more profitable and maybe by then these young, dynamic youth will not seek to go to SA to work; they will be in their farms working or perhaps there will be new job opportunities for the youth.

  37. Muyande says:

    More Malawians trek to South AFRICA than any other country,and we are always,the most hunted for!Our government has to solve a problem here by creating more jobs for its youth,instead of singing praise Songs and making Noise on MBC tv.

  38. Observer says:

    I don’t agree with some of your ideas especially Kamuzu. If you are to come back home Thom which Airport will you use and who built it? If we are still standing as a Nation in Malawi it is because of strong foundation led by Dr. Banda. Very soon Democracy will be clocking 30 years then you should compare what Malawi has achieved in Multi-party politics with 31 years of Kamuzu. You will be surprised to note that Multi-party has only managed to siphoned lots of Money as compared to development initiatives by Kamuzu.

    Again you have not rightly assessed Joyce Banda. Why not mentioning Cashgate? What about daily trips she was making in the name of visiting rural people to find out their challenges? Who does not know that Malawi is so poor? Do you really need to take all government machinery to know how Malawians are living?

  39. Yokwiya says:

    Yes, Why do we leave our country? Thats the question. I concur with Zuma. Migration is not a problem. But it becomes a problem when people move enmasse without proper control. Malawians run away from their country because of poverty and sometimes by tradition and at other times for fun or to do business. You find that by tradition people from Mzimba and Mangochi dream of going to Joburg because other clansmen have been there before and have brought goodies. Due to poverty people would like to earn a better living abroad. But this is a problem of the government. The country has not created enough job opportunities for its people. For Malawi indeed no tangible economic development has been registered in the fifty years of indepedence. What our presidents do is to boast of being the best tobacco growers. There is no diversification of our economic base. The more we try the more we fail. Just recently Mijomba from Mangochi refused a hotel project that would have created jobs in the district. But they would rather go to joburk to look for work. What a farce! Now their brothers are back. What are they going to do? Mota Engil have withdrawn their plans. Our current government has stopped ( or is supended?) the oil exploration exercise. Somebody stopped the paper project. Road construction has stalled for no reason at all. How do we develop like this? I cry for my beloved country.

  40. Wailing Soul says:

    well said Thom

  41. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    As our African leaders have been prompted to meet because of the unfortunate events in South Africa, they must know that this is just a tip of the iceburg. Life is as important to our leaders as it is to all citizens and must be protected at all cost. The World has now shrunk in size because of globolisation and cross boarder movement is bound to increase. Each country in the region has,since independence,been presided over by leaders who have loved their personal comfort and lucxary at the expence of their suffering citizens. As the saying goes, hungry people are angry people. Rural Urban migration,country to country migration can be reduced if each country in the region puts deliberate efforts to provide economic opportunities for citizens,especialy the youth, in our communities. As the family has reponsibilities over its children,so does all nations.

  42. makito says:

    You have said all Thom. But who cares? We are happy with the status quo as Malawian.

  43. why should u hate kamuzu for all the good things he did to u.had it not been because of kamuzu would u be writing like this.please think twice,kamuzu had extraordinary knowledge that is helping u and me today and he is irreplaceable.

  44. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Thom Chiumia seems to agree with Zuma’s tendency to blame the victims (by blaming their home states/countries) in the xenophobia saga in South Africa.
    That is the wrong target for the current problem; and Zuma is purposely doing this to divert his government’s failures to create opportunities for younger citizens. By blaming the victims, he’s rousing the hives, and justifying the heinous actions or in the least, condoning them.
    A couple points seem glaringly clear:- the jobs taken by most Malawians are jobs actually not wanted by the South Africans themselves; so these “a ganyu” are filling vacant positions, in the first place. And it can also be argued that the liberation of South Africa was expedited by Mozambique and Zimbabwe (not Malawi). And what do Mozambicans and Zimbabweans get for a reward?
    THEBA / WENELA labor agreements between apartheid South Africa and Malawi probably benefited the host country more than Malawi. Beggars (the Malawians) were never the choosers: the power equation was never balanced, never! The contribution by Malawians and other foreigners, during apartheid and colonialism should not be underestimated.
    Finally, Roy Welensky, one of the most brutal racists ever, deserves not even one mention towards a positive legacy in Malawi. His legacy was one of abuse, government by terror and treating our people like they were subhuman. Nothing uplifting there. And there is not a single piece of work or infrastructure he deserves credit for, in this country. May be in Zimbabwe. But not in Malawi.

  45. Keep it up loose cannon

  46. cbk says:

    do yu hear my fellow malawians?”electing serial killers and gold diggers.”malawi @ 50,shame.

  47. brutsha says:

    I have very much liked your last 4 paragraphs.

  48. christopher mchenga says:

    Bingu anali ndi masomphenya ofuna kuthandiza achinyama..I remember anazayambitsa programme yoti achinyamata akhale m’magulu kuti awapatse ngongole, but I don’t knw what happened coz zinangothera m’maluzi. ..I think nthawi yakwana yoti boma ligwiritse ntchito achinyamata athu mu ma programme osiyanasiyana.
    the good thing is tili ndi nthaka yabwino. …Another thing ndichakuti tili ndi ma district ena ngati ku mwanza komwe kumapezeka zipatso monga ma oranges….ma oranges amene aja atha kutithandiza kutsegula ti mafactory topanga juice hence achinyamata atha kupeza zochitika

  49. Disgruntled citizen says:

    A Pitala mbyofyo mbyofyo mwazimvera nokha kwa Zuma kuti mukukanika ku samala anthu anu ntchito kukhalira kuba ndi achina Ben Phiri ndi enanso.Zuma wakaniratu za u African brotherhood.Sakukufunani mpang’ono pomwe.Zikwanje zathweseratu zikudikira makosi amalawi.South Africa is for South African only basi.Mwamva inu mbava mukutibera ku Malawi?

  50. ri says:

    Im seeing from the story that only Bingu had something in his head for the betterment of Malawi b4 the West bcame jealousy of him resulting to a not so good 2nd term. Only if he had accepted gay marriages, lesbianism, and knelt down to his Western bosses bcoz it was to them that his arrogance was focused. I believe he transgressed some regulations za pansi panyanja.

  51. Xaba from Malawi says:

    Zuma should not entirely claim to be complete South African.The immigrants worked in mines in South Africa left alot of kids behind.I had my grandfather who was a womaniser and he had alot photos taken together with suthu women and others in 60s He claimed to have left to some kids
    there before he died.One of my uncle resembles Zuma alot.So the Zuma should stop beheading his cousin for the wealth created by whites.He should stop being greedy.This womanising thing of Zuma must have the genes from my grandfather who had a Harlem of women during his hey days.

  52. nabiyeni says:

    Why should we always blame others for our miseries. Will they be any perfect President as far as the writer above is concerned. Kumadzi limbila nokha. South Africa has their own problems. South Africa has always been there for any brother or sister for many years. Pano ati topela. Lets accept it. Katungwe nkukhakana.

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